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Stock Market Game winners from South Dover Elementary School were Victoria Galvin, Zoe Hall, Sophia Magagnotti, Nicole Rainford and Kendra Starkey. Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club Stock Market Game winners Gary Glocker, Taylor Jones and Alissa Mercie. Claire Conlin, Chloe Rogel deOliveira and Elizabeth O’Brien from Pilot School were Stock Market Game winners. Shirin Faquir from Leasure Elementary School won first place in the InvestWrite competition.
Jim O'Neill, director of the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, commends the students for their work. Students from the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club, South Dover Elementary School, Pilot School and Polytech High School shared their winning strategies at an awards reception held Tuesday, Jan. This fall, over 1,300 Delaware students working on 252 teams participated in the contest, which ran from Oct. In the Boys and Girls Club elementary division, Gary Glocker, Taylor Jones and Alissa Mercie from the Western Sussex Boys and Girls Club selected stocks that closed with a portfolio value of $122,963. Victoria Galvin, Zoe Hall, Sophia Magagnotti, Nicole Rainford and Kendra Starkey of South Dover Elementary School let the web be their guide, giving them the winning spot in the elementary division with a closing portfolio value of $121,863.
Starkey chose Hasbro, not just because the company makes toys like Littlest Pet Shop (of which she is a fan) but because she thought the timing made sense.
In the middle school division, Claire Conlin, Chloe Rogel deOliveira and Elizabeth O’Brien from Pilot School selected stocks that closed with a portfolio value of $134,790. In the high school division, the winning team included Jennifer Johnson, Kyle Lavender and Michael Deputy from Polytech High School with a closing portfolio value of $119,384. Johnson also said that despite going into the game knowing nothing about the stock market or how it worked, she left with a better understanding of investing. Students also participated in InvestWrite, a national essay competition open to students in grades 4-12. Shirin Faqir from Leasure Elementary School, coached by Timothy Werbrich, won first place in the state of Delaware. The Stock Market Game is a comprehensive investment education program offered in Delaware exclusively by UD’s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship with financial support from the Delaware Investor Protection Fund. Since 1983, the SMG has helped more than 50,000 Delaware students learn how financial markets work and how capital is raised to fund business growth. During the 10-week national program, students participate in an educational Internet simulation of Wall Street and invest a hypothetical $100,000 in a portfolio of common stocks traded on the New York, American and NASDAQ exchanges. At the end of the 10-week game the team in each of the three grade-level divisions and the Boys and Girls Club division with the highest value portfolio is declared a winner. Whether a defendant has clearly and conspicuously disclosed the lack of an affiliation with the trademark owner is also given significant weight.  Including a prominent disclosure and linking to the trademark owner’s official website is relevant when assessing the existence of a bad faith intent to profit. The ACPA authorizes a court to order the forfeiture of the subject domain name to the owner of the trademark and monetary damages, including maximum statutory damages of $100,000, per act of cybersquatting.  Attorneys’ fees may also be awarded to a plaintiff should the court determine that a defendant’s conduct is willful or intentional. If the owner of a disputed domain name is unable to be located, the trademark holder may be able to  initiate an in rem action against a domain name in the judicial district in which the domain name registrar, domain name registry or other domain name authority that registered or assigned the domain name is located. Note that a losing party in a UDRP proceeding can file suit in federal court to reverse a UDRP ruling.  In fact, courts are empowered to award attorneys’ fees and damages to a losing party in a UDRP proceeding if it is determined that the proceeding was knowingly initiated in bad faith. Information conveyed in this article is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice. You have a bunch of  You have a bunch of people with different opinions but the same exact goal. While each politician is unique and has their own personal strategy, some do indeed have an overlap while others are 100% unique in their chosen path.
The following FUN infographic put together by Adam Riemer Marketing lightens the air on all the craziness surrounding this year’s election. While no one enjoys filling out a 1040 Form, the numbers itself offer many keyword promotional possibilities.
If you’re in the financial services industry, now is the time to start marketing your services.
