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In addition to this, this website also lets you create your own jigsaw puzzles by uploading any photo from your computer.
It is a very easy to use website and I had lot of fun while solving jigsaw puzzles on this.
As soon as you go to the home page of the website, you will be presented with a jigsaw puzzle. If you are not a pro in jigsaw puzzles, then I suggest you start with “Very Easy” level, to get some familiarity with solving jigsaw puzzles online. Once you have selected the level of difficulty, click the Start button at bottom of the jigsaw puzzle.
Once you have complete the jigsaw puzzle, it will show you the time that you took to complete it, and also lets you post the time on Facebook.

As I mentioned earlier, another good feature of this website is that it lets you create your own jigsaw puzzle online.
We have reviewed some other online jigsaw puzzle websites as well, like, MindCipher and The Missing Jigsaw.
Its jigsaw puzzle generator will convert that photo into a jigsaw puzzle that you can play online.
When two pieces fit, they will become one piece, so that you know that those pieces have to go together.
For that, you need to upload a photo from your computer, and it will convert that to a jigsaw puzzle that you can solve. You can play jigsaw puzzles without creating any account, but if you create a free account, then you can also save your game progress.

Also, you can see photo of original jigsaw puzzle at anytime by doing mouse over on the question mark at bottom right corner of the puzzle.
You can choose any difficulty level from the drop-down available at top right corner of the puzzle.

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