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3.5 acre mixed use development Wharf site with Thames River frontage east of Wandsworth Bridge Road. Summary: • Successfully sold to Balimore in 2007 for an unconditional sum – which was almost 10% above the Purchaser’s initial offer. While VR is its infancy, how do we nurture the medium to maturity, without getting stuck comparing it to its siblings? It would be easy to say, "Yes, I’ve long admired the Trust and I believe passionately about its work, and yes, of course I know it is a charity". It’s an organisation that places a lot of emphasis on values and behaviours which has a positive effect. What’s the biggest positive difference you’ve noticed working for the National Trust compared to previous employers? What are you most looking forward to being a part of at the National Trust in the next 2-3 years? LONDON (February 2, 2016) – Golin has been awarded Texas Instruments (TI) media relations and content marketing business across the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Trump is the only candidate in either party that voters expect to create change, which is likely driving his resilience, a new survey from Golin reveals CHICAGO, ILL. LONDON (January 12, 2016) – Golin, PR Week UK’s Consultancy of The Year 2015, today announced two senior appointments; Hilary Douglas as director, connector and Chris McCrudden as director, strategy.
LONDON (January 12, 2016) – Golin, PR Week UK’s Consultancy of The Year 2015, today announces the appointment of Laura Weston into its first ever returnship role. In this piece MediaMonks' Head of VR Ola Bjorling explores how VR can be built up to be a truly ground breaking medium, rather than judging it as a medium by what's already been done.

While that's true, just because your vocabulary will get better in the future it doesn’t mean you have nothing to say today.
In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. We caught up with their marketing agency director, Mark Scott, about what makes the organisation tick like no other.
No, we’re not talking about sightings of legendary beasts atop the iconic White Cliffs of Dover. This passion, coupled with the huge levels of empowerment, fuels creativity and an appetite for trying new things.
They have taken the Trust on a huge journey over the last few years by delivering a more planned approach to marketing communications. We have a clear 10 year organisational strategy and a clear framework for building our brand and engaging our supporters. Even with today’s technology, VR as a medium already holds the potential for wondrous, enthralling and exceptionally memorable experiences that were literally impossible just a couple of years ago.
We’re talking about some sizeable developments within their brand and marketing function. They’ve delivered integrated brand campaigns, developed brand building digital platforms, such as our website and app, and consistently deliver business objectives through supporter-led marketing activity. So while the future will perpetually hold the promise of greater things, we already have tools that we could spend a lifetime exhausting the potentials of. Before we hear from Mark Scott, their marketing agency director, about these exciting changes, here’s what we know.

Driven by insights from a National Trust report on Natural Childhood, the campaign aims to get kids outdoors and closer to nature – and having fun! A hybrid marketing communications director and agency MD – and at the National Trust. As a campaign it’s delivered business objectives but has also brought different parts of the organisation together, from TV advertising to the activities that happen at our places. Not only did it give me a deeper understanding about the fantastic, important work that the Trust does, but that this was an organisation that was hungry.
It was becoming more relevant so when the opportunity to lead the marketing and digital functions, and contribute to this direction of travel came my way, I jumped at it. That is not to say narrative is inherently incompatible with VR, but rather that it needs to be reconsidered. What is it about the National Trust that warrants a creative or marketing professional’s attention? It will be those who possess the rare combination of an unusually open mind and discerning critical thinking who are the first to see and understand VR’s true potential. Judging VR as a medium by what’s been done so far is to judge film based on "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat," but the comparison to film ends there.

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