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Having your Own Website means you now have your own store front where you can promote all that you have to offer the world.
You can sell a CD or merchandise as well as advertise any services you are able to perform. Once you have your music for sale online you then drive traffic to purchase your music online from your website. This can be the Most Profitable way to make money from your site and is usually the reason most musicians end up setting up a website. Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online from a website next to selling a your own product or service. If you are making a website to only sell your products and services it may not be best to place ads on the site. I thought I would post a few of the graduation photos I have been culling through and editing.  Can’t believe I took almost 800 photos that day!

Nonetheless after numerous tries, I have cobbled together a fix for anyone wanting to use, in this case Slimbox2, with XML Google Maps and NextGEN galleries to display your photos on a map.
Now we are going to add the following lines after the statement and before the statement. You no longer have to know html or php in order to make a great looking website with  tools like wordpress. Having your own website is a great marketing tool to promote yourself or your band and sell your products. To learn about the best ways to distribute your music online check out the page on Distribution. Affiliate Marketing allows you to earn money by driving traffic to a website that is offering something in which you then earn a commission off any product or service that is sold from your link.
It is also much easier to do than selling your own product and once you have everything set up it can almost be considered a passive income with very little maintenance or time required to maintain your income.

The amount you earn will depend on the amount of traffic coming to your site and if they click on one of your ads. Javascript has issues in dealing with contents in and out of iframes.  Why Google uses iframes since they have been depreciated by the W3C, but I am sure they have a reason. WordPress is free and allows you to build great looking websites in minutes and is also easy to manage and update. If you want to focus on making your music and not selling a product besides your music and your services this is the best way to make money on the internet. They will then provide you with html for the adds that you can put on your site and start generating revenue.

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