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There are oodles of great tools out there that you can spend your time and money on, for our purposes here I’m going to consentrate on three areas that can be gigantic time sucks and possess the most potential for return on investment.
Email autoresponder company – This is very likely the most vital piece to automate, for if you’re not utilizing an autoresponder to take care of your email marketing, you may as well not be doing it at all.
Managing social media – Keeping your finger on the pulse of numerous social media accounts daily is not just a full time gig, but a hard one at that. Automate tasks – As we all know there are many small tasks that require attention daily, or the entire house of cards may collapse!
Make sure to not let customer and prospects slip through the cracks with all your automation. Les SaaS qui reussissent ont adopte le marketing de recommandation, ou referral marketing, pour une raison.
Une acquisition constante de clients, un taux de retention eleve et une augmentation perpetuelle du nombre de leads.
Plusieurs techniques peuvent etre mises en place pour un marketing de recommandation efficace.
Le funnel du marketing standard a change, et il est temps de decouvrir et d’adopter les nouvelles best-practices qui marchent!
Matthew Barby presente ici un guide ultra-complet pour accelerer l’activite des SaaS. Le guide presente toutes les etapes a suivre de A a Z pour faire de votre start-up une veritable machine de guerre.
Un terme (a la mode) qui designe le marketing base sur le contenu produit par l’entreprise. Videos, reseaux sociaux ou contenus papier, n’importe quel support est valable du moment que le contenu est bien present. A propos Articles recents Ahmed DouayaPassionne du web, de nouvelles technologies et d'astronomie.
Successful marketing is about understanding your customers: their industry, segment, geography, priorities, regulatory and competitive environment, business and economic challenges, budget process.
The problem with marketing automation is that it isn’t about your customers – it’s about you.
Back when marketing automation was starting to get some buzz, I was running marketing for a large business division at IBM.
I thought about institutional food versus Grandma’s cooking at the little family-run trattoria. Lou likened our work reviving IBM to landing a fighter jet on a pitching aircraft carrier in a stormy sea during a typhoon while the enemy shoots at us. But Lou had a plan, which was to move from a go-to-market built on product categories to one focused on customer categories. Our products would now be sold in the context of the specific needs of each industry: its challenges, processes, dynamics, economics, infrastructure, applications, and trends.
Success for IBM meant becoming a trusted advisor, a higher value partner and not simply a vendor of products.
For every dollar of consulting advisory revenue, IBM would generate $9 to $11 of downstream technology review. Starting with eight large industry sectors, we parsed our business with more and more granularity – industry first, then segment, sub-segment, company size, geography, country and industry-specific application solution area.
Our segmentation work created manageable universes of clients, clusters small enough for high-touch “account-specific” marketing programs. We held a series of global thought leaders forums around the goal of agreeing on the group’s top 10 business drivers titled “The Challenge of Change.” Customers participated in open discussions with analysts, academics, trade editors, IT researchers and technology partners, all at the same table.
We funded research on the IT impact of what they voted to be their industry’s major issues.
Our sales teams became the point of customer contact for a valued ecosystem based on ideas, best practices, problems and solutions. After our banking industry thought leaders forum in Italy, we invited attendees to dinner at a wonderful little family-run trattoria on a quiet cobblestone street in a hilltop village near Milan.
Jeff Bartman is managing partner at Ellery Associates, a venture investment and advisory firm. This paragraph is in fact a pleasant one it helps new the web visitors, who are wishing in favor of blogging.
We love to discuss the latest in digital marketing  and have recently discussed the benefits of going with a boutique marketing agency. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re unfamiliar, marketing automation is a relatively new concept, and just like every other element of marketing it is always changing.
One of the best benefits of marketing automation is predictable in the lower cost of having machines and software perform tasks instead of a team working round the clock.
Automation isn’t always best – Sometimes follow up emails and the like are fine, but nothing quite compares to having a person contact a potential cusotmer in order to immediately answer questions, expand on the a products’ benefits, and close the sale.
