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In the previous blog post, we covered the key strategic principles for effective logo design: memorable, distinct and representative. The simpler the structure, the more identifiable, unforgettable and versatile your logo becomes. Designer Rob Janoff rapidly replaced the original design with the simpler colored apple icon in 1976. For many of your stakeholders: prospects, customers, employees and investors, your logo is your organization. LOGO FONTS SELECTION: Since your logo establishes expectations about your organization and your offering, it must be congruent to your brand. Craft your logo design according to your strategic marketing message, not your personal preferences.
Changing a logo can have significant ramifications: potentially eroding your brand equity, and devaluing the time, expenditure and energy you’ve already invested in cultivating recognition. Secondly, ensure the colors you select for your logo design are practical and reproducible in different media. Just as with shape and style, simplicity in color makes your logo unforgettable and easily recognizable to your client and prospect. LOGO FILES: Get your logo designer to send you the logos in different formats, sizes, in color and in black and white. Effective designs possess three important strategic traits: they are memorable, distinct and representative.
A memorable logo allows your clients to pick you out from a field of competitors, even when they can’t quite recall your name or the name of your product.
Nike was certain that their logo was so memorable that they aired a series of television commercials that didn’t cite the company’s name.
The logos are so distinctive you don’t need to be able to read or understand the inscription on the can. As with all your marketing endeavors, your logo should strengthen your message, brand and positioning in the minds of your target audience. Despite its relative youth, Twitter, the social media icon simplified its brand in 2012, a mere six years after its launch.
Careless communication and thoughtless targeting is damaging, but a logo with a double-entendre can be ruinous.
However, a powerful logo helps your prospects remember, find and differentiate you from your competitors. Tomorrow, we’ll complement these conceptual principles with tangible technical guiding principles for creating your logo!
Filed Under: Branding, Logo, Marketing, Marketing Ingredients, Marketing Strategy, Prerequisite Tagged With: advertising logos, Andrew Szabo, Logo, logos, Marketing, Marketing logos, product logos, The Marketing ChefWhen Do I Stop Marketing? March 5, 2013 by The Marketing Chef Leave a Comment Is your marketing habitual mastication or deliberate observation?
Similarly, over-active, hyper-caffeinated marketing mystics are quick to proffer their latest philosophical pronouncement on what’s in, what’s out, what’s dead and what’s not. February 11, 2013 by The Marketing Chef 1 Comment How Does Marketing & Sales Fit Together?
Yesterday we discussed how marketing is not any one ingredient and that every touch point is a marketing opportunity. Imagine walking into a kitchen, you survey the spice rack with its plethora of dissimilar seasonings, spices and herbs. Brand loyalty programs can provide a lot of benefits to marketers but the more the program is customized for each customers needs the better chance of success.
There was a time when brands would reward their most loyal customers with gifts beyond their expectations. The key to a successful brand loyalty program is to make it easy for consumers to understand while also using the program as a way to open up the lines of communication between you and your best customers. Today it’s harder than ever to manage people but you can become a better manager simply by treating your employees as valuable people instead of numbers in a spreadsheet.
Marketing Quotes“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F. Price becomes much less of a deciding factor when choosing between your brand and competitors. 1. Trust your customers and trust those people who come in contact with your customers everyday by empowering them to make customers happy.

