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This great series includes industry leaders and this particularly thoughtful and inspiring piece was by Jeff Wiener, the CEO of LinkedIn. As I looked at the advice, it was very clear to me that this is the very advice we give small business owners as they approach their marketing efforts and competing in a world of so many sites and services and national brands spending big money.
Everything is being converted to bits, and while that sounds technical, really all you need to do is translate the way you would talk to customers in person to the online world. Do you want to push paper around or do you want to build products that change people’s lives?
Conversely, nothing affects me more negatively than hearing feedback on why a local business has not been able to use our platform successfully, and all the ways we have to continue to educate and teach local businesses that technology does not have to be a barrier to success, but an enabler of it. When you are a business owner, you pour your sweat, blood, heart and tears into your business, like we do at LocalVox. News & Updates, SMB About Trevor SumnerTrevor Sumner is CTO and Co-Founder of LocalVox, a simple, effective and affordable online marketing platform that helps local businesses market themselves on social media, search engines, websites, email, directories and mobile -- all at the touch of a button. Like many other industries, the meetings and events industry, continues to evolve with four generations working together, new technologies and different jobs. Tell me about a situation in which you had to adjust to changes over which you had no control.
The expectations are high for meeting and event professionals when it comes to back up plans and ones ability to change.
This is the first time in American history that four different generations are working side-by-side in the workplace–Veterans, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers.
Looking at communication, interns typically turn to email and social media first and seasoned professionals prefer phone or face-to-face communication. Key to effectively leading the four different generations in the workplace is first learning about the needs of each group, being open to more one-on-one leadership, and customization. The rate of technological advancements continues at lightening speed and offers meeting and event planners opportunities to become more efficient and exceed clients’ expectations. New technology has also resulted in the creation of different jobs such as social media and content marketing — new jobs that may be accomplished by staffing with a permanent position or outsourcing. Identify those who refuse to embrace change and if all else fails agree to disagree and part ways. Be a great listener, noting reactions, emotional trigger points and opportunities for further discussion. When people are looking for a local business, more and more often they’re turning to their smartphones or tablets for help.
If you don’t already have a small business mobile marketing strategy, or it’s been on the back burner and you haven’t done much with it, it’s time to shift your priorities. Smartphone and tablet screens are smaller and your website has to be able to function on reduced screen real estate. Keep the overall design simple and clean, and avoid Flash animations—they don’t play well with mobile platforms. If possible, avoid drop-down menus—they’re difficult to near impossible to work on a small screen. Place information that’s important for mobile users, like your address and a click-to-call phone number, near the top of the page. The key to benefiting from mobile search is to make sure that when people are looking for your products or services in your area, they’ll find your business. Make sure you’re easy to find on social media by listing your address and phone number on your Facebook page, and claim your business location on Google Places, which can be linked to a Google+ account. Allocate a budget for mobile search marketing, which is separate from Web search marketing.
In much the same way you build an email marketing list, you should also be working on a text or SMS (Short Message Service) marketing list. You can promote your text club on your website and social media pages, and in your retail location if you have one. What type of companies do you think the “text clubs” mobile promotions works best for? Seems like something that a lot overlook but at the same time, I don’t think it works for everyone.
SMS is such an intimate and immediate form of communication that it only makes sense to use when the end user, your customer, gets real value out of it. If your business relies on local business, this type of marketing should be integrated into your business today. Mobile marketing is cheaper and if correct messages are sent, it can bring instant customers and boost up your sales. We think text clubs and SMS marketing in general is a really useful and friendly way for local businesses to build up their customer base at the point of sale or local events.
All of these things were built to help people be successful, and we’ve really tried to minimize the promotion of Signal within them. Small business management tools, models, tips, ideas and proven strategies to help you better manage and grow your business. Small business financial management and financing programs and alternatives for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business sales tools, tips and ideas to help you better convert your leads and prospects into your loyal lifetime customers. HR management systems, templates, tools and tips for companies and leaders who understand the importance of managing people and building high performance teams and organizations.
Ideas, tips and examples of successful small business strategies and tactics that you can apply to your own company and develop a growth-oriented business model that consistently delivers value and profit. Managing your business operations, systems, projects, processes, manufacturing, production, quality and product and service development is the foundation of your business model and makes you a successful and unique organization. Jyler publishes the latest ideas, trends and strategies to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and business professionals improve their businesses and build a high performance companies.
In today’s competitive world, the biggest competitive advantage any small business can have is that people know about you – who you are and what you do. As a small business, you may think it is impossible or expensive get the word out about what you do. Michelle Cross is General Manager for Local Direct Network, the small business marketing arm of Salmat.