Some products can’t be automated – If you’re selling only a few goods, automation may be right for you. Many options to choose from – There are many competitors vying for your marketing automation business, whether they’re a good fit or not. Marketects was founded in 1999 by Kerry O’Malley, a proven marketing communications professional in international, manufacturing companies.
Mit Marketing Automation sind Software-Plattformen gemeint, die aus den Funktionen Datenbank, Web-Controlling, Kommunikation, Workflows und CRM-Synchronisation bestehen.
As well, there are a series of publications from Marketo that are longer, but super interesting, reads.
Marketing Automation is a technology that enables marketers to use marketing techniques that improve the quality of leads handed to sales. The term “Marketing Automation” is widely misunderstood, with a common misinterpretation being that it is a term that applies to all marketing information systems.
The process of creating an MQL is a form of gamification for the marketers themselves because leads do not become MQLs until they have achieved a minimum threshold “Lead Score”, which will typically require a multiple of interactions to be achieved.
Marketing Automation works by analyzing customer behavioral information and combining it with pre-programmed data collection and communication tools.
Marketing Automation improves marketing effectiveness by allowing marketers to quickly assess and respond to customer behavior, nurturing relationships with leads that are not yet ready to buy or have a sales conversation. Marketing Automation enables marketers to quickly provide content that is relevant to a prospect, building the company’s reputation as a trusted advisor. By minimizing waste and redundancy caused by manual campaign execution, Marketing Automation can cut expenses.

Copernican Shift by Grad ConnThe Wonderful World of Marketing Episode 23: Scientific Advertising and the Direct Marketing Era April 4, 2016Engineers often like to say that they innovate by standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before them, and the same is true of advertising (even if we rarely like to admit it). The biggest challenge for marketers who need to engage a large number of leads or customers is how to deliver the right message at the right moment to every single contact. As the customer goes through multiple stages during their life cycle, you need to deliver them the right content or initiate sales activities. Lead Nurturing: deliver engaging content to prospective clients as they go through their purchase process to make sure you stay at the top of their minds and establish yourself as an expert in what you offer.
Complex Campaigns: create truly interactive campaigns where the next step is decided based on previous customer reactions to your communication. Buyer Guidance: guide buyers on their way to purchase whether you need to remind them about unfinished check - out process or whitepaper they requested but never downloaded. Engage Existing Clients: automate customer onboarding by providing them with useful tips and educate them how to get the most out of your products or services. These and other scenarios will help you increase your marketing effectiveness and increase the ROI of your campaigns. That's why the Marketing Automation in WorldCast EMS was designed as a simple drag-and-drop interface for marketers who can create new automated campaigns or modify the flow of activities at any time! Powerful Content Management: manage website content, blogs, landing pages, whitepapers and media files at one place. Contact Tracking and Management: learn everything about who your individual customers are and how they interact with your communication.
Segmentation and Personalization: segment customers based on their attributes and behavior and provide them with a highly personalized experience. Web Analytics: see where your site visitors come from, what they are doing on your site and what content they like most. Social Media Integration: automatically publish to Facebook or Twitter and execute social media campaigns with CMS-powered Facebook pages and applications. See our entire list of services for how we can help your company, church, or non-profit organization.
Integrating Email Marketing Automation for Increased Sales You are using an outdated browser.
Are you feeling not only overwhelmed with the mountain of tasks that lie before you daily, but also more than a little afraid that things are slipping through the cracks?
Loading up your autoresponder with personalized content and marketing emails offers your customers and prospects the sense that they are being well taken care of. You should utilize some sort of tool, and there are several good ones out there which allow you to keep track of mentions, shares, Tweets and even allow you to post to your social platforms. A few of the better tools to come down the pike in recent years are the development of task masters like IFTTT and Zapier.
We’re excited to have him share his experience of how IBM approached marketing under the leadership of legendary CEO Lou Gerstner, who ran IBM from 1993 to 2002. It suggests something from which every ounce of creativity, personality, intimacy, and customization has been sapped.
