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If you need more help, LookLoveSend’s knowledgeable customer service team is always at the ready.
Just $9.95 (plus $5.00 if you upload both template pages) - only purchase if you're satisfied! YourFonts allows you to upload large templates (up to 6000 x 9000 pixels) and it has the most advanced raster to vector conversion algorithm.
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We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. LookLoveSend uses the latest technology to upload a high resolution photo fast into a selected design.

With our design your own shirt tool, you can add clip art, text, or upload your own images. Internet stationery companies like LookLoveSend make ordering invitations online so easy and secure there’s no reason to leave the house. The sheer variety of design styles available at LookLoveSend will inspire you to make your own invitations online. Customize your image further by positioning it properly into the design, or apply a different color treatment such as black-and-white or sepia tones for a timeless look. You can choose from among hundreds of styles, everything from traditional to modern, vintage or whimsical. When you want to make your own invitation online, finding a design with enough room for your text is easy to do.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, return the order for a full reprinting at no additional cost to you (other than shipping)–no questions asked!
There are also countless designs that blend these tastes or use a theme to inspire other elements for the event you are planning.
LookLoveSend gives you a variety of font styles to play with, and you can re-size the font to make your text fit.

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