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We all know the phrase “Less is more” but sometimes it is hard not to over- explain especially when you are trying to market a product and want the costumer to know all it’s features. When you think about simplicity it is hard not think of Apple’s clean and simple designs, websites and advertisements. While most brands tend to use flashy advertisements and try to communicate several messages in one advertisement Apple on the other hand know their most compelling value proposition and the significant benefits of their products and communicate it to their customers in the minimum amount of information in a simple non distracting way. The case is different in Japan some advertisements target adults which is something you never see in the United States. In Muslim countries Mcdonald’s Advertisements in Ramadan do not show food or drinks considering that people there are fasting from sunrise to sunset.
The company is able to engage different cultures and at the same time maintain their strong brand that makes them immediately identifiable.
To meet Middle Eastern local taste McDonald’s introduced the McArabia, which is a pita bread grilled chicken sandwich.
In Brazil they serve the Ovmaltine McFlurry where the ice cream is blended with chocolate Ovomaltine powder.
Menus are always adjusted new dishes are added and deleted according to popularity and consumer trends. The company took localization a step further when they adjusted their name in Japan calling it ‘Makudonarudo’ to make it a more appropriate and appealing sound in Japanese. McDonald’s global success is owed to their ability to distinguish their brand from their products. It is important for a company to have a website that represent who the company is and what they do. When it comes to designing an international website choosing the right design such as colors is important. Internet speed in the target market should be put into consideration when designing an international website. When you have an international website it means that you will target different customer with different languages.
Doelgroepbepaling richt zich op de specifieke wensen en overeenkomsten van potentiële klanten. Het bepalen van je doelgroep is een proces waarvoor geen duidelijke richtlijnen bestaan, maar wel erg nuttig is voor je onderneming. Serie-ondernemer Leen Zevenbergen deelt zijn visie over het nut van marketingplannen met je.
The second step in the product promotion process, market targeting refers to picking a specific group or small set of groups to which a business will advertise. Market targeting is the second of three steps in product promotion — the other two are segmentation and positioning. The guiding concept behind this stage of product promotion — and STP processes as a whole — is that a company can never sell to everyone successfully. Organizations also use these methods when they want to get an idea of how much of something they’ll sell. Estimates related to sales sometimes are necessary in order for a business to get initial financing from banks or investors. Overall, picking a limited number of target groups provides a degree of focus that streamlines most of what a company does, making operations more cost-effective.
Sneakers41-Market segmentation is really the target market selection and the positioning of its products to attract those customers. For example, if a marketer wanted to attract young mothers for their children’s play gym, the company might advertise in a magazine like Mc Calls, or Red Book that are typically read my stay at home mothers.
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Some companies feel that the advertisements must be flashy and loud to catch the viewer’s attention not knowing that this could distract the viewers from the message they are trying to communicate. The iPhone 6 for instance is available in three colors silver, gold and space grey and three storage options 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.
287 on the S&P 500 index a decade ago, the company now is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Operating in 119 countries around the world McDonald’s are able to adapt their advertisements and menus according to countries and cultures. No matter where you are in the world you will always find the iconic items on the menu but the menus are adjusted to appeal to every culture.
Even though their brand is linked to hamburgers they were able to drop all meat products from some countries. For some companies they do they their businesses solely on their website which as an eCommerce. Adding more pictures and media to your website will increase the loading time of the website.

