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Jon has been active in the London property market since launching Foxtons estate agency, which opened its first office in Notting Hill Gate in 1981.
Matt worked with Jon Hunt at Foxtons for 7 years in various roles, including running the property management department with a portfolio of 10,000 residential properties in London.
Nathanael has experience of holding senior financial roles in a number of different sectors, including infrastructure, property and transport. Richard has extensive experience in securing planning and the development of properties and sites within both the residential and commercial sectors.
Stephen has followed a career in consulting project management which spanned the likes of BAE Systems and Savills, where he was responsible for delivering major residential, commercial and mixed use schemes for a variety of developers, funds and banks. Will has spent his career to date in public affairs, media, community relations and marketing, having worked both in-house and within leading agencies for a diverse range of brands including Tesco, Crest Nicholson, Grosvenor and Lend Lease. Adam has extensive experience in the disposal of commercial property, having started his career with Workspace Group prior to moving to a leading firm of Chartered Surveyors where he advised a variety of funds and property companies. Steve has over 12 years’ experience within an internal recruitment and HR environment during which time he has worked in many industries including real estate, hospitality and manufacturing.
The Final List of Exhibitors for the Fall Editions will be updated on daily basis until the day of the Fair Companies that are hiring at the moment have posted their job openings on The "Job Openings" Page.WHAT TO DO BEFORE THE FAIR ?Register in advance and send us your resume so we can share with hundreds of employers who come to us on daily basis with immediate hiring positions within their organizations.
Residents of a Maples apartment complex whose vehicles are frozen to the parking lot ground don’t have to fret any longer. Globe General Agencies, in charge of the Northwood Oaks apartments, is bringing in a steam truck on Monday to free the vehicles, after an excavator cleared up the ice around the cars Thursday night.
Ron Penner of Globe General Agencies said they are not sure who is going to cover the costs yet, but their number one concern is freeing the vehicles. Lethbridge regional police chief Tom McKenzie reviews the past year as well as what lies ahead for the police service during an interview at his office. And although public perceptions are changing, marijuana remains a concern for police agencies across southern Alberta.
While 2013 statistics have yet to be reported, McKenzie says the number of reported crimes has continued to fall. Lethbridge regional police responded to 30,325 calls for service last year, the chief says, compared with 31,048 in 2012.
But only 30 per cent were calls about criminal activity, with much of the rest “quality of life” issues like noisy parties. For people living with addictions, he adds, theft may also become the way to support their habit.
And for the first time, a slim majority also agreed with casual or “recreational” use of the drug.
There seems to be no question about its negative effects on teenagers’ brain development, he adds. Distracted driving is still a serious issue, he observes, with more tickets handed out last year — more than 1,600 of them — despite ongoing public education initiatives. Higher fines might be one response, he says, but demerits on a driver’s licence might prove more effective. Looking ahead, McKenzie says the police service is adding a “support shift”?to bolster coverage during the busiest times of the week.
And it will be using a data-directed strategy to direct its resources to the places they’re most needed.
Uniformed strength has also increased by three, he reported, with 10 officers — some of them formerly RCMP?members — signing on while seven have resigned or retired.

