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Ever stumble around searching for your glasses, only to discover two minutes later that they’re right there on your nose? As Casey Ark, owner of Plato Web Design explains, there’s a reason that landing page optimization articles can sound repetitive — it’s ‘cause people make so many of the same mistakes, again and again. Why even some of the most successful companies aren’t immune to common landing page slipups. Stephanie Saretsky: If you have a low conversion rate, looking for advice on landing page optimization can seem a little overwhelming.
Dan Levy: You start off your posts with kind of a scary statement, which is that many of the world’s most aesthetically beautiful landing pages fail miserably when it comes to conversion. But there is absolutely a way to have that intersection between really attractive and really effective. And what we’re looking for is that little wow moment that happens when somebody hits the page. So if you’re trying to create that kind of want in somebody, you’re dead in the water if you can’t actually show them your real product.
Dan Levy: We talked about this in other podcast episodes — how copywriters, when they’re writing their “about” page copy for example, sometimes they just get too far into the weeds because the obvious stuff to them is just like, yeah, like, of course people need to be using landing pages for their campaigns.
Dan Levy: So yeah, I mean, this stuff, again, it seems kind of obvious when you point it out. And really, when you come in with that assumption, it kills ya immediately because when people (even your trusted brand advocates) are seeing copy like that from you — where it’s sort of vague and you’re kind of mentioning what you do — a lot of time they don’t know what you’re talking about and they’re too embarrassed to ask.
Dan Levy: Do you have, like, a go-to tactic for developing copy that keeps customers’ mindset in mind, even when you’re really close to the product yourself? And then take all those bullet points, and take another two or three minutes and tailor them so that you can tell them exactly to your mother pretty much verbatim.
But really you don’t have to get that deep into the product in most instances, certainly not deep enough that you ever need to include real paragraph texts to any serious degree.
Dan Levy: Yeah, you share an interesting tip for keeping your landing page copy down to a minimum which involves writing the copy before even looking at the landing page template. Dan Levy: Yeah, I guess it goes back to what we were saying at the beginning, where so often – you know, this happens a lot when you’re in an agency or working with a creative team.
Dan Levy: – that ran into a problem with friction when they tried to segment users on their landing page. Casey Ark: Basically, they’ve got this initial landing page that shows – they don’t actually have anything on the landing page except these two buttons that say, “Are you shopping for men’s perfume?” or “Are you shopping for women’s perfume?” You click one of the buttons, and then you get the selection there.
Dan Levy: So I mean, if you are marketing to multiple segments like they were, how do you speak to them individually without weighing them down with having to make that choice themselves? Casey Ark: Basically, it’s relatively easy to take care of something like that, especially if you’re using AdWords or Facebook or something like that where you can kind of manipulate the keywords that you’re using. Dan Levy: It sounds so simple, but again, something that so many marketers just aren’t doing. Dan Levy: We talk a lot on this podcast about the importance of testing stuff like headlines and call to action button copy. So ultimately, when you’re looking at a landing page, you should be basically looking at it as if you were designing a TV commercial for your product. And what I mean by that practically is if you’re selling a car, I don’t care so much about the photo that you’re using of the car. Dan Levy: Yeah, it’s almost, like, awesome when people are testing and doing those more advanced stuff. I want to make a 3ft by 3ft Landing Pad to save the Grass behind my House,, and use Astro Turf Grass on the Pad to help keep the Helis in-place while in Spool Up and Landings,,so what other than Plywood can I use that wont be affected by Fuel and Exhaust (that is rather cheap) ?? IF I use Plywood I would have to cover it with Fiberglass to protect the Wood from Fuel and Exhaust (so I would rather NOT have to Glass),,2) IF I use Plywood what Non-Mixing Glue would be best to use with the Fiberglass ???
You can have an SEM account with hundreds of thousands of keywords that each have fantastic click-through rates (CTR) but without quality landing pages, you will never fully optimize your CPA and never reach your true money-making potential. I have put together some guidelines to help you create the best PPC landing pages for your AdWords account. The first step in creating quality landing pages is to establish your marketing goals to decide what you are trying to accomplish. Once you have established what you are trying to accomplish with your campaigns and ad-groups, do some competitive research. You should not use the same message to target viewers from PPC that you would use if they came from social media or email nurturing campaigns. Use clear calls to action along with arrows and catchy text while avoiding a  “scammy” look. Use persuasive copywriting techniques and "power words" that inspire visitors to take action. The biggest mistakes I see made in regards to testing are not allowing your tests to run for significant amounts of time and stopping after one test.
Stay patient and pull in as much data as possible before declaring a winner, then use that data to set up ongoing tests against the winner to find and display the best possible advertisements and effective landing pages you can. Ben Cohen is a Customer Success Specialist at WordStream and supports WordStream’s managed services team on numerous accounts.
I am finding that a great looking squeeze page with navagation on the right is working well.
Squeeze pages are great for capturing emails, but pre-sell pages are the best to actually close a customer on the prodcut you are promitng then and there.
