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JibJab, the maker of many viral comedy hits, is now letting anyone star in their own JibJab movie.
Once done, you can email the clip to your friends - apparently you can also grab an embed code, but that wasn't working at the time of writing (it's a shame that it's not loading for me at all now, cos my movie was awesome). It's also indicative of the fact that being a content production house is an enormous amount of effort: aggregating clips ala YouTube and letting users make their own stuff is a lot less work.
There appears to be no end to where the Nyan Cat will end up, or what people will do to further popularise the animated gif.
Courtesy of Deviant Art user ddi714d, you can now make your own papercraft Nyan Cat Machine. Perfect 10 challenge: I rank (almost) all my DVDs as I watch them for how much I enjoy watching them that time.
Normally my goals would be more, but going to be gone a lot of the month, but really hoping for a 100 hours. My Netflix queue and to-watch pile have been filling up with a lot of foreign films lately, so I'm using the challenge as an effort to free some space. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The Internet meme sensation has seen Nyan Cat cosplay, Nyan Cat burgers, and through LulzSec (who reworked the image on the background of their website and Twitter page), the Nyan Cat even managed to grace the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
The papercraft machine uses a lever to make it appear as if the Nyan Cat and trailing rainbow is bouncing up and down, as seen in the animation. Kanni Paruvathiley - a rare Tamil movie that has erectile dysfunction (!) as a major plot point.

Unnai Pol Oruvan - a superb remake of the equally critically acclaimed Hindi movie 'A Wednesday!'. Sorgam - Tamil; oldie but a goldie about an ambitious man who wants to work hard and make it big in life.
Baasha - cult Tamil movie which has superstar Rajnikanth playing an auto driver who had a mysterious past in Mumbai but who now just wants to leave all that violence behind him so that he can lead a normal life and take care of his siblings. Guru (1980) - Tamil; Kamal Hassan plays a superhero type who robs from the baddies for a good cause. Moondru Mugam - Tamil; one of Rajnikanth's hallmark movies where he creates an immortal character in 'Alex Pandian' - many of his impersonators still pay tribute to that character till today. Uthama Puthiran - Tamil; another oldie but goldie which plays like The Man in the Iron Mask! Uyarntha Manithan - Tamil; another oldie but goldie about a rich man who falls in love with and marries a girl of low caste without his father's knowledge. Chennai 600028 - Tamil; sports movies are pretty rare in Tamil cinema and this one is a great debut from the director Venkat Prabhu. Goa - Tamil; Venkat Prabhu's 3rd movie is set in the island of Goa and i think it's his best yet.
Saroja - Tamil; Venkat Prabhu's 2nd movie is about a bunch of friends who stumble upon a kidnap plot. Vikram - Tamil; Kamal Haasan plays a James Bond character in this Tamil spy movie about a guy who goes after a terrorist gang who have just kidnapped a nuclear bomb, after they accidentally kill his wife while gunning for him.
Adhe Neram Adhe Idam - Tamil; one of the stupidest Tamil movies that i've seen in recent times.

Thambi - Tamil; nice one starring Maadhavan in one of his more darker serious roles about a man who believes that violence begets violence. Majaa - Tamil; a father and 2 sons are ex-thieves who have decided to turn over a new leaf. Sivakasi - Tamil; silly 'masala' flick about the hero who runs away from home when he was a kid because his dad beat on him and his bro ratted on him.
Pokkisham - Tamil; a beautiful and tender love story between a Hindu man and a Muslim woman, set in 1970s India.
Velli Thirai - Tamil; produced by Prakash Raj's Duet Films, this is a satire on the South Indian film industry. Azhagiya Theeye - Tamil; the first movie produced by Duet Films is a sweet and realistic love story between a man and a woman who are strangers at first but are thrust to live together as man and wife. Actually trip changed to first two weeks of June, so upped all my goals, and hope to surpass them. The villain is played by Sathiyaraj who gives one of his more memorable turns as a baddie in this flick.
It unfolds in the present as the man's son is reading through his dad's diary and the letters that the lovers wrote to each other. After charming and seducing her, he 'dies' under mysterious circumstances only to later materialize as someone who has a hidden agenda altogether.

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