The just-turned 16-year-old from Victoria was named to TIME Magazine’s 30 under 30 for 2013. Makosinski, who also plays piano and violin, is involved in field hockey and cross-country, is entering Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair, is preparing to judge Canada's next crop of projects for Google's 2014 'Doodle for Google' and will be speaking at TEDxEdmonton. Makosinski's now world-famous flashlight – the Hollow (Thermoelectric) Flashlight – was created after a conversation with an overseas friend, a pal from the Philippines who was struggling in school. That she did, using Peltier tiles to generate electricity, building power off the difference in heat between a person’s hand and the other, cooled or cooler side of the tile. By the project's completion, Makosinski has said the hollow flashlight could produce a beam of LED light for 20 minutes. Invention in hand, the teen went through her local science fair last April – the same fair she had been entering since she was in Grade 6 – and then to a Canada-wide bracket. Her teacher suggested Google's Science Fair to her and she applied, posting a video on YouTube as part of her submission.
Competing in the Age 15-16 category, Makosinski joined impressive entrants and intimidating inventions from all over the globe.
Although she received plenty of press even before heading down to California – from both Canadian journalists and American news agencies – Makosinski says she was shocked when she won her competition.
Makosinski says she took a good long look at everyone else's projects and was in awe of all they created. But when the winners were announced, Makosinski was welcomed into the winners' circle, one of three to be honoured together at the Science Fair's grand prize ceremony. She says she's also looking to keep her momentum running through 2014 and is chasing a patent for her flashlight’s design. She's also trying to start a non-profit company of her own and wants to keep hold of the legal rights to her flashlight, which would enable her to help students and others like her friend in the Philippines. Makosinski says she still keeps in touch with her fellow 2013 contestants, routinely chatting with them over Google Hangouts.
Whatever she chooses and whatever route or direction she takes, it's clear Makosinski's ingenuity has been passed down.
During World War II, her grandfather had a patent filed for a "transparent windshield wiper," she says. She also has a passion for film, an interest she inherited from her father, who went to film school and has also long been into electronics.
He expanded the agency through sales, lettings, property management and financial services to 20+ offices in central London and 1,400 personnel. He then worked in Knight Frank’s international residential department before joining Ocubis in 2007.
He was formerly Finance Director for a division of Arriva and before that was responsible for supporting McArthurGlen’s Travel Retail venture from its start up to its successful disposal to a listed Italian group.
Stephen was engaged by Land Securities for ten years in their London Portfolio Development Team as a Development Project Director leading significant mixed use schemes across London.
He was formerly Head of Recruitment for Dominvs Group and prior to that was responsible for all UK recruitment for Neopost. In Lethbridge, a recent report from the Citizen Society Research Lab found nearly 77 per cent of the Albertans polled were in favour of its medical use. But how would users respond to its regulation and taxation, in the same manner as tobacco and alcohol? Half of the 10, McKenzie added, are graduates of the criminal justice program at Lethbridge College.

Actually there is a great deal of question about the effects of cannabis on a teenager’s brain as the original studies are flawed and misinterpreted. This after she won her age group at Google’s Science Fair in California – an accolade she got by inventing a flashlight that runs off heat from the human hand, a self-made product that's patent-pending. She tested her idea with candles, drawing out an electric charge and proving to herself the tiles had potential.
She's still interested in science fairs and says she will probably study Sciences when she gets to university.
In 1995 he set up Ocubis, which originated as a luxury service office business with buildings in central London. Matt now has responsibility for acquisitions and asset management of commercial and residential investment properties within the Ocubis portfolio. Nathanael has a degree in Philosophy & Theology from the University of London, a postgraduate diploma in Law from City University and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Stephen completed his MSc at Reading University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building. He leads the marketing department and is also responsible for all media, community and political relations. Click on the company logo above to be directed to the Company career pageWe look for talented, professional people who are motivated to showcase their leadership, sales and customer service skills in a rewarding corporate culture. How typical for the Herald to publish sensationalistic articles with juicy sound bites designed to induce fear and to increase comments and readership.
She has been featured by major news agencies like the Huffington Post and Mashable and she's fielding interview requests from Europe, the United States, and Japan.
Stephen’s role within the Ocubis team as Development Director gives him responsibility for delivering the growing portfolio of projects that are significant in scale. At Alliance, you will find clearly defined career paths, promotions from within, performance incentives, and the satisfaction of knowing you can make a real difference. Again a Herald “reporter” (and I use that term very loosely” has cobbled together statements out of context, without background research, and is promoting a political agenda.
American teen Esha Maiti discovered a 'better understanding of tumours' and Greek 18-year-old Charalampos Ioannou devised a 'metallic exoskeleton globe' to support and enhance the movement of the human palm. Since then he has expanded Ocubis which now owns a large central London portfolio and develops residential, commercial and retail properties in the capital.
We believe that every employee has the right to a respectful workplace that is free from harassment or discrimination of any kind. As workforce professionals, People Store helps companies efficiently deploy human resources to improve their bottom line. By providing the industrya€™s widest array of services through a unique business model, we retain expertise in individual service lines. Our Company employs approximately 11,500 people in its operations across Canada and exports to more than 20 global markets including the U.S.
We are able to attract the best of the best because we recognize and believe that a€?Your Success is Our Successa€?.In order to serve you better, KAS Personnel currently boasts 7 offices, strategically located throughout Ontario, Canada. We are equipped with 24 hour on-call services, as well as off-site recruitment capabilities, so that we may assist you when and where you need us most.

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