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Les SaaS qui reussissent ont adopte le marketing de recommandation, ou referral marketing, pour une raison. Une acquisition constante de clients, un taux de retention eleve et une augmentation perpetuelle du nombre de leads.
Plusieurs techniques peuvent etre mises en place pour un marketing de recommandation efficace.
Le funnel du marketing standard a change, et il est temps de decouvrir et d’adopter les nouvelles best-practices qui marchent! Matthew Barby presente ici un guide ultra-complet pour accelerer l’activite des SaaS.
Le guide presente toutes les etapes a suivre de A a Z pour faire de votre start-up une veritable machine de guerre. Un terme (a la mode) qui designe le marketing base sur le contenu produit par l’entreprise. Videos, reseaux sociaux ou contenus papier, n’importe quel support est valable du moment que le contenu est bien present.
A propos Articles recents Ahmed DouayaPassionne du web, de nouvelles technologies et d'astronomie. We love to discuss the latest in digital marketing  and have recently discussed the benefits of going with a boutique marketing agency.
Don’t be embarrassed if you’re unfamiliar, marketing automation is a relatively new concept, and just like every other element of marketing it is always changing. One of the best benefits of marketing automation is predictable in the lower cost of having machines and software perform tasks instead of a team working round the clock. Automation isn’t always best – Sometimes follow up emails and the like are fine, but nothing quite compares to having a person contact a potential cusotmer in order to immediately answer questions, expand on the a products’ benefits, and close the sale.
Some products can’t be automated – If you’re selling only a few goods, automation may be right for you.
Many options to choose from – There are many competitors vying for your marketing automation business, whether they’re a good fit or not. Marketects was founded in 1999 by Kerry O’Malley, a proven marketing communications professional in international, manufacturing companies. Share Tweet Pin Stumble ShareEvery business, enterprise or organization knows that marketing is the lifeblood of every brand-to-customer relationship.
Eventually, the business will expand and the marketing arm of the business will need to grow. Marketing automation can also be defined as using software in automating marketing processes like customer data integration, campaign management and customer segregation. To put it simply, marketing automation tactics and software allow companies to buy and sell just like Amazon.
Although marketing automation is not always easily executed, it’s certainly not impossible.
Choosing the right marketing automation will boil down to what part of the funnel the business is trying to improve, the feature you require, your allotted budget, the size of your business organization and the resources you have within the premises to enjoy the advantages of marketing automation.
Lead scoring allows marketing and sales to know how much a prospect is interested in your solution and how well they are aligned with the target demographic. Learning and optimizing your automaton campaign are some of the most important steps in the process.

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Do you start by explaining that it will help to manage your contacts and end up having to justify why it’s more than just a CRM?
While succinct, that there is still a lot of information in the min map so it is probably best to download the PDF if you want to share it among your colleagues and convince them to get out their requisition forms (the image above links to the original PDF). This exclusive report from TFM and Pure360 explores how marketers feel about the latest marketing technology trends compared with more traditional and trusted marketing channels.
Video: How ambitious should your customer experience strategy be?April 18th, 2016Why is the customer experience important? But what if you are going the other way and want to minimize the personal attention aspect of your business? Your clients look through your sites and services, possibly signing up for a newsletter, downloading an item, following you, or asking for more information. You then follow up on these leads with items such as email campaigns, promotions, or even by personally contacting them. It is the process in which your business is ready to handle all volumes of inbound clients and follow up with them appropriately.
Another huge benefit of marketing automation is the ability to get real time data and analytics for each campaign, date, email, and every single other item included in your marketing strategy. The biggest is the huge investment up front that can include heavy costs for migrating data, training staff to use and implement the tools, integrating the tools with the rest of your hardware and software, and other related expenses. However, if you are like my clients (B2B industrial) you know that more products are  custom manufactured to exact buyer specifications, a process that does not lend itself well to automation. If you are sure you need marketing automation or even just considering it, you will have to research and really do your homework  to ensure you get a proper ROI. When companies or businesses first launch, they are usually driven by builders and sellers. To handle this kind of expansion, a team of marketing specialists need to be employed to ensure everything runs smoothly. The use of these automated processes that would normally have been manually performed will be more efficient and makes new processes possible. Nurturing prospects with highly personalized and useful content helps convert prospects into customers and customers into happy and loyal customers. You have to remember that lead nurturing is a cautious conversation over a series of emails. This is the sum of the individual scores for all activities your prospects have performed or acted upon.
This is increasing the score of individuals within the enterprise if you receive multiple leads form the same business or company. Measuring your impact will make you aware of what things are effective and what things are not. Avoid any metrics that may sound good and impress people, but in reality, don’t measure the impact on profits of ROI.
This requires solid forethought because it’s often impossible to go back to poorly designed campaigns to measure any impact. And while the benefits and plentiful, trying to explain the all in one succinct sweep can be a bit like trying to wrestle an octopus.

And finally when used correctly, marketing automation can pay off – in the money saved on human resources as well as an increase in new business from casual first time visitors to your website. Even though once implemented correctly marketing automation tools can run smoothly, it does take a considerable amount of time to set up, which means your business could spend significant amounts of cash over several months before seeing a cent in returns. Frustrated over the lack of attention and level of enthusiasm she was looking for in the marketing agencies she worked with, Kerry realized that there was a definite need for a full-service marketing firm that specialized in working with industrial companies. The builders create the product and the sellers are the ones out in the field creating one-on-one connections with potential buyers or customers.
On top of this, a good marketing automation system can help your team market to your customers more effectively. One definition refers to it as software and technologies that are designed for marketing departments and enterprises to efficiently market at different levels or multiple channels online like websites, blogs, email and social media.
Having this type of marketing automation usually generates new revenue and ensures ROI for companies. Marketers have the impression that all digital marketing processes and tools that are needed for growth, including the ones that generate new leads, are under marketing automation.
Marketers automate one-to-one email messages to leads, thus qualifying and delivering them to sales as warm leads. As a marketer, you have to make sure that each step in the conversation flows naturally and be sure to avoid offering the same content twice in the same flow. Lead nurturing should be coming from the sales qualification person once the prospect has shown interest in getting a sales follow up. Recycling campaigns re-assign and track leads that are not are not getting follow ups from sales.
Instead of vanity metrics, use KPIs and other performance metrics, diagnostics and leading indicators.
If tracking and analytics are not set up properly before the campaign, success can be hard to achieve. And if so do they end up focusing too much on that and ignoring how it can help measure impact and manage campaigns? She resolved that her clients would always receive the highest level of service possible and never feel like the last kid chosen for the team. It also automates repetitive tasks, leaving you more time to focus on more important things. This misconception leaves many marketing specialists with sophisticated marketing tools to automate processes, but not possessing the solution to generate new leads. But marketing and sales should help each other in creating the templates and the segmentation rules for all prospects. The consequence is that marketing specialists begin to buy lists of email addresses to nurture instead of working on generating inbound leads.
Although it seems like a quick fix, it’s not a long term solution, nor will it build a solid relationship with your customers.

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