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Many entrepreneurs and small business executives either don’t have the time or the staff to adequately plan their marketing activities.  For most they would simply jump straight to the end of the story and start talking tactics.
While all these tactics may be effective for your business how do you know which ones to use if you have not taken the time to properly set objectives and plan your strategy? Like a general going to war you need to have an end goal in mind – your mission.  Once that has been developed you can then set your objectives. Contact me if you are interested in discussing a strategic marketing plan for your business. What do you think about ranking on the top slot of Google for a question thanks to two free services – Squidoo and Prezi?
Ranking high in Google is certainly desirable, a top 5 ranking is what you should shoot for.
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English Cities Fund - a joint venture between Muse Developments, Legal & General Property and the Homes and Communities Agency, and developer of Canning Town’s Rathbone Market scheme - is seeking planning permission to take the development into its second phase. The reserved matters planning application was submitted last week and comes after a public consultation meeting at The Place in Canning Town on 13 March. Phase two will comprise an attractive new open market square which will form the centrepiece of the finished Rathbone Market scheme and will also feature purpose built facilities for the market traders. The proposed works for phase two will mean the market will be temporarily relocated along Barking Road and will also see the demolition of Thomas North Terrace, residents of which have been offered new homes within phase one of the development. Duncan Cumberland, project director for ECf said: “Phase two is the part of this development programme which will have the most direct effect on the community of Canning Town. Adam West, partner from CZWG Architects which also designed Phase 1 of Rathbone Market, said: “It is particularly exciting to be able to complete the proposed new market square. Newham Council's Cllr Conor McAuley, executive member for regeneration and strategic planning said: "The Rathbone Market development is at the heart of the regeneration in Canning Town and Custom House. ECf is the first developer to begin works within the Canning Town and Custom House regeneration masterplan.
MKT 230 Week 2 Check Point Market Planning at Qode Read the case scenario, Decision Time at Qode, on pp.

Write a 200- to 300-word response describing how the three steps of business planning–strategic, functional, and operational–can be seen in the marketing decisions being made by Qode.
Following detailed consultation before 2009, Rathbone Market’s redevelopment already has outline planning consent which fixed the masterplanning parameters. This phase will also see the delivery of 165 new homes, a brand new public library and a community hub. Anyone visiting Canning Town cannot fail to notice the changes being made with the towering Vermilion building already making an impact on the skyline. Include information on who the decision makers are at each level and what they do in the in planning process.
We will continue to engage residents as we start looking at phase 2 and ensure they continue to  have a say in how the area is shaped.

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