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Some cooks have described it as 'insane' and 'unusable' - and at 2,468 pages long, it's certainly not your average cookbook. Complex diagrams explain the chemical processes at work while food is cooked - teams of researchers worked with Myhrvold on the book for three years.
Clever cooking: Modernist Cuisine also includes a small number of recipes, such as the above recipe for Hollandaise. In addition to his long career with Microsoft, and as an independent inventor, Myhrvold has also helped complete Victorian computing pioneer Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, a pioneering mechanical computer designed by Babbage, and on display at London's Science Museum.He has also won the World Barbecue Championship. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But what is a hungry omnivore to do when his stomach craves bread, meat and cheese, but the winter stores left in his wallet don’t exactly make him Mr. If it’s burgers he wants, his first reaction might be making a beeline straight for the nearest fast-food joint – but is that really the most budget-conscious way to eat? If you were going strictly by price, McDonald’s seems like the best deal with a cheeseburger for $1.08. Once I had brought all the burgers home (and absorbed the funny looks from the drive-through employees eyeing my array of to-go bags), the differences in calories became clear. I added up the ingredients in the homemade burgers, then divided the price by the total calories which gave me a price per calorie. Going into the experiment, I had a hunch that cooking at home would always beat fast food (at least when ingredients are purchased in moderate quantities), and that hunch proved to be true.

This entry was posted in Photography and tagged Food, Infographics, Travel on July 3, 2011 by Isaiah Brookshire. But its author isn't your average cook - he's a quantum physicist student of Stephen Hawking who has also held a position as Microsoft's Chief Technology officer.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Soon, millions of Americans won’t be able to resist the sizzling siren song of the grill and will venture into their backyards, parks and gathering places for a tradition begun almost at the moment when man first learned to capture fire. Now consider that cheeseburger has only 300 calories – when other cheeseburgers easily push the 1,000-calorie mark, costing only a few dollars more – and the deal seems less sweet. In-N-Out serves a better burger (my favorite fast-food burger), and their prices show it at $2.34 for a cheeseburger. I found most of the ingredients for the basic homemade burger at Costco and bought enough supplies to make about 12 cheeseburgers, each of them cost $1.38.
A one-to-one comparison between the McDonald’s 300-calorie burger would be way off when compared to the 1,000-plus calorie, fancy homemade burger. If there’s one thing to take away, it is this: Summertime is for grilling and cooking at home with friends – which might be the best deal you can find, anyway you look at it.
Along the way, I found some surprising (and not-so-surprising) results, while learning a few things about one of the intrinsically American foods.
Although there are many articles, blogs and TV shows devoted to finding burger perfection, I was looking for something different.

To get a better picture of how much a cheeseburger really costs, I decided I would need to compare five different burgers on a per-calorie basis — far from a complete survey but sufficient for this comparison. At Applebee’s, I had to estimate price because their burger price includes fries, it came out to about $7.28.
When I looked at the prices adjusted to 500 calories, I was surprised to find that the fancy in-house burger still beat out all of the fast-food burgers by a few cents, and I was disappointed that my favorite cheeseburger happened to be one of worst deals. What was less well-known - until this year - was his lifelong obsession with food - which has culminated in The Modernist Cookbook, a six-volume magnum opus which took a team of 30 three years to create. Chefs are too busy running their kitchens and creating new dishes.'Inspired by discussions on sites such as eGullet, Myhrvold's book claims that many assumptions about food safety are simply wrong - and that chefs are ruining our food in the process.
Considering that most burgers are somewhat palatable (yes, even McDonald’s), I wanted to know how they stacked up in other areas. Two of the burgers would come from fast-food chains, one from a restaurant where you needn’t look upward at the menu, and two more would be homemade.
My one requirement for the restaurant was that it post the nutrition facts online and serve the burgers to go.

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