2. Listen to what consumers are saying about you, your brand, your company and competitors. 3. Put your customers at the center of everything you do and ensure that you communicate this promise to them in action and words. 5. Earn the right to have a relationship with your customers and understand that earning this right has to be done by every employee everyday. 6.When things go wrong apologize and do whatever it takes to earn back your customers respect and business. Now let’s get down to the practicalities of effective logo design: technically and aesthetically.
They learn, process and remember ideas and information through images, icons and illustration. Hence, effective logo design cannot depend on left-brain activity, such as reading or calculating. The logo design has a bite taken out of the right side suggesting the Tree of Knowledge from the Bible.
Since 1998, the rainbow-striped apple metamorphosed three more times into the simplified monochrome logo we recognize today.
As with all of your other marketing ingredients … does your logo design communicate the key marketing strategic message? The aesthetic style of your logo design must be effective for who you are now and what you will become.
A great deal of objective research is available on color nuance and associations.  Select colors that communicate your strategic message to your key stakeholders.
Some colors and shades succeed in full color, but distort in the four-color printing process. Although a landscape with amber waves of grain, majestic purple mountains, and a bald eagle against a blue sky might feel idyllic, it’s not nearly as memorable as the blue Tiffany box or the Golden Arches or the bold purple and orange FedEx lettering. You have an effective logo that’s aesthetically agreeable, strategically sound and evocative, emotional and enduring. You’ve invested the necessary effort and thought and effort into creating and designing your effective logo you want the world to see what you see.
The closing frame was merely the internationally known “swoosh” and a hashtag: #FindGreatness. They dropped the “Twitter” bubbly text as a logo, and now only use the bluebird mascot, gave it a haircut and tilted its head and beak upward.
The London 2012 Olympic committee paid $800,000 for their design, stating that the logo is a cutting-edge appeal to the young people of the world. Logos that suffer from optical illusions can make your brand unappealing, the butt of jokes, or potentially be offensive. My friend Monse, appears to toss together ingredients and abracadabra, a cake, cookies or pie appear.
Since there are over 175 ingredients to choose from, the strategic selection of appropriate marketing weapons to maximize this marketing opportunity is critical. The pantry is teeming with an array of ingredients of differing tastes, textures and aromas. Once you know who your best customers are, you can track their purchases and offer products that that they are more likely to purchase based on past behaviors.
The key is to really get to know your customers so that you know what it is that they value. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Apple doesn’t have the number one market share in PC’s but they are extremely profitable and are worth more than Dell.
An effective logo therefore must be visually recognizable in the noisy bazaar that’s today’s marketplace.
Select one, or a singular related cluster, of the key attributes of your message as determined by your brand strategy. Later on you try and reproduce your logo design in miniature on a business card or a baseball cap … and it’s a disaster.
Logo designs often use a combination of shapes, images, fonts and colors to create a symbol that becomes a memorable focal point of your offering and a psychological anchor for your brand.
The ads worked since Nike had made its symbol so memorable that the viewer, upon seeing the swoosh, subconsciously added the word: Nike.

For the first 60 years, Pepsi’s logo was primarily a red script and it wasn’t until 1962 they changed it to the block letters that distinguished it from Coca-Cola. Their well-chosen logo is literally an icon that represents the short, sharp “tweet.” The design reinforces the image of its service and communicates an expectation to the social media user: communicate upwards, clean, sharp … perhaps even piercing? In addition, it remains representative with its suggestion to the diversity of programming the NBC networks offer viewers. Excellent logos not only deliver competitive advantage but also can contribute directly to your bottom line. In evaluating clients’ marketing strategy, I frequently see that in the haste to “put something out there,” organizations undermine their marketing effectiveness by not being more discriminating and shrewd in their selection of marketing instruments. One reason might be the fact that, according to the survey results, 81% of brand loyalty program members don’t understand the benefits they’re supposed to get from the program or how the program works at all. When acusotmer joins, give them the choice to connect in the way they want to: email, text, mail, social networks, etc.
Once you know what they’re about, it will be easier for you to offer incentives that they will appreciate. Your logo design needs to function in the header of your Word® document printed in black and white, as well as in color on your PowerPoint® presentation projected onto a massive screen.
The original logo depicted Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree — How good would that look on your iPhone? This protects your logo from getting lost, entangled or infringed by other graphical elements.
Your logo needs to resonate with your current stakeholders and for the generations to come. Think about other uses, such as on clothing (silkscreen & embroidery), video, sponsorship banners and promotional items. Engaging the audience to recollect the company’s name in response to the image made the ads more compelling and persuasive. Pepsi evolved its logo to be more distinctive, and loyal consumers were able to find their beverage much more easily.
Rather than innovative, the design struck people as retrospective of the 1980’s: fluorescent neon clothing, boom boxes and bad perms. Based on the member preference, you have endless opportunities to test effectiveness of promotional communication tools. Secondly, vector files allow you to infinitely scale your logo – you never know when you might need a banner or billboard. The cookies in the blue packaging and big white lettering, little red triangle in the top left corner. However, the strategy only works because of the strength of the association between Nike and the “swoosh” symbol. And more recently, they have evolved to the red, white and blue ball as their primary mark. Compare this to Tinder logo, which resonates with the demographic group the Olympic committee was seeking to engage.
Some are sharp and tangy, some soft, sweet and seductive, some have more meat than others, and yes some are junk! Acknowledge different customers by basing your loyalty program on services that you provide each time they visit.
For example, a few years ago embossed logo business cards with gold stamping was both popular and considered classy. Give your customers something to work towards by offering a tiered program where the best customers receive more points per purchase in appreciation for their long-time support of your business. But gold is not a color but a metal that is defined by its glittering properties and is ostensibly irreproducible on a screen or in print and hence has virtually disappeared from use.
A see the yellow tin with a blue block with reversed out white lettering and underneath the words in red “Seasoning.” Success! As always, targeting your audience appropriately is paramount to developing your logo, brand, message and your entire marketing recipe. At their worst, logos can be discordant, difficult to comprehend and disconnected to your message.

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