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When it comes to different businesses and company initiatives, they often have one thing in common: the need to drive sales or transactions in order to earn revenue and grow the business.
Not every sales position is as controversial or demanding as others; there are different types of sales positions, each with their own set of challenges and benefits.
We generally have found that people in reactive and proactive types of sales positions have short tenures in the sales world.
When it comes to marketing vs sales, one big difference is that marketers indirectly communicate with prospects and try to inspire them to buy. We feel that in this modern day of mixed media, it is becoming even more important for top marketing professionals to have a really strong understanding of sales.
So, in terms of marketing vs sales, marketing can be a great profession for many, but marketers very rarely make the big bucks that the sales rainmakers make.
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What is Marketing ?Marketing is the process of creating demand for a productin the market whereas sales refers to fulfilling thesedemands.Marketing is considered to be a wider term than sales. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. If you ask this question to different people in business, I would venture a guess that you will get different responses. Let’s use a football analogy; marketing is your quarterback but the receiver is your sales strategy.
Is your website designed to communicate and connect with your potential customer in a way to generate a lead? Once your website has done its job of capturing the interested party, you need to implement an off website sales strategy. Understanding this process and having the answers to these questions can help you ensure your marketing is driving sales. Share small business news, blogs and social media tips with Project Eve’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs today.
I have this view of the world: marketing is focused on pixels and print and sales is focused on people. So, when it comes to integrating social media into your business what strategy do you adopt?
On the other hand sales folks are very happy to engage and converse with customers, prospect, well just about anyone in fact.
Ideally get your sales team involved in social media – but not to push your product – but to grow your contacts, your influence and help people on-line with your knowledge. In Outside Sales the rep is often not in the office, but in the field creating prospects and going on sales call.

They are generally much higher paid than the basic order taker, but it is a rare breed that can consistently be successful in this realm. These types of sales positions are filled with professionals who have developed their skill set and network in order to reduce the amount of blind prospecting required. These styles are often times not cut out for sales longevity and very few of them ever make it to relational selling. After conducting considerable amounts of research we have found that many of the top CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) started in the trenches of sales.
At 3Hr Learning we are passionate about educating people who are looking to make a career change. Itincludes identifying customers, producing innovativeproducts, branding, advertising, public relations, sales, etc. This is important to our discussion of marketing budgets because you’ll want to think about these two function with eyes wide open when considering your budget for marketing. Marketing, my marketing philosophy, is about finding ways to connect and communicate with your potential customers about the product or services you provide.
Marketing is strategy you use to drive interested parties into your sales pipeline, but it cannot close the deal for you. The quarterback gets the ball to the receiver, and he takes it into the end zone for the touchdown.
If you’re clear about who you are as a business and who your customer is, then you need to evaluate the marketing and sales capabilities of your website. This question is the one you should be focused on as you review your website and how it is supporting your business. But it is important to remember that marketing is not sales and we all need a sales process. Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds; so whether you are a small business owner, social media strategist, financial adviser, serial entrepreneur, or write an amateur blog we urge you to contribute a blog to our 500,000+ community today. Over the last few years we’ve seen a significant increase in social media uptake by businesses – and for the most part they are failing. So doesn’t it make more sense if the sales people are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or whatever? This will create far more of a buzz and help the business define its area of expertise and value to the market place. From stores, to dispatch, from finance to HR – social media is just another communication tool that can be used across the business.
At 3Hr Learning, we like to use the analogy of the sales team as the Marines, getting sent in first to drive results and create a market. We feel these reactive and proactive sales people are frequently better suited to be marketers, where they can use some of the experiences they gained in sales without being forced to continuously build relationships.

With the explosion of the Internet there has been large growth in the Digital Marketing arena. We pose the question: how can you truly think like your client, understanding their needs and motivations, unless you have been out there face-to-face with them and asked the relevant questions? We feel sales should be a fundamental consideration from individuals that are competitive, great at building relationships, and driven to be the highest paid person in their organization. Marketing, when done properly, should drive the right people to your business and from there your sales strategy should take the person to a close. Sometimes it takes the quarterback a few passes to get the touchdown to the right receiver; think of this as the multiple touches during the sales process.
If you understand who you are and the needs of your potential customer, then you should have designed a path for them to follow on your website. To me it seems that a lot of these businesses hand over social media to the marketing department, who then start to think in terms of ‘messages’ and  ‘channels’ and see social media as just another channel to pump their messages down. But marketing get concerned about how this type of interaction may ‘dilute the brand’ or ‘not be consistent with our core values’.
The marketing strategies generally act as more of an occupying force that holds things down once the brand is established. This is because the outside salesperson not only has to sell a product or service but also has to seek out the prospect before they necessarily know they are in the market for that product or service. We have found that Digital Marketing can really help to feed the funnel for the sales team and that their efforts are far more measurable than your traditional advertising mediums. This is a sales process now and before you launch a website, your sales process should also be outlined. But here’s the problem – most marketing departments aren’t used to the customer answering back – which is the whole point of social media. Digital marketers often use a variety of strategies including search engine marketing (SEM, SEO & PPC), online display advertisements, email marketing, content marketing and more to reach an audience and expose them to a particular brand.
To better understand marketing vs sales roles in a company and as a career, let’s take a look at an overview of marketing and the different types of sales positions.
This is because inside sales people are often sitting in the office or at a retail location selling to incoming leads and potential customers. Marketing overall can become a very scalable and cost effective strategy for organizations once their product or services have gained some market acceptance and a large enough audience to which they can market. The fact that these inside sales people generally don’t have to prospect as hard makes their job less complex and they generally have lower earning potential.

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