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CIOs and other digital leaders who recognize the need to look beyond the status quo and challenge existing paradigms with new business models would immediately take the talent and run with it, said Leigh McMullen, managing vice president at Gartner. Alongside the right talent, market challengers must possess agility: the ability to operate at multiple speeds and the capacity to evolve.
Perfect the transaction, and then perfect the all the “moments of truth.” Uber started out as a ride-sharing app, and now comprises a vast network by offering a superior customer experience. Use “collective competency.” Collaborative precompetitive research in the pharmaceutical industry helps companies avoid competing where they will gain little differentiation.
There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for becoming a market challenger; it depends on your market and enterprise. Learn more at the Gartner CIO Leadership Forums taking place February 21-23 in Phoenix, AZ and March 7-9 in London, U.K. Adblocking — Why do Australians hate digital ads more than almost anyone else in the world?
Hertz Adrenaline Collection now featuring such popular muscle cars as the Dodge Challenger.

The Dodge marketing team asks Richard Rawlings how he would promote the Dodge Charger for the Dodge Big Finish Event.
If you had the opportunity to lead technical development for a startup — one aiming to develop the next big digital disruption — would you rather have $10 million to fund it or 10 super-smart people? Many enterprises’ deep-rooted technological, compliance and architectural constraints — the very attributes that helped them win in the old economy — are barriers to true agility. You don’t need to plot a rigid path; just identify the discipline(s) on which you will build and continue to innovate. Customers of ecosystem providers such as Google, Microsoft and Apple get more value from the ecosystem the further they engage with it.
Explicitly stating where and how beef was raised can influence buying decisions for an online grocer.
One model for this is including multiple enterprises collaborating in a market to provide customers with better value. Amazon is known for its openness and integration, which became the foundation of its cloud offerings.

The recipe for Coca-Cola is a trade secret that has protected Coke against direct challenges from competitors.
Oracle has waged an ongoing patent battle against Google regarding its use of Java source code in the Android platform.
Successful innovators also recognize that the disciplines of market challengers aren’t fixed.
To get your enterprise started on this road and sell this organizational mindset, you need a convincing story and the ability to secure funds for change and innovation.
That’s the lesson from a piece of research into in-store customer experiences released by consumer retail research outfit iModerate last month.
An enterprise that has customer experience as its primary focus, for example, will frequently develop a platform as the basis to further the market-disruption effect.

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