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You can paste the formula into more than one cell at a time by selecting several cells and pasting the formula into it.
Take the public URL from your spreadsheet, copy the key, and paste it on line 3 to replace the one that’s there now. If you liked this, you’ll probably like The Insanely Illustrated Guide To Your First Data-Driven TileMill Map. Facebook is now giving it’s millions of users the opportunity to be creative and artistic with their own Covers.
With the advent of the Facebook Timeline Cover comes a slew of editors, makers and generators to make it easier for you to create, customize, edit and upload your cover to your Facebook page within seconds or minutes. I’ve written several posts listing many websites where you can download many pre made Timeline Covers, banners, and photos.
The first one was a long white sheet, 3 feet wide and 20 feet long that was taped on the biggest wall in our home.
The third time around we tried something new for our Timeline -- a software program called Timeliner XE by Scholastic. Other options are available, but a timeline is invaluable for learning the order of events.
Deila Taylor has been homeschooling for 16 years and has felt like a pioneer of Mormon Homeschooling.
Home >> Home School Ideas >> Make a TimelineMaking a timeline is a wonderful thing to do as part of your homeschool studies.
Yesterday, we talked about some cool layouts people are coming up with for their Facebook Cover photos. Do any Google Images search with a specified exact dimension of 850 X 315 and you're in easy. With building your own pics, you can use your own face in the photos, come up with some cool coordinating layouts for the Cover and Profile pics, etc.
To avoid confusion, international readers should remember that they have to work with dates formatted the US way. The Cover is a tribute to previous generations love of photography and photo albums, and how these photos tell a story or date the importance of an event. Here is a more updated link to 13 more editors and generators with detailed descriptions, links and pictures of the editors. For this post I decided to stick just with the editors themselves and I linked directly to them.
I divided it into proportional time segments, and my kids wrote dates and drew pictures on it.

We used pictures from the internet or just drew on the timeline -- things such as the Tower of Babel, Julius Caesar and inventions such as the telephone. These ideas, templates and resources will make it easy for you to make your own timeline.How to Make a Homeschool TimelineAn important part of creating a timeline is to find one that suits your space, time available and level of commitment! Let's take a look at a few really simple things you can do to make your own snazzy cover photo. Specify the Exact Size of your image results to be 850px X 315px and click that little Search button. Try changing some data in your spreadsheet and then reloading the page to see what happens. The Cover Photo resides at the top of your Timeline; it is a large banner type mural that basically is an advertisement of yourself. Just upload your cover picture from your own collection of pictures. Here you can use a few editing features like scale, stretch width and height, rotate and add background colors. Click on the Create Timeline Cover and you can either choose a layout or upload your own custom background image. You can edit your cover, preview it, make changes and easily upload it to your Facebook Timeline. It took four years to study the history of the world and as we did, we added events and people to our timeline.
The software is easy to use and allows you to search the internet for photos while still running the program, and allows you to insert these photos right into your timeline. You can even insert a graphic into your personalized cover.  You can also choose from a large inventory of already pre-made Facebook covers that can be freely edited. Finally, you can also add funny emoticons, scrapbook art and banner frames to give your cover a unique touch.
Scroll down to look at the easy book versions for instant setup times.How to divide the timeline. A good rule of thumb for the 'whole of history' would be to divide the space into about 100 equal sections. Although it can take some effort to set, this method is easy to add to - and because it is 'out in the open' it will harder to forget about.You don't have to try to make a timeline of the whole of history if you are short of space.
If you are using a wall, then you could use a long piece of paper around the room to represent time. There are good instructions for a 'strip' type timeline in the resources section.Here is an example of a nice simple timelineString or RibbonNeed something a bit more portable?
This type of timeline works well with index cards - simply hang the cards in the right order across the string. You need the cards to be attached firmly (so they don't fall off), but also easily removed.

Paper clips are good - or the small pegs that you get to hang christmas cards.Another way to make a timeline would be to use those sticky strips that are often sold to hang Christmas cards. One of my readers sent me this great idea for a clothesline timeline.Pull-Down Roller BlindIf you are really short of space, but would love a wall timeline, then a pull-down roller blind makes a great compromise.
The advantage of this is that it can be hung from the ceiling and pulled down when required - then rolled up and out of the way when you aren't using it.
You could also hang it on the front of a bookcase.Draw out your timeline before you hang your blind. Book and Card VersionsNotebookingNotebooking really is the simplest way to make a timeline. Write a page about the period in history you are studying - punch the page - and add it to your notebook! If you want to be a bit more methodical, then I have some notebooking pages you can use on my homeschool timeline resources page. I have divided the pages into four sections so you can separate aspects of history - US History, world history and politics for example.LapbooksLapbooking is a really fun way to make a timeline. You can either connect the lapbooks together to make one large timeline book - or just store them in a box folder in chronological order.Accordian BooksAccordion books are pull out books. Book of CenturiesI have separated the 'Book of Centuries' from Notebooking because these are generally done in spiral bound notebooks and set up at the beginning.Charlotte Mason saidThe Book of Centuries, is a great joy to the owner, and even in these busy days it is possible to find some time, however short, to add an illustration from time to time.
There is no need to be an artist in order to have quite an interesting booka€”neatness and accuracy are essential though.
Museums will be clothed with fresh interest to keepers of these books, who will be able to recognise objects which have already become familiar old friends through their Books of Centuries."You will need a notebook containing at least 50 pages to make your book of centuries. To help you fill in the dates in your book I have provided a PDF document of dates which you will find in the timeline template section.Index CardsUsing index cards is a fun way to make a timeline. The finished cards can be displayed on a ribbon timeline, or used for playing sorting games.Century ChartsAnother way of making timelines is to use pages of charts with 100 squares on each page.
Draw an image or symbol to represent an event happening for each 'year' within the century.A great way to start with this, is to use the century in which your child was born, and include events in his life. For more details, see this Charlotte Mason article Electronic VersionsIf you prefer working at your PC, then there are several different ways you can make a timeline electronically.
The advantage of this is that you can cut and paste images into the timeline without having to print things out.Online TimelinesThere are several companies that provide free online software for you to make a timeline (such as Timeglider).

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