Hi Ben,Do you recommend creating landing pages directly on your web site, or using a 3rd party service? Hi Andrew,As with everything that has to do with PPC it is rather hard to give a definitive all encompassing answer. Hi , Ben It's really great post , this really helps many people in designing their landing pages . My problem is that I have done everything in this article plus a bunch more and have lousy conversions.
Hi Terry, You bring up an excellent point and I have had this arguement with colleagues a few times. Grand prize includes: Professional cleaning crew to come clean your house, personal appearance by Brook Lopez and a $500 Key Food gift card! If you did not win the grand prize, you will still be entered to win over 100 other prizes! The helipad on the Garcon has plenty of open space around it, making landing quick and easy.

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Unbounce’s Content Strategist Dan Levy speaks to Casey Ark, owner of digital agency Plato, about the most common landing page mistakes that his agency finds, and how to go about fixing them. Because when you think about it, if you’ve got a whole lot of center-aligned text that goes almost all the way across the screen, you’ve got a big background image, there’s no room to actually show your product or say a whole lot about your product. But if you’re focusing so much on the aesthetic of the thing, especially if you’re having huge background images and don’t really have the copy to back it up, I think that’s really what ends up hurting you so much. If you start looking at landing pages, anybody out there, you should start paying attention to whether or not they have the actual product shown. Well, I mean, the second mistake you talk about is something related and that actually having your product on the page can maybe even help out with, which is not explaining what you do on the landing page. Basically, they look like they’re probably some sort of marketing company, and they’re running this kind of paid seminar. You’re like, it looks like it’s probably a company that has something to do with something? Because it’s easy to kind of get trapped in the mindset of wherever you’re working, if you’re working day in and day out. And you start talking about advanced optimization tactics when for most people, actually don’t really know what a landing page is and why they need it there. Probably eight out of ten people I talk to every day, I still have to describe what a landing page is. I think part of it is just getting kinda trapped in the corporate culture and what we just talked about. But yet it’s hard to kind of understand what you should be showing online when you’re stuck inside that loop of working in a big company for that long. But yeah, typically, I tell people that you wanna lock yourself in a room for maybe two or three minutes with a piece of paper and a pen. Remove every possible technical word that you can find inside that kinda first set of bullet points, and move them to the second set.
But the kind of extreme of this is to want to include, like, every single detail of your offer on your landing page. It’s so easy to make that mistake too because when you sit down and you start trying to make a landing page, if you’re a small business owner, you probably think, “I either wanna list some things about my business, or maybe I wanna list absolutely everything just in case somebody’s gonna ask.” And that’s what happens so often. If you’re scrolling through the site and you wouldn’t naturally read it in the flow of scrolling, it probably won’t get read at all.
When you get stuck too deep into designing the page or worrying about the template or seeing how it looks, you kinda forget to look at the actual USP, the actual unique selling proposition. Well, we’ve all heard the adage that if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. Instead of just buying for perfume, you’d wanna buy keywords for women’s perfume and probably men’s cologne separately. And automatically – especially if you’re doing something that’s a paid click there – you really wanna know that anyway, whether you’re dealing with men or women, instantaneously.
But you suggest that focusing too much on this stuff can actually lead to all these mistakes that we were just talking about.
And if you spend too much time testing it, if you spend too much time worrying about the color of the button and the shape of the button and the font you’re using and all that stuff, and less about the whole picture about why your product’s significantly better, that’s where you can really start getting into some trouble. But if that’s taking your eye off really simple things, like having your product on the page and telling people what you do, then maybe there’s a problem there and you need to kind of take a step back and see the forest for the trees or however that expression goes. Producing projects like the Call to Action podcast and The Landing Page Sessions by day and a radio DJ by night, she is a lover of all things multimedia.
Plywood got a little slick the first few months with the oil on it so we added a 3x3 or so carpet piece to the middle. Mark out the pad, dig down a bit, build form, a 2 to 3 inch layer of 2b stone for drainage, mix and pour the crete, smooth with mag or trowel. Check out your competitors’ landing pages and look up some templates to see how you can design your pages. Considering how your viewers got to your page should influence and change the messaging you use to close them. As you have the time to build a new page, add it in and slowly convert your ad groups to all have specific targeted landing pages. Depending on your marketing goals you should consider putting your phone number at the top of the page, adding a form directly to the page, or allowing a purchase to be made directly from that page. I personally feel that, this simple step by step procedure surely help not only to all, but also, specifically to newbies to get the awesome landing pages in order to improve the ROI.Thanks for sharing nice article!!!
I would recommend doing testing, some more testing, and then even more testing after that.If your landing pages aren't working you can choose to try a 3rd party service and test against those. For newbies it's really helpful  they can understand easily as you have explained in an step by step procedure . I have great engagement, low bounce rate, long page durations, multiple page views, but no sales. If you were to include social media links then make sure they launch in a new tab or simply allow visitors to like or share the page.
When helicopters land on mega yachts, all passengers and outdoor furniture cushions must be inside. Not in a general sense, but just kinda what we think is a good website right now is a really specific thing. What we think is beautiful is mostly just kind of this abstract design thing, so that’s really, really restrictive.
But first, I wanna talk about the first mistake that you tackle in your post, which is not actually showing your product on the landing page itself.