There are a vast amount of opportunities to be had for tax-time promotions.  For more inspiration, check out this roundup of Tax Day Freebies, Promotions, Deals and Specials from Forbes, which features a selection of the best promos offered by businesses last year. Email, even to this day, continues to be our primary means of communicating with our audience. Unfortunately, we (marketers as a whole) seem to be getting worse rather than better when it comes to email etiquette. To help drive the point home a little more, here are a few common email mistakes that should be avoided. Vague Subject Lines: We all typically scan our inbox by first looking to the sender then to the subject line. Email is certainly not dying or dropping out of toolbag anytime soon, which means we need to continue to stay on our toes. The infographic below put together by AussiEssay spells out the 8 Hallmarks Of Great Content. It’s not too late for you though to turn your tax cart around and lower your yearly tax expenses. Many business owners let the fear of the IRS keep them from taking deductions, which can lead to them paying more out to the IRS.
Expenses your business incurs before your first sale are considered startup costs (such as computers, equipment, office space, etc). This is probably the hardest and most easily made mistake small business owners make (myself included).

This of course will raise up a red flag to the IRS, causing unnecessary attention to come your way. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to simply keep business and personal expenses separate. In the current day, when you barely have time to swipe a cup of coffee from your Keurig, Podcasts have become a pivotal tool for the busy entrepreneur. Not all podcasts are audio only–this one is driven by video interviews, great for those of you who tend to zone out without a picture to focus on. Mixergy is a consistent favorite–their in-depth interviews and high production episodes always leave you satisfied and excited for more, not wishing there was something better. Those who are interested in tinkering, in garage science experiments, in trying and failing and trying again, are going to fall in love with Pat Flynn.
If you’ve played around with the idea of being a digital nomad, or are already a fully indoctrinated member of the lifestyle, then this podcast will become a staple of your weekly listening. One of the best things about this podcast is how broad its topics go–entrepreneurs from every walk of life are discussed, giving listeners vast amounts of information to mull over and be wowed by. This is one of the most in-depth and content-heavy podcasts for those who are just getting their feet off the ground.
Instead of just sitting and stewing in traffic, why not subscribe to the above podcasts and work your brain during the drive. You are either excited about this idea or just fascinated with the idea of launching and growing your very own enterprise.
In order to accomplish this seemingly daunting task, you know that some risks will have to be taken, you will most likely be leaving your current job, and you might need to do without some luxuries in your life for awhile. Just saying it outloud makes your heart sink into your gut, thinking that it this one thing is a major hurdle that you are unsure how to get past. It would be nice to just look on a chart or graph somewhere to find out exactly how much money your particular business will need to get going, unfortunately that is not the case.
The above is just the main guts of most any business that will help you get a rough view into the amount of capital that you will need. With that said, you have three main avenues that can be traveled in order to start a business with little money out of pocket.
In every single business venture that I personally have delved into has started with a grandiose idea of how we could scale the business to not only be profitable but also to grow to it’s utmost capacity. Look at your big picture, all shiny and pretty, churning out thousands of bank rolls at a time. For instance, you can often cut such expenses as employees (and all the tax fees that go with them) and higher either freelancers or do most of the work yourself.
Your third path is all about to reaching out to your core networking circle to obtain funding.
With one of the above three paths, you should be able to reduce your out of pocket expenses to almost nothing. In the world of business, anyone can become a successful business owner, CEO, or executive. Times are swiftly changing though, women are now beginning to quickly climb to the top of the ladder and competing with the best experts and business owners in the world today. The Supreme Court on Monday refused to review an appeals court’s original decision that Apple had conspired with five different book publishers to raise the prices of digital books. The first habit that those who are part of the productive elite practice, is to slice and dice everything in their life that is unimportant. It’s better to focus on what matters and realize that 80% of what you do doesn’t matter. It’s not as easy as just making the list, but prioritizing it and setting a doable timeline for each of the tasks included. When the day’s list is too long to realistically complete in 24 hours (which for some of us is a daily occurrence), that list is then rearranged to reflect the absolute essentials. Why not use the technology that is available today to automate all those meaningless tasks that eat up precious time out of your otherwise productive day?
By automating your to-do list as much as possible, you reserve your time for doing doing tasks that are most important to you and your goals.
Whatever type of marketing business you are running, Google AdWords can be the key to pushing your product, service, or promotion right in front of highly targeted traffic. Leveraging Google AdWords, one of the largest paid advertising platforms available, will ensure that you get improved exposure to your prospective buyers. But before you get too carried away with all the glitz and glamour that Google AdWords might could afford you, you first need to master the tool. For 12 simple steps on how to use Google AdWords as a pro read more in the infographic brought to you by Premium IT Solution. A federal judge ordered Apple last week to help investigators gain access to the encrypted data on an iPhone 5c that belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, who along with his wife, killed 14 people in the San Bernardino that took place on December 2, 2015.
