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The guy turned Apple from a company that was about to go bankrupt and lose everything to a company that had massive profits and amassed a fortune bigger then the American government. For example in the iPhone commercials, Apple show you what you can do through its wide variety of apps.
This is the commercial of the new Apple iPad Air which is a thinner and faster version of the Apple iPad. The commercial shows different people from different parts of the world using the iPad Air for different things like choreographing a Bollywood dance scene, students using them for school and many other great and awesome things. Steve Jobs explains about how their products, distribution and manufacturing strategy is completely different. Jobs was a great man indeed who did provide value and changed the world and the way we do things. I’m not saying that you should always be innovative, because sometimes it can be kinda hard.

Build a Business You’ll LoveThe Marketing Guy is a blog aimed at helping you build the business that you will love. If you want to take advantage of social media tools, and see some measurable returns on your investment of money and time, then you just need to plan. Jobs was a college dropout and at one point had to sleep in a friends dorm room and getting free meals from the Hare Krishna temple. Notice how in this commercial they don’t talk about the fact that it is thinner or lighter.
In this video he shows budding entrepreneurs and startup companies how to market your business and create value for the customer. He and his team created revolutionary and innovative devices and this is exactly what you should aim to do. They tell you about what you can do with the iPad air and how it can be of value to the actual customer.

Steve Jobs and Apple have shown this in their products, they actually do speak for themselves. He was a very articulate and charismatic speaker and was a visionary in the field of technology. All their products have a sleek, slim and premium design and keep with the theme of other products in their product line.

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