Over 100 companies sell software for customer relationship management, lead generation, contact center, sales force automation, account management, marketing measurement and demand creation. Or maybe you’ll get the line about how you don’t have the proper alignment between marketing and sales. Nothing escaped Lou’s scrutiny as he transformed, and saved, one of the world’s great companies. They don’t tell you that they’re a database customer, or a mainframe customer, or a cloud customer.
At the point of the strategy arrow now were services, software, architecture, middleware, systems integration, outsourcing, IT strategy & planning, research, partnerships, financing. Roundtables, advisory boards, working sessions with analysts, strategy reviews, forums on the landscape of issues and trends. The results themselves yielded press coverage, building awareness of our role in each industry. He spent most of his career at IBM as a senior marketing executive and was later vice president of marketing and business development at SAP. But what if you are going the other way and want to minimize the personal attention aspect of your business? Your clients look through your sites and services, possibly signing up for a newsletter, downloading an item, following you, or asking for more information.
You then follow up on these leads with items such as email campaigns, promotions, or even by personally contacting them.
It is the process in which your business is ready to handle all volumes of inbound clients and follow up with them appropriately. Another huge benefit of marketing automation is the ability to get real time data and analytics for each campaign, date, email, and every single other item included in your marketing strategy.
The biggest is the huge investment up front that can include heavy costs for migrating data, training staff to use and implement the tools, integrating the tools with the rest of your hardware and software, and other related expenses.
However, if you are like my clients (B2B industrial) you know that more products are  custom manufactured to exact buyer specifications, a process that does not lend itself well to automation. If you are sure you need marketing automation or even just considering it, you will have to research and really do your homework  to ensure you get a proper ROI. If you review the note below and read the Marketo Definitive Guides, you will have an excellent working understanding of Marketing Automation. In fact, “Marketing Automation” is a very specific term that refers to a process of “Revenue Marketing” whereby the marketing function focuses on creating “MQLs”, or “Marketing Qualified Leads”; and the quality of the MQL output is measured by “SALs”, or “Sales Accepted Leads”.
The accumulation of marketing “touches” adds to a prospect’s Lead Score until (based on organizational experience) the Lead Score is sufficiently high that the prospect is qualified as a genuine sales lead and transferred to the Sales CRM system.
The Marketing Automation platform follows prospects through the customer journey and delivers relevant content based on the prospect’s behavior. Marketing automation also enables marketing to recycle leads that are un-qualified and nurture them until they are ready to have a sales conversation. Marketing Automation enables marketers to provide on-boarding and training programs, pitch cross-sell and upsell opportunities and identify customers that are at risk of not renewing. It remembers previous customer interactions so customers do not have to re-register or spend time re-explaining to a salesperson the products they are interested in. Additionally, marketing automation gives companies in-depth insight into campaign effectiveness, so they can abandon unsuccessful initiatives before they drain financial resources. My particular passion is the application of classic packaged goods marketing principles in technology, which requires a Copernican Shift from a feature-focused, Engineering-first design process to an emotional end-benefit, Customer-first design process.

Marketing Automation provides marketers with powerful tools to nurture leads, deliver complex campaigns, guide customers to purchase and engage clients with relevant content. And you need to do that in a highly personalized way so that you don't sound like a robot. It's never done and it always requires adjustments based on what you learn and how your communication strategy evolves.
We're fully qualified to generate a stream of fresh ideas and focus on your marketing and development efforts. These tools, (similar in intent and application) can be lifesavers when it comes to automating tasks between two different services. Can that wonderful family-run trattoria on the quiet little cobblestone street nestled in a hilltop village near Milan automate Grandma’s cooking, with all the elements that make dinner there so special? Out from corporate to the business units came a PowerPoint deck template attached to an email, with blank charts that we were supposed to fill in. We sponsored a Monday staff meeting held by a major bank’s CMO, bringing in breakfast and a well-known journalist to discuss his coverage of Dodd-Frank. And finally when used correctly, marketing automation can pay off – in the money saved on human resources as well as an increase in new business from casual first time visitors to your website. Even though once implemented correctly marketing automation tools can run smoothly, it does take a considerable amount of time to set up, which means your business could spend significant amounts of cash over several months before seeing a cent in returns.
