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Are you looking for some crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Maybe you are looking for a little something out of the ordinary to kick your February up a notch?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those you love.  We’ve got projects that can be made and kept, or shared with family and friends!  Show those you love that you care with a quick little homemade reminder that is not only captivating, but truly a piece of you. DIY Fabric fortune cookies take the cake in not only creativity, but they make the perfect little way to deliver a special note or message.  Make a bunch and give one to your sweetheart every day starting February 1st through on into Valentine’s Day. Fabric Fortune Cookies also make the perfect addition to a bagged lunch, a suitcase, a briefcase, or a purse. They can be hidden one at a time, or gifted in a group with special personalized fortunes hidden inside. Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a plump red pair of smoochy chocolate lips!  DIY Chocolate Valentine Lips add a little va-va-voom to your ordinary love note!  They are perfect to make for a group gathering or just for a special someone.  Chocolate Valentine Lips can be used to top a cake, as a party gift, or even as a fun Valentine activity to do with your kids. Decorating your home brings the spirit of Valentine’s Day in!  Why not start with your mantle by making a DIY Book Page Banner?  Using the pages of an old book sets the romantic tone and makes the perfect backdrop to your Valentine’s Day message!  Don’t have a mantle?  String your DIY Book Page Banner along your staircase, atop a hutch, along the wall, or even on your porch.  The possibilities are endless! Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day card can be a daunting task!  Why not make your own this year?  Think about how special your sweetheart will feel when they receive a card made by you!  Add a special photo or take the time to write out a very meaningful note to tuck inside. Adding a bit of funky Valentine art to your home can brighten up your space and help set the mood!  DIY Valentine String Art is easier than you think, and only requires a few supplies!  Personalize your DIY Valentine String Art with your sweetheart’s favorite colors and then surprise them on Valentine’s Day with a truly unique gift.
Can’t wait to check out the fun ideas and recipes here – looks like there is some great posts!
A vintage kit for making paper Valentines, circa 1940s, from Gibson, the greeting card company. Inside the box (with charming graphics) there are eight cardboard bases for the cards, eight lace Valentines, two sheets of die-cut graphics to decorate the cards with, and, or course, eight envelopes. This year, instead of heading to that chain card store or some big box store, make your own Valentine’s Day cards to show how much you really care. Here are some fantastically clever diy Valentine’s Day card ideas for both kids and adults. Pop Up “Will You Be My Valentine?” Card – Show your love with a fun and dynamic pop-up card. Paper Airplane Free Printable Valentine Card – Send your love through to soaring heights with this printable paper airplane card.
DIY Light Up Heart Wall Art – Show your love your heart with this DIY light-up wall art idea for something more than just a card. Hey Smartie Printable Valentine’s Day Cards – Perfect for those classroom Valentine’s Day cards.
Potato Stamp “Hey Valentine I Think You’re a Star” Card – This idea is another great one for kids. Valentine’s Day Paper Fortune Cookie Cards – For a little more finesse make these origami fortune cookies cards. Stuck on You Washi Tape Heart Valentine Cards – Patterned washi tape makes the perfect medium for a colorful and pattern-ful card. This entry was posted in Shelter and tagged free printable valentines day cards, handmade valentine cards, printable valentines day cards, valentine's day cards, valentines day card, valentines day crafts.

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” Liz Collins’ capsule collection of knitwear is now available for those who choose the latter option. Seattle wild-foods cafe Nettletown might be shoulder to shoulder with a Subway, but their produce comes from the ground, not a vacuum-sealed bag.
Laugh off yesterday’s meal by watching this cute as heck puppy dog in a bear suit on a treadmill.
California may ban the use of captive orcas for performance purposes as a direct result of the controversial documentary, “Blackfish.” Hey, SeaWorld, how much clearer can it get?
What' s Intresting The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting Shelter Kim Derby Maybe it’sthe way they can make or break a room,like the way the perfect accessory can pull together an outfit. The Gaia Hotel & Preserve is a Costa Rican getaway guaranteed to bring you back to nature. This fall, Suzani rugs, pillows, blankets and more are sure to take center stage, so, before this craze is unleashed, I consider it my duty as a decor dilettante to explore its origin and history. Monarch butterflies are declining at such a dramatic rate that it’s hard for scientists to keep up.
Learn how to use essential oils to clean and invigorate your home without the use of harsh chemicals.
You know when you’re at the wrap in a boutique and there is a little basket heaped full of random, sometimes wacky rings? One trick I use for refreshing my decor from season to season is simple and inexpensive: paint.
We’ve gathered 5 charming Valentine crafts that even Romeo & Juliet would be jealous of! Your Valentine will feel your love from here to infinity if you take the time to make a “handmade with love” homecard Valentine.
But sometimes, all of the miscellany of life can add up until it feels like a physical weight.
Put down the hoagie and listen: From activists to politicians, everybody loves to talk about the promise of green jobs. That’s the question million of American are asking the aquatic theme park under fire for its mistreatment of captive orcas.
Voted the “#1 Spa in the World” in 2010 by Conde Nast Traveler readers, the Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali will take your breath away.
Remember the classic scene in American Psycho when a business card with a watermark made Patrick Bateman enraged with jealousy?
You’ve probably heard of highly concentrated oils being used in aromatherapy to boost mood or to give natural beauty products a fresh scent.
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I know he loves Japanese art and origami, so I thought I would make some origami hearts and use them as the inspiration for my card.It's pretty easy to make your own Valentine card like this (don't be scared off by the origami!). After eight moves in eight years, I managed to accumulate a basement full of storage bins that I unquestioningly brought with me to every new home. Eco-lighting is front-page news and everyone who’sanyone is making the switch to green. Well, a simple watermark has nothing on these amazing business cards that act as a house plant. Fish and Wildlife Service, the butterfly population has been reduced by 95 percent in the last 15 years.
Check out the flocks of sparrows (!), curling floral motifs by Transparent House, and more.
For your viewing […] share Make Your Mark with Design-It-Yourself Speakers Shelter Luanne Bradley Whistle while you work on these very cool cardboard speakers.
Designed as an eco-friendly kit with six colored pencils to get you on the road to doodle heaven,the DIY speaker boxes are made with 70% recycled materials that wipe clean when you have completed your masterpiece.
Picture a strutting Bourbon Red Turkey with deep red feathers and black, cream, and mahogany markings. You don't need much paper for these (4.5cm x 9cm for each heart), so it is perfect for using up scraps.
They feature a […] share 16 Minimalist Birdhouses To Go Totally Cuckoo Over Shelter K. To fold the origami hearts I followed the video instructions my husband posted on our website (cheating, I know!) for how to make a money origami heart, but instead of using money just use pretty paper with the dimensions stated above. To frame the origami hearts I cut out three squares of complementary gold paper (5cm x 5cm). Birdhouses are oft novelty man-made enclosures,but placing them within close proximity to your back door will help maintain populations of local species and add a healthy dose of old-time,rustic charm to your yard or balcony.
The paper is ivory with a faint hexagonal flower pattern in pale gold.I assembled my card using double-sided tape. Since 1995,Japanese artist SASAKI has been creating portraits from human heartbeats,which he does by spraying a steady stream of paint to the sound of beating hearts. It’stime to be honest and admit that while composting is ecologically beneficial and reduces overall waste,it can also smell incredibly repulsive. You could be the type of person who coordinates a trip to the clock section of a department store with the noon hour for an auditory fix of cuckoo sounds.

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