Online Marketing Coach is based in Cleveland, Ohio with clients in Akron, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Canton and cities in other states like California, New York, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Utah and more.
We’re all about small businesses and how they can leverage online marketing to help them grow.

Depending on your small business needs, we have specialists who can address everything from copywriting to e-mail marketing strategies.
You may have a great handle on your customers and know exactly why they’re buying from you.
Sometimes it makes sense to place print ads in suitable publications to increase the odds that you will connect with the right audience. Instead of hiring more sales reps, you should consider outsourcing sales to members of our team who have 30+ years of sales experience. With the technological developments and significant changes in the marketing business model, the world has changed. Let’s explore why the old ways made sense in the old days and why they don’t make sense any more. Because there was no easy way to determine what works and what didn’t, advertisers got paid for their services whether it was effective or not. In the old days you could have set up 15 unique phone numbers and provided a different phone number to each advertising medium to measure if the advertisement worked or not. Old fashioned advertisers are neither motivated nor are able to help you focus your marketing message to specific customer segments with specific needs and wants.
The ability to test and measure everything in the digital space now provides the data to make good marketing decisions.
In the old days you could still run split tests, but it was time consuming and a lot more work. Now that you can so easily and inexpensively test and measure every aspect of your marketing efforts digitally, you can use the same tested and proven messages with your traditional advertising mediums.  With the latest developments in printing, you can create customer segmented print ads now also. The retail giant Target can use data to measure the buying habits of their existing customers and create and mail a printed flyer that is custom created for a specific mailing address! The remarketing of a tire ad is good example to demonstrate how much the world has changed.
Successful marketing is now about testing, measuring and gathering insights from your data.  You don’t need some mysterious and expensive creative genius at the advertising agency to try and get lucky with your money.
If you aren’t testing and measuring the return on investment for advertising and marketing, you are wasting it. Save Time and Money: Learn the methods to validate if your solution fits a real customer problem BEFORE you build anything. Therefore, businesses that are able to handle change effectively, in good times and bad, flourish. This requires stronger than ever leadership skills, starting with the ability to recruit people who are comfortable in a world of change. For example, implementing a contingency plan for unexpected weather to ensure outdoor event attendees remain safe and still have fun. Each generation is motivated differently and comes with varying learning, communication and recognition preferences. While businesses may establish standard operating procedures, most important is learning the client’s communication preference.
From project management software to LED lighting to projection mapping to gamification, the opportunities seem endless. Participation in industry conferences, tradeshows and webinars, as well as holding lunch and learns with suppliers are some ways to stay up to speed. It could be your competition, your client’s preferences, your supplier’s fees, or your partner’s decision to retire. Mobile searching is a whole new playing field, with the majority of searches related to shopping or finding a nearby business—a gas station, a restaurant, a hotel or retail store. According to StatCounter, the search engine giant is responsible for 96 percent of mobile searches worldwide, and 57 percent of mobile ad revenue. If consumers can’t read or navigate your site on a mobile device, they’ll head for the nearest competitor with a mobile-friendly website. If your site is built with WordPress, you should check to make sure this option is enabled on your dashboard. These lists, often called “text clubs” to emphasize exclusivity, can be used to send customers special offers, discounts and promotions. You can also use interactive smartphone technology like QR codes or NFC tags that let shoppers sign up for your SMS mailing list with a wave of their phones.
Chamber specializes in helping SMB's grow their business on the Web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide. When do you think we have reached the stage when we got so much SMS that it feels like the cold-calling phone sales people ringing you up on a daily basis? We build SMS apps for social entrepreneurship purposes that do very well in building subscriber lists, while at the same time generating a lot of engagement. With other methods of marketing it can take time to get a response but with the mobile it’s very fast. One challenge that companies routinely have is getting their customers to make the decision to visit their website when they add it to a print-ad or product packaging. Customers do not have to clip the coupons, print them or remember to bring them to the location. And the true marketing benefit of being able to use SMS is that text message based conversation that happens in real time.
Ideas and advice on how to create a better marketing system, a winning marketing plan, attract the right customers and keep your customers for life! Sales methods, tactics and strategies for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals. Our website is updated every day so bookmark this page for your reference and use it as you manage and grow your business!
And they’re successful because they’ve taken time to match their interests with their skills.
This is when marketing and advertising budgets were spent on yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV… and if you were really serious – direct mail.
Unfortunately, this business model still exists and some businesses still pay under this model.
