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We are your solution to the week-to-week and month-to-month obligations that you have to your staff, vendors, bank, and government.
Part I of Safeguarding Your Business discussed how to set up controls to eliminate theft.  As we move into Part II of this blog series, we will identify what to do if you suspect theft is occurring in your business.
This two part blog series discusses how to take steps to safeguard your business against theft and what to do if you suspect theft is occurring.
Perhaps when you set your business up, a friend or relative helped establish a chart of accounts and since then no one has reviewed the system.  Almost all small businesses need to take the initial step in setting up their chart of accounts, but over time things change. Cash is King…or can also be the downfall of your company if improperly managed.  Small business owners are tasked with wearing many hats in the day to day operation of their business and often can’t find the time to reconcile these accounts. Did you know that Intuit has an app center hosting nearly 25 apps that work with Quickbooks Online?  Here are a few of them to check out because they integrate with the popular business accounting software to offer more features and functions and many apps offer a 30 day trial. Some small business owners think there’s only one word (or at least the only one that can be mentioned here) when it comes to filing federal taxes:  Confusion!
The Paxton Bookkeeping Tax Tips Newsletter provides subscribers with valuable free information, tips, and resources for maximizing your business.

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We are efficient, accurate and quick to get your books into shape, and keep you on top of all your financial obligations.
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