Frustrated over the lack of attention and level of enthusiasm she was looking for in the marketing agencies she worked with, Kerry realized that there was a definite need for a full-service marketing firm that specialized in working with industrial companies.
Executed correctly, this creates a system wherein Marketing generates fewer, higher quality leads and Sales trusts the leads to convert, resulting in a higher Lead Acceptance rate and generally higher close rates for the organization. It keeps track of where the prospect is in the purchase cycle, and at the appropriate time sends the lead to sales with a summary of the prospect’s behavioral history. Most importantly, it allows customers to engage with the company on their own terms and their timing, turning interactions from disruption to helpful exchange. Microsoft HealthVault and Windows Apportals are both excellent illustrations of this principle.
Because of the complexity and the sheer number of moving parts that go into online marketing in multiple channels these days, you absolutely need to employ some measure of marketing automation, or you may find it tough to compete. In a 2011 Focus survey, 50% of marketing execs said they haven’t realized the full value of their marketing automation system.
Better to reach the people who count than count the people we reach, as the old saying goes. She resolved that her clients would always receive the highest level of service possible and never feel like the last kid chosen for the team. Overall, the focus on Total Quality in the marketing system creates improved efficiency and WHI across the organization. In a Forrester survey, 47% said they close fewer than 4% of the leads generated by their marketing automation software. In the name of efficiency, let’s standardize, make things uniform, easier, perhaps even achieve economies of scale. It was great to see TCM (Turner Classic Movies) running The Thin Man as their New Year’s Eve movie.
This is a particularly special series for us — they made 6 movies in total — and we named our oldest daughter (Myrna) after Myrna Loy. Email campaigns allow you to directly connect with the buyers in a cost effective manner, driving higher returns. December 31, 2015January is always one of my favorite months of the year because we do something at Microsoft call Mid-year Review (or MYR to the acronymnically inclined) which is a globally run business review of all subsidiaries that is sort of a cross between a root canal and a pep talk.
For improving the results of your email marketing campaigns, you need to adopt a marketing automation platform like Marketo which enables you to achieve higher user engagement with more targeted campaigns and advanced reporting. It’s increasingly integrated with various features and tools that provide insights, metrics, notifications, and with a CRM.
However, you get limited insights about user engagement activities after the email is delivered.
The metrics flow over from one to another and it gives users a better control over communication with customers.
For optimizing your sales funnel, you need to identify your hot leads and then quickly pass them to your sales team. A centralized repository of data also eliminates any dissociation between the sales and marketing teams and helps bring in a lot of returns. Even products aimed at small and medium businesses, like Agile CRM, provide full integration between CRM and marketing automation, along with all kinds of tools for analytics and testing and reports, with excellent ROI.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply. For instance, you can identify which customers download your sales brochure, view demo video, download a case study and more.
The success of email campaigns is dependent on the timing of sending the right message to the right user. A traditional email marketing platform allows you to achieve this to certain extent but is time consuming and error prone for large lists. By implementing Marketo, you can create complete campaign programs which are triggered by specific activity of the buyer. Today, the buyers are highly involved in a purchase decision and you need more information to filter your sales ready leads. Marketo lets you easily track real-time activity of your prospective buyers when they enagage with your campaigns. But uploading complete contact details is a manual process and you need to update them regularly with latest details. By implementing Marketo, you can streamline this process as it directly integrates with your Salesforce CRM account as well as other CRM solutions.
Since, landing pages are critical element for your email campaigns, your team needs to manually upload them to your website and then use it in email templates. With Marketo’s marketing automation platform, you can easily create, store and publish all your subscribe forms, landing pages and email templates from a single dashboard. At Grazitti Interactive, we ensure that your conversation is not hampered due to technology or rather the lack of it.
Moreover, we can integrate your email marketing campaigns with Marketo’s marketing automation platform to drive higher user engagement and improve your sales and ROI.

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