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Marketing students often wonder if they can get a job in advertising with only a marketing degree. For an individual trained in marketing, the easiest time to make a move into advertising is near the beginning of a career. One of the basic differences between advertising and marketing philosophies is that an advertiser develops creative strategies designed to enhance company sales while a person in marketing searches for ways to find more customers. A marketer who wants to learn about how to get a job in advertising should consider reading industry periodicals and speaking with individuals currently in the advertising field to talk about emerging trends.
Like any career change or industry move, the more a person researches and prepares, the better the potential result. In a nutshell, marketing is the process of advertising and promoting a particular product, brand, company or idea to a target demographic. A marketer will work to ensure that consumers realize the value and necessity of a product, but an advertiser will craft the actual commercials or advertisements that convince shoppers to part with their money. The biggest reason for most people to pursue an online degree is simply to secure a new career.
This degree program is perfect for those who are looking for employment positions like market research analyst, advertising sales manager or business relations specialist. In the United States, the average salary for someone with just a high school diploma is roughly $26,000 per year. If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you want to secure a stable financial future, an online degree is the first step in that direction.
To work in this field, you need to have natural abilities in areas such as understanding consumers, creating advertising campaigns and collecting data for research. Earning a degree will be the perfect next step you need to find a career in which you can thrive. Many people already work for businesses in this field, but they don’t get the proper respect, title or salary that they deserve. Unfortunately, even those individuals who are very successful may get passed over for promotions if they don’t have the educational credentials to back it up.

To advance your existing career in the company you work for, an online degree can be exactly what you need.
For a lot of employees in this field, it is difficult to stay competitive with new graduates who are learning about market research methods that include social media and other new technologies. One of the best aspects of earning a degree online instead of in a traditional college campus is flexibility.
Whether it’s marketing or some other area that interests you, there are many online degree programs available to help you prepare for the type of career you want. Sandy Davis is a long-time educator who holds a Master’s Degree in Education, having taught English, writing, and communication on the secondary and college levels. Crossing over into a completely different profession after having obtained a degree in another isn’t always the simplest operation. Entry level positions are most forgiving as far as experience and training are concerned, and the basics of a marketing degree do carry weight with standard advertising practices.
This means that a marketer might take something designed by an advertiser and find a way to get it in front of a customer’s eyes. When applying for a job in a different field, it’s important for the applicant to speak confidently on the industry and be able to convince the new company that a degree in marketing offered suitable training for work in advertising. During interviews and applications, a person with a marketing degree should focus on the ways in which his marketing education might offer value to an advertising firm or position. Although it may seem similar, if not identical, to advertising, there are some major differences. Without a college degree of any kind, many individuals find it hard to get past the interview stage of the hiring process. A market research analyst with a bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, earns upwards of $60,000 annually.
If you already feel comfortable doing these tasks, then you will be a natural fit in the industry.
Even refresher courses or a full associate degree can supplement your experience and help you stay up to date in the business world.
Students studying online can fit their classes around their work or family life, and they never have to drive to a college campus.

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The process is not too complex when a person wishes to get into a related business, but even a small move into a different role might require a bit of reeducation and prep work. In more advanced positions, such as managerial jobs, there remain similarities within the industries, and it’s common for individuals who have a marketing degree to work at advertising firms.
The difference is quite subtle, however, and often it’s the case that a marketing education will include courses in advertising and promotion. In addition, as a potential hire, an applicant needs to be able to display a variety of valuable attributes such as an aptitude for problem-solving and experience with collaboration (or management for more advanced positions).
For example, a marketer would need to understand the demographics of a company’s customers, which would be vital for any position in advertising.
Discover the six biggest reasons to pursue an online degree if you want to work as a marketer in the future.
If you are ready to move beyond a shift job and settle into a genuine career, then a degree is vital. When an individual trained in marketing wants to make the jump to advertising, he or she is fortunate in that marketing teaches many basic skills utilized in the advertising world. This means that during the application process for an advertising job, a person with a marketing degree would be able to boast having taken some advertising classes as part of his education. A marketing degree would definitely be valuable to anyone wishing to get into an advertising position.
There are many similar job titles within advertising and marketing, and the industries often work cooperatively with one another.

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