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Siamo appassionati di marketing e aiutiamo le aziende a realizzare progetti di comunicazione digitale, per aumentare visibilita e vendite con consulenza, formazione e affiancamento.
Supportiamo i clienti nell’innovazione dei processi aziendali, contribuendo alla crescita del loro business. Offriamo soluzioni globali nel campo della Comunicazione e dell'Information Technology, forte del proprio know-how nei settori di Web design, Advertising, Software development e IT&Networking.
Soluzioni efficaci per il tuo successoNon e il software che ti impone come lavorare: sei tu che decidi cosa va fatto e quale sia il modo migliore! Sviluppi [amo] il vostro businessOffriamo soluzioni globali nel campo della Comunicazione e dell'Information Technology, forte del proprio know-how nei settori di Web design, Advertising, Software development e IT&Networking. Next Generati [on] servicesGrazie alla conoscenza dei principali linguaggi di programmazione orientati al Web e dei maggiori CMS siamo in grado di creare e personalizzare qualsiasi progetto basato sul Web. Ecco cosa facciamo per assisterti nel creare, mettere a punto o migliorare i processi di comunicazione interna o esterna della tua azienda.
Le soluzioni che ne conseguono hanno a che fare con pressoche tutti gli aspetti della nostra vita. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. The following December I received the gift I’d requested, a shoebox full of old ornaments, nestled in new tissue paper.
From that day forward, I bought ornaments, one at a time or in pairs, from tacky flea markets and fancy department stores, on long vacations and short business trips. In early January, I wrapped her ornament in tissue paper and tucked it away with the others. Before the next Christmas arrived, I was warned that my life was in danger and that I should pack emergency belongings in case I had to travel on little or short notice. But I smuggled, stowed, shipped and carried across country borders and state lines the things we could never replace: photographs, homemade gifts from my daughters and our Christmas ornaments.
My single shoebox has grown to 11 large plastic containers of ornaments, each with a story of its own. Every December, I’ve unwrapped the ornaments and watched my daughters hang them on our tree. More important than buying presents, rolling out butter tart dough and hanging the dog-angel on the tree?
Penning the 12 Days of KOTAW has been the absolute best way for me to spend my time this December.
These posts celebrate my distant past as well as the first six months of KOTAW Content Marketing, a company I dreamed of launching more than a decade ago. But, just as I asked for and started collecting glass ornaments as a young adult, I solicited the people and support I needed to build my company. In a few days, as the new year draws closer, you’ll hear a lot of advice about pushing forward and fast-tracking success.
The bigger question is how I’m going to survive without your daily comments on my blogs!! In the meantime, sending you lots of love and the best ever wishes for a happy holiday filled with love, warm hugs and much cheer and laughter. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for sharing such wonderful stories and marvelous tips! Your warm words always make me smile, and I would be delighted to share stories with you over a cup of coffee (though I suspect it will be many cups). The dramatic part of my life has actually been published as a book and is slated to air as a Lifetime movie next fall. I’ll keep you posted on the movie and will send you details about the book when I can. It’s unfortunate that so many people think that business success comes as easily as ordering a pair of shoes on Amazon.
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. While this covers the obvious such as Subject lines and blocked images, I like the way it covers some of the less well known details that we cover in our Email guides and course such as pre-headers, Johnson boxes and an ideal email template width of 500 to 650 pixels. If you found this useful, you may also want to check out our hub page on email creative and copywriting for more advice. The message you send out in your marketing email messages should be specific to the group you are trying to reach.
As time passes, smartphones will become the medium that your subscribers use to read your emails.

