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The report analyses Telefonica's market share position across markets against their regulatory strength.
It also assesses the economic and demographic make-up of Telefonica's markets.The market analyses are consolidated into an overall summary of market positioning by Operating Company, which is further refined into an assessment of strategic approach and operational performance. Reality Check: Are operators' lofty digital ambitions unrealistic given slow progress to date? If you would like to self-assess your organization’s marketing and sales capabilities, click here to request a radar-graph assessment file. If you wish to discuss the results, fill out your contact information at the bottom of the assessment form and email it back to us. A second approach to a Marketing & Sales Organizational Self-Assessment asks 15 questions for which you simply score on a scale from 1 to 5. Whichever approach you chose, we are pleased to engage in a free initial discussion of the results at your convenience. In many marketing organisations content marketing now represents a significant portion of the marketing budget, yet a recent survey by the CMO Council shows that many organisations still need to focus on the basics. If you’re in recruitment or HR, social media is probably one of the biggest topics in your office today.
Are they saying what you want them to say, and creating the brand image your audience needs to hear? One of the best things I can do for you is look at your marketing materials with fresh eyes.

But I can write for other people’s services, products and business ideas at the drop of a hat. After all, you’ve lived with the details of your business or service offering day in and day out, probably from the very beginning. When you’re ready for a fresh look at what your marketing is ACTUALLY saying to your audience, simply connect with me below.
I’ll get on the phone with you and record our 45-minute conversation, giving you my observations and suggestions.
It is one part of our overall analysis of Telefonica's progress towards transformation to the Telco 2.0 business model. We will contact you to discuss your results and how your organization ranks compared with other similar firms. The truth is, when used correctly, social media can be a valuable candidate screening tool. With all the experience, multi-industry exposure and successful campaign experience I bring to the table.
With the sometimes fresh, sometimes jaded eyes of your customers and prospects… instead of the biased or over-assuming eyes of a proud parent. Either way, you’ll know exactly how to move forward for more bottom-line profits right away.
The other parts of the Telefonica analysis are: Service Proposition, Finances, Technology, Value Network, and an overall summary.
While it should be an integral part of your hiring process, you should also be using other social media technologies as well.

Use social media to find out more about a candidate’s references, validate reference authenticity, and network to build relationships. However, it may give you some valuable information about a candidate’s fit to your company. You see a lot more in every word, every picture and even the colour choices and layout that just may not be there for the average viewer. Or email me the URLs, emails and PDFs that go into your current marketing approach, for even faster response. Telefonica is one of the companies analysed and compared in the first tranche of analysis that also addresses Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, Axiata, SingTel, Etisalat and Ooredoo (formerly Qtel). There will be a world first preview of the Telco 2.0 Transformation Index at our Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm in Dubai on 11-13th November 2013. Consider Klout, Pinterest, Foursquare, GooglePlus, Facebook, and other networks when you are researching a candidate’s background. This information was discovered by simply Googling the candidate’s name, as well as the fact that he had served time for a previous rape conviction.

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