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There are currently over 500 million accounts on Facebook  (October 2013), almost all of them being personal accounts rather than business profiles. Sure, Facebook is best for B2C companies… But that doesn’t mean B2B’s (business to business) should ignore it.
If you have any questions, or would like any advice and assistance with social media marketing call us now on 01787 464023 or email me.
Took just 18 months to elevate himself from marketing apprentice to SEO legend, inbound marketing expert and social media marketing guru. Kim Tracy possesses a solid communications background including marketing, public relations, and sales. As marketing manager for Penton Media’s Boardwatch and CLEC Magazine, Kim managed all aspects of promoting both trade pubs and their complementary Web sites.
Kim’s sales background includes work with Hershey Foods, Keller Williams Realty, and The KOR Hotel Group in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Since 2008, Kim has owned and operated The Career Agent, a boutique personal marketing firm that specializes in guiding US-based professionals through career transition.
Leslie’s ability to simplify the complex process of building a business, whether it’s marketing, sales, systems, or just finding time to do it all – you’ll make more progress working with Leslie than you ever did on your own. For years, I have cast the net too wide and been serving clients who were not ideal and making me miserable in my business. Leslie, thanks for taking the time to help loosen the grips of the time monster from around my throat. Your Biz RULES provides business coaching services for the areas of marketing, sales, team building, time management, pricing and profit to help you grow your small business fast. HSBC’s profits dived by almost 20pc as choppy financial markets and weak economic growth in Asia dented its bottom line in the first quarter of the year – but the results were better than expected as the bank successfully cut costs. That headline figure was down 14pc year on year but was well above the $4.2bn forecast by analysts.
However, much of that gain came from a $1.2bn accounting adjustment related to credit spreads.
Overall revenues fell by 6pc to $15bn as almost every business unit reported a fall in profits. Chief executive Stuart Gulliver said “extreme levels of volatility” were to blame, as markets went into meltdown in January and February. However he did warn that in future markets may continue to be a tough for investment banks. He also said that HSBC reduced the impact of falling market revenues by improving growth in current accounts and savings products in Hong Kong and the UK.
The bank made 1,000 net redundancies in the first quarter as global admin roles were cut back, but was forced to hire another 536 staff in regulatory compliance, as well as 1,357 staff charged with cutting back other parts of the business.

The chief executive said: “All of our cost-reduction programmes are now under way and we have a good grip on operating expenses. However, the bank was hit by extra costs from commodities companies that are suffering from falling oil, gas and minerals prices. Mr Napier questioned whether the bank can continue to keep raising its dividend as profits fall. We go on Facebook to be entertained, to keep in touch with friends, to socialise… This does make Facebook a great place for B2C (business to consumer) companies to promote their products. So if you are selling a product or service directly to consumers, Facebook is a cost effective platform upon which to promote your brand and interact with potential customers. In the past there was a good chance your posts would automatically appear in the newsfeed of those who follow you, plus if they liked it it would get shown to all of their friends.  However Facebook has recently made an update, and now it selectively choses whether to show your business posts to people… and by that I mean they choose to show them to practically no one!
Join Business Coach Leslie Hassler, from her office in Dallas, Texas; and guest Kim Tracy of the Maxwell James Agency as they share how to improve your sales skills through paid speaking.
Throughout her career, she has designed and implemented public relations and marketing campaigns, and executed special events for clients in the following industries: consumer products, non-profit, high-tech, professional sports, real estate, and healthcare. The marketing department collaborated with in-house graphic designers, supported a nationwide sales team, and exhibited at competing and their own trade shows. Throughout her career, Kim has helped hundreds of seasoned professionals move forward in their careers. Seeing that “stars were aligning”, Kim began researching speaker’s bureaus and saw an opportunity not only to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and others achieve their goals, but to continue having a positive impact on people’s lives. The strategies and techniques that her client’s implement creates 30% to 200% growth – easily within the next year.
I've even been known to say "maybe I should just quit and go waitress!" In my one-on-one coaching with Leslie, she easily helped me narrow down who my ideal client is and why. I’ve been an interior designer for 20 years, but running the business side of my business was weighing me down – I did not have any structure to my running my business, I had no processes in place and I was doing everything reactively instead of proactively. Her concepts and her ideas are gold, I would highly recommend her to work with anyone on any type of project and will continue to use her myself!
As I complete my old life as a consultant to large corporations and transition into the launch of my new business, I felt overwhelmed with all there is to be done.
The retail banking and wealth management unit matched that drop as its profits fell to $1.1bn. It might not necessarily generate you sales, but it can boost your SEO, which usually will lead to sales anyway. Now that I am really clear on the work I want to do and with who, I speak confidently with prospective clients and can identify right away who is not a good match and who I should say No to. I met Leslie at a business conference and when I heard about her expertise, I knew she was the missing link to taking my business to the next level. You will not be disappointed with your results, because eventually, Your Biz will Rule too!

Leslie has a wonderful way of taking complex tasks and breaking them down into manageable and effective steps. Most importantly, she taught me how to put crucial processes in place so that I could run and grow my business without being overwhelmed. You’re not listing your actual strengths, you’re listing what you think your strengths are. Thankfully, I no longer work 7 days a week, I can focus on what I love about being a designer, and I have achieved (and in some cases, exceeded) all my professional and business goals that I set for this past year. You’re not listing your actual weaknesses, you’re listing what you think your weaknesses are, and so on…That’s why I want to present an alternative approach at writing a business plan. Working with Leslie was by far one of the best decisions I have made for making Kim Kendall Interiors a success. I would highly recommend her for any business owner trying to get a handle on running their business smoothly and efficiently! If you’re listing a new product of yours, make sure to mention its main features and characteristics.Depending on the nature of your business, you may just have a single item to offer, which is fine. Surely not anything a small business owner can afford.Besides, not every business has an audience that is so specific. If it turns out that your main audience is actually someone entirely different then nothing bad will happen, but you need to be ready and accept such a situation.Element #3: Why would they buy?What makes your product better or just as good as your competitors’?
Or what’s some other reason someone would want to work with you?Just be honest and not overly promotional.
Or just standard marketing methods (which are completely fine, by the way)?Actually, the exact methods are not important here.
No matter what you’re going to end up doing, you need to have a plan for the initial couple of weeks. Treat it as your getting started approach.Pick a handful of methods that have the most potential in your opinion and start executing them.
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