It is important to individualize the emails you send out and work to make each message feel personalize. As you now know, it is critical to apply grouping methods to your plan for e-mail marketing.
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Ita€™s an impressive visual and ita€™s useful for a top-level gap analysis of range of digital tools available against those we do and should use, but we wonder whether our interest in tools can distract from getting the marketing fundamentals which we feature in our Strategy and Planning section. Customer segmentation strategy - we asked Jo Taylor to outline 10 tests that your customer segmentation strategy is effective. The Future of Brand Marketing - Dan Bosomworth summarised major changes in the way we should plan brand marketing prompted by Paul Adams, author of Grouped. Global Internet Trends - a new report from Mary Meeker, arguably the most respected and followed one of analysts of Internet and particularly mobile trends. We also covered examples of digital marketing in different industries and types of company this month including Ecommerce merchandising, Digital marketing for charities, Legal Services Digital Marketing, Marketing a startup, Travel marketing, Promoting a local business through Instagram and Local SEO . Will the impact of Instagrama€™s new video on Instagram be greater than the impact on Vine? Using Facebook Domain Sponsored Stories - According to Marie Page, these are currently under utilised by brands. Googlea€™s latest recommendations on SEO for mobile sites - Google warned that rankings may be impacted by errors in mobile site setup. Analysing customer journeys to improve the online customer experience - one of our most popular posts this month reviewing techniques to review the online customer journey.
Tools for building mobile responsive websites - a more technical article on RWD looking at a range of tools. Il team e formato da persone esperte, affiatate e costantemente aggiornate su tutte le novita del mondo dell’information technology e del design.
E i nostri consulenti sono sempre al tuo fianco per aiutarti a creare il software piu adatto alle tue esigenze.
The tree was large, and it looked pretty bare with a dozen ornaments, and more than a few people asked if I’d hired Charlie Brown to decorate it. And, when her younger sister was old enough, they both picked an ornament from their grandparents’ tree. More than a dozen times before settling into our current home, where we’ve lived for five years, the most permanent residence my daughters have ever known.
Each January, I’ve rewrapped them in tissue paper and tucked them away until the next holiday season.
Friends and partners may disagree when I tell them their gift this year is a dozen URLs, but I’m trusting them to understand.
You’ll be told you can discard bad habits as easily as you can haul a dead evergreen to the curb.
If you could see our tree, you would see that it is filled with homemade ornaments made by Danielle when she was a little girl. You don’t want bored customers or ones who are overwhelmed by too much content from your newsletter. These mobile devices have lower screen resolution than traditional computer screens and provide much smaller screen size. If you do not do this, people will view you as a spammer and will simply delete all your emails or possibly unsubscribe from your site.
Your customers are more likely to respond if they feel like the company perceives them as an individual, rather than a number. By accommodating the different needs of your customers, this can help you deliver a message that will get them to act. It summarises the range of digital marketing channels and tools available to reach and interact with our audiences online. She explains how to use what she sees as a very low-cost way of increasing visibility and engagement with an ad type that seems to have really high CTR.
You will probably know about the first one already if it has impacted you since there are reports in significant falls in search rankings for some sites.
In his a€?must-reada€? review of recent algorithm changes Daniel Rowles explains that these algorithms are designed to highlight only the best results from a search term and Penguin 2.0 has been created to weed out paid for content that masquerades as a€?reala€™ content such as advertorials, sponsored content etc so that the user finds only authentically produced content that meets their requirements.
We featured this new roadmap from Gartner and two other tools for reviewing the range of digital tools.
They mention that they have a 9 year old child and haven't decided which secondary school to send them to (if you work in a primary school, they’ve got a 2-year-old!).

I borrowed toothpaste from the stash when I was too busy to go the drugstore and plucked rolled-up socks out of their hiding place when I was too tired to do the laundry. Most are pristine, but some have puppy teeth marks, a few are chipped and one has yellowed with age. I didn’t have the team, the confidence or the business stability to create the agency I knew it could be. Someone will tell you that it’s just as easy to get page one Google rankings as it was to stuff your holiday turkey.
Reach out to the highest branches to get what you want, but be willing to wait for what’s really important.
The sight of your sparkling decorated Christmas tree adorned with so many memories must fill your hearts with joy every holiday season!
You need to be constantly pursuing your dream but be patient enough to wait for what you really need and what’s most important to your success. By breaking down your messages to individual needs, your communication will have more of an effect. This type of random emailing can just cause a person to question whether they know you or your company, and they probably will end up caring less about your company if they run across it in the future. Like any other kind of marketing, treating your customers as individuals can make them more likely to respond positively to your message. If you start sending more than one email a week, customers might stop paying attention to them or unsubscribe altogether, which wastes the great content you spent your time and effort assembling. Once your list has grown a little bit, try to entice your current readers to refer new readers. Create an emotional bond with your customers by making your message well written and by including personal touches. In addition to this, having the emails come from your company’s President or CEO will create a strong impression on customers. If your email has too much information, clients will feel annoyed, bored or even overwhelmed. Facebook also updated Page Insights and announced the use of hashtags, both of which are not fully rolled out yet. You have 30 seconds until they reach their floor to start the process of making them choose your school.
So-called experts will promise you social media success if you tweet automated messages two times a week. In the end, all that you’ve worked for and the time it took to grow, will be worth it!
The advice in this article will help you to create customized emails to suit various customers. Their lack of care towards you and your business will most likely cause them to just mark it as spam, which just made your effort pointless.
Your readers will like your brief and to the point newsletter, which isn’t burdened by tons of unwanted information. Passive feedback is comprised of the tools and monitoring techniques you use to see which links receive the most clicks and to determine the open rates of your emails.
My great aunt loved making these treasures and my grandmother delighted in receiving a new one each year for her collection. Would it be consistent with your advertising material and website?If you're not sure about any of these answers, you need to consider prioritising creating and clearly communicating your key messages. An ideal team should involve senior managers, teachers, governors, parents and students.Starting at the bottom of the pyramid you need to identify 10 to 20 bullet points that cover the things that your school is good at.
For example, the school may have had poor exam results but it might also be a very friendly, responsive community school with strong aspirations and new approaches to learning – attractive to many parents!Then look at which of these make you unique. He may be a little worn with age, but each year he hangs proudly from the top reminding of the gifts of family, love & memories.
Read these back to the group and see if most people agree on them – and that no other school could claim to do the same.
Having gone through this process with a number of organisations myself, the more people you can involve the better the result seems to be - and this is reflected in the greater support from people in the organisation to the success of the marketing activity.For more details on the process and examples of key messages, read 'Marketing Your School' - the book of the website!

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