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1)Youtube Downloader- This is an application which lets you download youtube video tell 150 MB. Step 4- Choose the destination where you want to download the video and press the download button. 2) keepvid , savefrom - For this you need to download java.You can download Java by clicking here.
Note- Savefrom only downloads youtube files which are till 150MB where as you can download files till an infinite amount by using keepvid.
Noob Army one of the greatest clan's from the English Community in Tanki Online just got closed. If you’re keen to have more than one copy of your YouTube uploads available in case something happens to your channel, then Google Takeout does the job perfectly well.
To back up your YouTube videos, log into your associated Google account and then head over to Google Takeout. Focus your attention on the Delivery Method menu and select where you want the saved YouTube clips to end up. This step-by-step guide will show you how to download video from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo and other video download website. For PSP: PSP is the same as iPod, they are both support MP4 video, if you have converted the YouTube video to MP4 with above method, you can copy the MP4 video directly to the "Video" folder in your memory stick (if there is no "Video" folder in your memory stick, you can create by yourself). For Cell Phone: Cell phone accepts 3GP video and MP4 video, just convert your downloaded YouTube video to the proper format, connect your cell phone to computer, and then copy the videos to your cell phone memory card.
When choosing a username, you should always add “ucla” before your department or organization and do your best to establish a consistent naming convention across all of your social media channels. If you have a complaint about a specific channel or video, you can file a Trademark Complaint with YouTube, but they prefer that users resolve such disputes with each other directly.
You should also do your best to try and establish a single, consistent profile picture or avatar across all of your social media channels. YouTube dynamically resizes banner images depending on the device the channel is being viewed on. Please review YouTube’s Channel Art Guidelines to see how your banner will render across devices.
You should link to your UCLA department’s homepage and any other social profiles you’ve created. Make sure to write a short summary that clearly describes what your department or organization is, and include helpful links and contact information.

YouTube’s default settings allow any users to publicly comment on your videos on the Discussion Tab on your channel. If you decide to allow public comments without approval, you will need to regularly review new comments and address any inappropriate comments that you find.
Hello,I am requesting for a Profile Avatar and Channel are for my youtube acc.I want a Minecraft one please. If you want to download videos from YouTube that are more than 150MB you will need to buy the software.
From this page, you’ll see a list of data and files that you can save locally to your desktop, including Calendar events, Google Drive content, Google Photos and more. It’s possible to have the files delivered via a link sent to your email, or to your Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. As you’ll see from the screenshot above, the process is monitored by Google and Takeout will let you know when the download is likely to be finished. Paste your video file URL to the input box (figure as follow), choose the right format you want.
The use of small text should also be avoided as this does not scale well when re-sized smaller.
This helps users identify your channel as the official social media channel of your organization. If you wish to moderate comments before they appear on your channel, you must edit your channel settings by following these steps. I could help you with that at least If that's ok I'll start working on it and I'll Email you when I'm done, yeah? Of course, for this tutorial you’ll be scrolling down the page to the YouTube option. If you’ve got a hefty collection of HD YouTube videos, you might be waiting a while for it to end, so be prepared. Click the download link to download the video and save in your computer (remember where you save it in).
You can have your first custom link overlayed on your channel art by selecting Overlay First Link on Channel Art. Helpful information especially the ending part ?? My partner and i manage such information a lot.
On top of that, it’s worth noting that if you select an email link as your preferred means of downloading the material, that link will expire within a week.

We take YouTube video for example, write a guide about how to download YouTube videos to computer for free. Go to the video you want to download, double click that little box, and select download link. You are able to edit the name of the link (how it appears on your channel) and the shortcut icon, or favicon, will be added from the page. They will start to convert the audiotrack of your video file to mp3 as soon as you have submitted it and you will be able to download it. YouTube pages load up a lot of code and options usually, making the page heavy and your favorite YouTube videos take time to start as the page loads. Switch to Good Web Browser:Browse the YouTube Videos in modern Web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. If your default browsers is Internet Explorer, then try to change it another one mentioned above.#2 . Try Watching Videos at Lower QualityMany YouTube videos offers different quality versions like 240p,360p,480p,720p.
Stop other Internet ActivitiesJust for a while Close all other Internet accessing programs like torrent clients when you browse YouTube videos.
Also stop browsing the web pages to make the Videos load faster and enjoy the uninterrupted streaming and loading.#4 . It removes lots of optional interactive and sharing features in the YouTube video and uses advanced code to reduce the page download size so it loads much faster in your slow internet connection.
Increase the performance and speed of the computer to improve the browser speed and its browsing performance.#6.
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