Can you explain how a company called Marketing Genesis made this mistake on their page and how to fix it? And they have the landing page for what looks like it’s probably a paid seminar, but they don’t actually say expressly what it is. And there are a couple of times where they ask you to register, and you don’t know what you’re registering for. If you’re the copywriter, you come in with a certain assumption that people might know what landing pages are or people might know what hardscaping is if you’re a landscaping company. And just write down bullet points that you’d wanna tell a startup investor if you only had that maybe 30-second or 45-second elevator pitch.
When you get a couple people in kind of a small business team together, and you write down a list of what should be on the landing page, you end up with this massive list sometimes with really tiny nuanced things about the business.

And basically, if you’re making a landing page, you can pretty much operate under the assumption that people aren’t gonna read a word of your paragraph text because they don’t have the time.
And so many people actually never really get around to even understanding why their business is that significantly different from other people. But as long as you kinda have that general starting point and then craft the design around that, that helps a lot. You’re asking people to make a decision when they don’t necessarily need to be making a decision about something. You might lose 25 or 30 percent of people who just say, “Hey, I don’t feel like making this click.” And that’s just money lost. We wanna take all the work out of the customer’s hand so the customer’s never having to say, “I am a man. And then if somebody clicks on the men’s cologne ad, they should be going to a dedicated landing page that already has men’s cologne; it already has men’s perfume shown.
Really I just use what I feel like but if I am taking off grass then I make sure the grass is short like a golf course.
Let cure for 18 to 24 hours and you're good to go take your heli off with grass or without. But unlike traditional sales you do not have the flexibility to try different angles like any good salesman would.
Make it easy for them to brag about their purchase and share their experiences by adding links to all types of social media. Born and raised in Boston, Ben has not wandered far from home, having studied Marketing and Management at the University of Maine, Orono. There are a lot of great spreadsheets out there on the web that will make the analysis easier.You mainly want to look for a confidence score.
If, however, there is one page that is clearly outperforming the others, the experiment stops early. At least I see tons and tons of them daily, where you look at it and you go, “That’s a beautiful page.
But often it seems like when people focus so much on the design, they almost get, like, carried away or distracted. If you’re paying a couple grand to get a landing page done, if you’re not using Unbounce or something like that, lots of these people are really proud of it. And they say that it’s in San Diego, but you don’t even know what’s in San Diego, and they don’t say where in San Diego. Again, if you’re a landscaping company, you might, like, decide to mention your payment plans or something. So again, that’s a situation where you really wanna sit down, write down a bullet point list of why you’re significantly better than your competitors or why your product really should be bought by customers, and focus on that first. Because what usually happens with people is they’ll start with a design, they won’t put the product in there always; they’ll just kinda have some general abstract tagline. But if you’re focusing too much on that, it can hurt you, especially if you’re not absorbing the full understanding of what it is that you’re selling.
And just to put it in a little bit more quantitative terms, the difference between a really great landing page and a bad landing page, typically, is not one headline away from having a huge difference.
Instead of leading people to your homepage, test out driving traffic to a more targeted, conversion-optimized landing page (see below). This will allow you to change and test single variables such as headlines, imagery, body text, and calls to action evenly over time.
I recommend doing research on each and finding the one that matches your company the best.The biggest take away from this article is "Always Be Testing". This is good for a cases when all you need from a customer is to get him signed up for a something. And it’s amazing how little people know about brands, even brands that they are interacting with a daily or bi-daily basis. You really never, ever, ever wanna make people make a decision, especially when you’re paying for clicks like they were. When he is not out hiking New England, you can find him at America’s most beloved Fenway Park.
Apart from knowing which ad campaign is working, you get lower bounce rate, higher quality score and ad rank, and most importantly, you get higher conversion rate. You don’t wanna spend a couple grand on something that is conversion centric and doesn’t necessarily look great. And the big reason why it matters and why it’s kind of that big mistake, which is what you asked, I can’t want what I can’t see.
As long as you’ve got the general basics down, that’s probably more important long term than spending a whole lot of time worrying about individual color details or fonts or all that stuff. But what if you have B2B web, with a products, which same time is also used by a existing customers who come in to check it's spec, etc? And just in general, fixing that is kind of – it’s relatively simple in that you just wanna describe what it is that you’re actually doing.
It’s going from a place where you don’t understand what they want to a place where you do understand what they want. And that’s really the difference between poor-converting landing pages and awesome-converting landing pages — when the customer hits that page, you’re not just describing the product in a way that would be favorable. But you can really improve it if you start to understand why people would go with you rather than other people. And this is why the only thing in article I would argue with, is this:Keep the page clean and easy to read. But that’s really restricting when it comes to actually making a solid converting landing page. Your CTAs are almost always better because you’ve focused on just the text without any accoutrements. Keep it short and sweet and give them exactly what they are looking for.And yes, that also means SEO optimized page is not already good landing page? I guess no right? Or - do we create different pages then for SEO traffic, PPC, and product pages? So, 3 pages for each product what you have? A lot of questions, and I guess formal answer is "that depends on your case, establish your goals, etc".

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