When translating your company website to different language make sure that you hire a human translator not a software to do the job.
When you design your website make sure you use the right tone in order to  avoid disrespecting your customers. Zodat je weet waar je klanten behoefte aan hebben, kun je hier je product of dienst op aanpassen.
Met dit model deel je de markt in kleine stukjes op zodat je specifiek je doelgroep kunt bepalen. Uit marktonderzoek is bijvoorbeeld bekend dat studenten tegenwoordig veel rosé drinken, en dat binnen de groep 65+ veel rode wijn wordt verkocht. Mede dankzij de Nederlandse overheid beschikt TNO over middelen om steeds nieuwe kennis te ontwikkelen, over te dragen en toe te passen. It is based on the idea that, because it's not really possible to make or do something that will please everyone, a business has to specialize. The needs, wants, beliefs and habits of people around the world are so varied that it is virtually impossible to make a product or service that is truly universal to everybody. When a business knows exactly to whom it will sell and what compels those individuals to buy, it is better able to create advertising campaigns that communicate the brand message effectively. These predictions are especially important for purchase managers, who are responsible for buying whatever the company needs to operate, and inventory managers, who track what the organization has on hand so that it is able to meet consumer demands. By showing the selected group and how many transactions are likely to happen within that sector, the investors and banks have a better concept of how big the return on their investment might be.
The underlying concept is that the product or service has broad appeal that transcends factors such as age, gender and location. With this approach, the business identifies two or more specific consumer groups that are highly likely to become loyal customers.
Here, the business identifies just one specific group of consumers that is highly likely to generate enough revenue to produce a profit. Additionally, once a company has done business in a segment for a long time, it reaches a point where there simply aren’t many more new customers available to attract. Shows that are really popular do not have as many repeats as those that are not because they really want you to watch when the show actually airs rather than waiting for the rerun. I remember that there was a waiting list for a Hermes bag that was over two years. In addition, the Apple I Phone was sold out immediately and this caused even more of a stir for the company. Simplifying the decision making process for customers has proven to be more effective than elaborate and complex processes.
Their success in owed to their ability to demonstrate simplicity in their products, strategies and marketing. The same dish is served in different courtiers but with different names like McOriental in Spanin, France and Holland, McTurco in Turkey and Greek Mac in Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, they are thinking of opening a vegetarian restaurant in India to meet their Indian customers religious beliefs. Differences in culture, country, and language makes the expectation of consumers different. For example the color green implies serenity or eco-friendly in the United States but in some cultures it represent greed or naivete. Het bepalen van je doelgroep noemen we ook wel marktsegmentatie, omdat je de markt opdeelt in duidelijk herkenbare en aanspreekbare groepen.
Voor je doelgroepbepaling betekent het resultaat in dit geval dat je voor de succesvolle marketing van je rosé je beter kunt richten op studenten dan op 65+-ers. Het helpt om inzichtelijk te hebben op wie je je richt, zodat je je aanbod specifiek kunt afstemmen op de behoefte van je doelgroep. Companies select an advertising group to strengthen their brands, as well as to get an idea of potential sales for production or financing purposes. Whereas segmentation breaks up an entire market into different groups, targeting is the process of selecting exactly which one of the groups will be the focus of advertising efforts. Focusing efforts on just one or a handful of groups, therefore, is necessary to connect with customers and complete sales. They also matter to production supervisors, who have to schedule operations based on what purchase and inventory executives do. It also shows that the company has thought out its platform and advertising schemes thoroughly, and financiers take this as a good sign that the organization is serious enough to succeed.
Instead of trying to tailor strategies to generate sales within one or two groups of consumers, the company uses a campaign aimed at gathering customers from all walks of life. It might involve finding a niche of consumers that is overlooked, or developing goods and services that appeal to a larger segment of consumers by offering something that the competition does not. To keep revenue and profits up in these contexts, companies often modify the advertising campaigns they have for their current target groups over time, or if needed, they switch their target focus entirely.

Segmenting and figuring out which group might produce the highest number of sales requires an enormous amount of research, which businesses have to spend money to complete.
If the phones were readily available it would lose its elusive charm and people would not get so excited about it because they can get the phone anywhere. For example, if you were looking to buy a Chanel lipstick, you will only find them in the Chanel counters in department stores. You can send these slides to your personal contacts who might be interested in Business Diagrams. According to a research conducted by CEB, brands that simplify the decision making process for their customers are 86% more likely to be purchased and 115% more likely to be recommended. The limited product offering has a great benefit not only to the customer but also to the company itself.
The advertisement shows two men representing Mac and PC talking to each other in front of white background the ad did not mention any of the product features or price it simply proved one point in 30 seconds that Mac is better than PC.
Another important factor is listening to the local customers and observing their behavior and habits, this enabled them to come up with the new product offerings.
When someone enters a Toyota website in China he or she will see a different website than the US Toyota website. For example in Mexico the average download speed is 11.22 Mbps where in Japan it is 95 Mbps. Another thing you should keep in mind is to keep text separate from graphics so that it will be easier to replace the text with a different language. This is important because it will help you design the website in order to make it more compelling to the target user. In eerste instantie wil je graag dat zoveel mogelijk mensen je product of dienst afnemen, maar durf op een gegeven moment de kiezen voor een bepaalde doelgroep. Lees in dit whitepaper alles over marketingstrategieen, lanceringsplannen, support en continue innovatie. Once the company knows the customers it will concentrate on, it positions its products or services specifically for that group. This approach keeps the number of potential buyers high, but the difficulty is figuring out how to make advertising appeal to many different kinds of people.
Selective methods often involve creating specific programs that speak to the needs of the targeted groups, although the goods and services provided are essentially the same for all programs.
This strategy has become less popular because companies have learned that having a presence with multiple groups usually generates more sales. People, therefore, can see market targeting as a flexible process that requires periodic reevaluation. Standardization cuts down the manufacturing costs and decreases the volume of products available in store.
Finally, McDonalds knew what products had an international appeal and had them consistent in all their global locations like fries and shakes.
For example a red-bull website should be more focused on sports activities and extreme sport since most of red-bull customers are young and wants to be energetic. It is better to have a neutral tone when designing your website because it will make it easier for you when you want to target different cultures. Die keuze leidt ertoe dat klanten zich meer aangesproken zullen voelen en daardoor eerder tot de aanschaf overgaan. Zijn klanten deelt hij op in drie groepen namelijk studenten, gehuwd met kinderen en 65+. It is common for an organization to reevaluate its target groups and related campaigns over time because markets are always somewhat flexible.
People sometimes use this term to refer to the entire set of STP processes, however, which creates some confusion. Using a concentrated technique is risky because failure to sell to the single selected group can force the company to completely redefine itself or even shut down.
In addition, the iPhone is designed to be simple and user-friendly to appeal to all age groups unlike other mobile phones we see iPhones used by kids and seniors. These shows are repeated so often that you really do not have to tune in when the episode first debuts.

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