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Following on from last weeks article introducing digital audio workstations (DAWS) we discuss MAGIX Music Maker is a music creator that requires no prior knowledge to get started with. Historically, producing electronic or any kind of music using a DAW was done in a linear fashion.
Anyone who has ever played a MIDI file online or in their DAW will know how weak and awful it sounds. While this software will appeal to those producing electronic music, and provides some great tools for that task, pop producers and solo performers will also find plenty in this program for their needs.
I have recently picked up magix mmx and can say it has a very strong feature set for its value. On the screen you created your track from left to right, adding additional layers as you constructed the track. With the ability to record external signals (one track at a time), you can add a vocal or groovy instrumental track to combine with your electronic soundtrack. I was busy researching on the internet when I came across ButtonBass’ awesome time killer cubes, balls, and keyboards.
It may sound counter-intuitive but sometimes having too much functionality can be a drawback.
However, within your composition you have many interesting sections and great ideas but the overall flow of the composition is just not cutting it.
It is the perfect introduction to the world of music making are requires no prior technical knowledge. My only complaint is lack of midi controller mapping (only basic midi features are available).

There is something addictive about trying to find the best arrangement of beats and sounds while messing around with a plethora of musical apps. Having a software packed with every technical possibility can be confusing, especially for the beginner. If you have ever seen a hip-hop DJ in action you’ll how much more exciting it can be to re-arrange a track on-the-fly.
Thankfully included with Music Maker is an arsenal of top quality virtual instruments to enrich and sonically turbo-charge your arrangements. Even for the more experienced producer what you want is a set of tools that allow you to create music, fast and efficiently, without any unnecessary steps involved in achieving your goals. What starts out as a conventional track can be reconstructed through a myriad on combinations.
I included most of their nifty stuff  in table format for all our geeks to play around with. Any professional producer will tell you that there is a handful of tools that they continuously return to.
Revolta2 is a synth capable of earth-shaking bass, cinematic pads, tasty fx, and some retro classics. At a pro level you need all these additional tools but through research and development we have reduced the available functionality to a core set, while also adding some unique features to aid in work-flow and provide creative inspiration.
Once you have a basic arrangement, or even just a number of sections you can assign keys on your computer keyboard to sections in the time-line, turning your computer keyboard into a musical instrument!
It has a very powerful modulation section and as a result can produce a huge variety of synthetic and engaging timbres.

Beatbox2 is a powerful drum sampler which allows you to create patterns within its internal sequencer, which a much quicker and a more intuitive way of programming beats.
This is a very powerful tool as it allows you to totally rearrange your song, get inspiration, and composition ideas that you can not get through traditional sequencing methods. It includes a number of synthesis methods for designing your hits, great for producing anything from your classic 808 and 909 kits to some games-design impacts or futuristic grimy dubstep beats. Using the sample library provided, loops of pre-recorded sounds are used to build a track with a wide range of content from drums, bass, and guitar to synths, orchestral sounds and much more.
You can record all your “jamming” and then create a new sequence based on your performance.
Classic instruments are also included; strings, brass, guitar and woodwinds from our Yellow Tools and Century collections. Last but not least is the Loop Designer instrument, which allows you to control filters, notes, volume, and drum flams in an awesome interface. Combing a drum and bass groove creator, you can really get into the groove with this one, great for complementing static loops and rhythms.
This epitomizes what is great about Music Maker in providing new paradigms for creation while allowing you to focus on making music.

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