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Jack is a consummate professional who brings a wealth of experience, including a stellar financial industry background, to his work. We closely partner with our clients in order to ensure that the optimal approach is taken for each research project that we tackle. All research efforts are focused entirely on gaining you the insights to meet your business objectives. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Did you learn everything you possibly could from your last project—not just from the final results, but by examining the process itself? POST MORTEMS: THE ANATOMY OF MARKET RESEARCH PROCESS IMPROVEMENTDid you learn everything you possibly could from your last project—not just from the finalresults, but by examining the process itself? Stage 3: SAMPLE SELECTION AND SOURCINGDid the sample sources you planned on using work out? Whatever approach you take, formal or informal, self-assessed or client feedback-based, you willcertainly find opportunities for improvement. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our techniques are modern and designed to gain comfortable, honest, and intelligent insights from respondents in whatever form the research takes. We follow steps that ensures we closely partner with you through the entire research process.

Conducting a detailed review, a post mortem so tospeak, can help pinpoint exactly what worked—and what needs work.For example, let’s say a recent project used in-person focus groups. We have a history of providing our clients unique and innovative research solutions and have an on-going commitment to innovation of superior market research methodologies and tools. It is our aim to understand your unique research objectives and business goals, and to customize our approach to match your specific needs. What percent of records from a sample source did you have to toss becausethey were suspicious?Stage 4: DATA ANALYSISWas a clear data analysis plan in place so that everybody knew exactly what was going to bedone and how? Capture post mortem information beforerigor mortis sets in, within a week of the project’s conclusion or sooner.
He has a thorough but easy going style that makes him a pleasure to engage and serves him well facilitating group feedback or training sessions.
We pride ourselves on the consultative approach that we bring to market research and the partnership that we build with our clients. Was there a lot of back and forth asking formore cuts of data, which could have been avoided with better planning?Stage 5: DELIVERABLESWere deliverables created on time and error free? Kathryn Korostoff is president of Research Rockstar, acompany that delivers online and in-person training to busy professionals seeking marketresearch excellence.
Kathryn is a market research professional with a special interest in howorganizations acquire, manage, and apply market research.
Over the past 20 years, she haspersonally directed more than 600 primary market research projects and published over 100bylined articles in trade magazines.

For each stage, Isuggest a few key questions to get you started.Stage 1: PROJECT DESIGNDid the specification of project scope and objectives go smoothly? Was it challenging to get allteam members to agree on a reasonable, finite set of project goals? If an outside agency wasengaged, how did the process of writing an RFP and selecting and hiring the agency go?Stage 2: QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGNHow many iterations were anticipated and how many were made? Aweighted scorecard approach can be used by considering grades for items such as budgetadherence, timeline adherence, usefulness of final results, and so on.Client feedback. Ask for feedback onoverall satisfaction and on specific projects’ aspects such as communications, schedule, anddeliverables. If there was a lot of reworking late in the process, could it have been avoided bypreliminary qualitative research or by clearer thinking about project hypotheses? Giving clients achance to grade the project can uncover some surprising areas for improvement; some clientswon’t complain along the way, but sure do have feedback to give when asked.

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