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Super Smash bros, uno dei titoli piu attesi per 3DS quest’anno uscira da noi il prossimo 3 Ottobre anche se in Giappone e gia stato rilasciato qualche giorno fa.
Nella sua release ufficiale pero e sorto un problema piuttosto fastidioso per alcuni player che usavano Peach, i quali si sono ritrovati bannati dalla modalita on-line senza un motivo apparente.
Nintendo consistently refused to license its intellectual property to other platforms, fearing that doing so may threaten its traditional, console-based business model.
As much as I respect them for their historic achievements, the present day Nintendo has become the Blackberry of gaming world, imo.
During the joint press conference with DeNA, Iwata clarified that Nintendo will not port videogames created for dedicated consoles to smart devices.

Giphy today launched its own iOS keyboard, called Giphy Keys, that will let users search for and send GIFs without having to navigate to a separate keyboard application.
Tambien les dejo un emulador para el dos por si acaso no les quiere correr con la version que trae el windows, que como deben saber no corre todos los juegos que corria el dos. Luego de eso introducimos el nombre del programa que correremos el cual en este caso es MARIO.exe y listo. Nintendo will purchase a 10% stake in DeNA for $182 million as part of a cross-shareholding deal, according to The Wall Street Journal.
He went on to say that Nintendo intends to use smartphone games to draw consumers to their dedicated videogame platforms, and that the company maintains its passion for dedicated game devices and game experiences that offer good value to customers.

De nino lo jugaba bastante ya que vino con la macintosh de mi papa y es muy bueno 100% recomendado.

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