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Do me a favor and share this if you like it – and if you want help with your videos, don’t hesitate to call us up! And if you are aware of any other major video sharing sites that allow auto-play code, let me know. Dailymotion only makes iframe code available for their videos so what you provided is very much appreciated as the code can now be placed on social web sites that do not permit iframe coding. Hello Jelozier, When I saw this I was like *O* I wanted to make one but my PC is having download Issues I was wondering if you could make one for me? If you are using high speed internet connection, then you should play Youtube videos in HD quality (720p or 1080p) for best clarity. However, regardless of what I try, the video will not start automatically and must be started manually.

Since the beginning of this year, WordPress seems to have gotten rid of autoplay, and even your above suggestion for Youtube videos does not work. Problem is, one has to constantly switch video quality setting from normal to HD for every video playback. Only site to offer a real good broken down scenario of ways to make a youtube video autoplay!
This takes lot of time and annoying to the core.Change Youtube settings to always play HD quality videos1. Login into your Youtube account, click on Profile photo at top right and then click on Settings option.
In many cases, Youtube does not switch to HD quality even though you are using high speed internet connection.

To make sure Youtube always playback videos in HD quality, Google Chrome users can install Auto HD for Youtube extension.Once you enable this extension, you should see small Youtube logo at top right part of the Chrome browser. Click that Youtube logo to configure settings for video quality and video playback window size.

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