This was not only cost prohibitive; this method would help show when the ads were ineffective. You can now purchase software that provides unique local phone numbers to place in each advertisement for a very modest sum (approximately $100 – $150 per month). You would need to create two different print marketing pieces, snail mail them to potential customers and measure which one generated more leads.

You can design your marketing material digitally almost instantly and split test it just as quick.
They can predict what you may want to purchase and have the offer in you mailbox before you even know you needed it!
If a potential customer lands on your website but doesn’t complete a purchase, an ad for that product is targeted to that user. In the old days you would have to spend thousands of dollars and guess what headline would work for your ad. Who are the best people to run the experiments, gather the data and find the insights about what works and what doesn’t?
If you aren’t leveraging the existing technology in your marketing activities you are wasting money. In addition, meeting and event professionals are often called upon to help clients successfully manage changes such as mergers and acquisitions. Keeping up with the advancements is a challenge in itself but one that must not be ignored to remain competitive. However, mobile users are increasingly turning to services like Yelp for reviews during business searches, and the majority already searches for product information from their phone in-store – 84 percent of them, according to a Google study.
SMS marketing is highly effective—according to Nielsen, 97 percent of all text messages, including marketing, are opened and read, compared to an average email marketing open rate of 10 to 20 percent depending on industry. Megan specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources and provides advice through her column on the Chamber blog. So I think small business need to deeply consider about mobile marketing and if possible they must all come up with a mobile version of their website. Google also has introduced mobile seo in organic search also added enhanced campaign in Google ad-word for sponsors search. You don’t need fads, gimmicks, a massive budget or the most creative agency to build awareness. Rolling out campaign after campaign without knowing your audience is like buying a gift for a complete stranger – how do you know they’ll like it? In today’s age, consumers need to be exposed to your message at least three times before they will buy from you. If this happens, you can put the brakes on the activity and re-allocate the budget, or refine and improve. Sure you could emphasize your differentiators, but you had to send your message to everyone in order to get to the customers you wanted to reach. With web based advertising methods like Facebook advertising or Google Adwords, the revenue model is a “pay per click” model. Advertisers might have trouble getting paid for campaigns that didn’t work and smart business owners would end the bad campaigns.
Wouldn’t it be nice to restructure all your marketing spending so you only pay the advertisers when they generate a valid lead? Heck, you can even “funnel hack” your competitors website to find out what’s working for them. Who knows about your most desirable customer segments, and more important, which customer segments you should say no to?
If you and your team aren’t having regular conversations with your outside marketing resources about which customer segments to focus on, you are very likely spraying a lot of water (money) in every direction.
Your job is to identify whether they might be relevant to you and then have the tools to use them well. For example, boomers are motivated by leaders who value their opinion and learned experience, whereas Gen Xers are motivated by the opportunity to do things their own way. Do you have people in place who will thrive in a world of change, or will they fold when the stakes are at their highest?
One of our most successful ventures has been the creation of a very effective text to give SMS donation utility that is integrated with Twitter, and which utilizes both short codes and long codes. You simply need a strong marketing strategy to reach your potential customers and keep them engaged. Approach your customer from different angles; letterbox advertising, print, packaging, outdoor, in-store, email, social media, radio, PR and so on. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you will better understand your own and will be able to develop a plan of attack.
It’s easy to become discouraged if you’re not seeing results immediately, but just remember: marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.
We’ll assess your needs and find the best scenario to help your small business succeed on the Internet.
If a potential customer “clicks” on an ad and lands on your website, the software will report this action to you. Besides, advertisers also collect dollars from your competitors too, so they are better off keeping everyone in the dark about what works and what doesn’t. You may not like this as a customer, but the tire business can now invest their marketing dollars specifically targeting a customer who identified themselves as in need of tires. Now you only have to “pay per click” to place a tire ad directly in front of a customer who you know is looking for tires. This works very well for our smaller, successful local nonprofit clients who don’t have the big fundraising budgets of the larger, national nonprofits. A good business owner knows that he should not miss on this traffic by optimizing his website for these gadget users. But be smart and always focus your efforts on those target markets that will give you the best returns. The cost of Google Analytics (one way of measuring the effectiveness of the marketing funnel) is nothing. Furthermore, you can narrow the focus as much as you like in your target market right down to the Zip code, income level, age group etc… and that ad that actually works might could cost you very little (potentially less than $10). Even if you only run a couple of small marketing campaigns through the year, stick with it and get your brand in front of your target market on a regular basis.

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