30, 2012--Financial planning and investing can seem like daunting topics, but the latest group of student participants in the annual Stock Market Game (SMG) proved a little common sense goes a long way.
InvestWrite is produced by the SMG and evaluates students’ overall understanding of the stock market and their ability to write critically on investment strategies. Newman is a leading Internet Law Attorney at Hinch Newman LLP focusing on advertising and digital media matters.
No person should act or rely on any information in this article without seeking the advice of an attorney. Politicians want to get elected while SEOs want to get their websites to the top position of the search engines.

It also shows you what the presidential candidates might sound like if they were SEO’s pitching a client or speaking at a conference. Instead of the traditional “BOGO” offer, give them a refund when they buy two items in a certain range. Offer customers a free consultation or product trial and tout how you can help them do a better job of filing next year. Because of this, it is more important than ever to make certain your brand is reflected in every email that is sent. With the growing awareness of cyber security challenges, hyperlinks, unknown website links and shortened URLs can create an uncomfortable feeling for your readers. CPA Gail Rosen says startup costs often give new small businesses trouble when it comes to taxes. These costs cannot be deducted until you have reeled in that first sale, and then they are deducted over the course of 15 years. If your costs were over $55,000, you don’t even get that initial $5,000 deduction at all. Should you have questions, please consult your own attorney, tax accountant, or other appropriate expert having expertise in the area of your question or before making important decisions in these areas.
It contains new & advanced White Hat SEO tips (2016), and comprehensive focus points to help you to smoothly implement each strategy with these top SEO tools. The Foundation is an entire online program for entrepreneurs, and its podcasts act like their guest lecturers.
They’re also great about providing transcripts for each episode in case you want to go back and research specific moments. This is a great choice for those who want serious content but with a more fun and light approach. Interested in what’s going on around the world, and not just seeking advice on how to advance your career?
The London Real Academy invites you to create entire social networks while learning together with their lesson-like podcast interviews, offering a holistic view of entrepreneurship for those who are so inclined. Hosted by two entrepreneurs who have built their entire careers from their laptops, the show is a great portrait of the potential in this kind of entrepreneurial lifestyle. Girl Power is no longer just a slogan from the Spice Girls, it is now becoming a reality in the ever changing world that we live in.
As of last year 30 percent of businesses in the United States were owned by women, according to an infographic compiled by business financing company Balboa Capital. If you get a deja vu feeling when doing something during your day, that’s a cue to try and automate that item. His practice includes conducting legal compliance reviews of advertising campaigns, representing clients in investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Federal Trade Commission and state Attorneys General, commercial litigation, advising clients on promotional marketing programs, and negotiating and drafting legal agreements.
Be straight up  and include the full link for them to consider, and never include links to improper or compromised websites. Take the 2 minutes and spellcheck and proofread every single email that leaves your console.
If one of your customers should happen to take to social media to complain about your service or product, avoid getting into an argument. You should always be constantly evolving and learning to stay up to date with those changes. Those records include any supporting documentation that could corroborate business income or deductions claimed.
Often marketers have a slight sense of trepidation when going against Google, but most of the SEO strategies that applied before are old and outdated now, and are dying a slow half-life with rising industry competition.
Driven by Alicia Dunams, the show features huge names in business, economics, and global affairs, all eager to share their histories and advice. These podcasts will run the gamut from inspirational to humorous, from heart-wrenching to all-out awe-inspiring.
Just as different business owners make different decisions concerning what they believe is key for their business growth. Department of Justice and found Apple liable for engaging in a conspiracy that violated federal antitrust laws.
Unlike what most think, being productive is not all about one’s intellect or capability. In the end you will feel better, sleep better, and be more prepared to be your best productive self again the next day. You should clearly describe the purpose of your email, giving them ample reason to want to click the “open” button. Learning & experimenting is the only way to successfully keep ourselves up to date with Google algorithm changes and identify the right SEO strategy, so you can execute your most powerful strategy yet. A totally inspirational podcast, and one that will leave you with a sense of purpose moving forward. Some episodes will have you wanting to take notes, while others will have you sitting back and relaxing in the conversations that are taking place. Just like you should always know your numbers for your business as a whole, you should also know your analytics for your social media efforts.

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