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Successful marketing is about understanding your customers: their industry, segment, geography, priorities, regulatory and competitive environment, business and economic challenges, budget process. The problem with marketing automation is that it isn’t about your customers – it’s about you.
Back when marketing automation was starting to get some buzz, I was running marketing for a large business division at IBM. I thought about institutional food versus Grandma’s cooking at the little family-run trattoria. Lou likened our work reviving IBM to landing a fighter jet on a pitching aircraft carrier in a stormy sea during a typhoon while the enemy shoots at us.
But Lou had a plan, which was to move from a go-to-market built on product categories to one focused on customer categories. Our products would now be sold in the context of the specific needs of each industry: its challenges, processes, dynamics, economics, infrastructure, applications, and trends. Success for IBM meant becoming a trusted advisor, a higher value partner and not simply a vendor of products.
For every dollar of consulting advisory revenue, IBM would generate $9 to $11 of downstream technology review. Starting with eight large industry sectors, we parsed our business with more and more granularity – industry first, then segment, sub-segment, company size, geography, country and industry-specific application solution area.
Our segmentation work created manageable universes of clients, clusters small enough for high-touch “account-specific” marketing programs. We held a series of global thought leaders forums around the goal of agreeing on the group’s top 10 business drivers titled “The Challenge of Change.” Customers participated in open discussions with analysts, academics, trade editors, IT researchers and technology partners, all at the same table. We funded research on the IT impact of what they voted to be their industry’s major issues. Our sales teams became the point of customer contact for a valued ecosystem based on ideas, best practices, problems and solutions. After our banking industry thought leaders forum in Italy, we invited attendees to dinner at a wonderful little family-run trattoria on a quiet cobblestone street in a hilltop village near Milan. Jeff Bartman is managing partner at Ellery Associates, a venture investment and advisory firm. This paragraph is in fact a pleasant one it helps new the web visitors, who are wishing in favor of blogging. I started working on a new version of a marketing landscape that will be released early next month.
One thing in particular that has surprised me in my research is how much the marketing automation category has expanded. A new wave of vendors have launched in this space — the second-generation of marketing automation: Bislr, Leadsius, inBoundio, Whatsnexx, Intercom, Inbox25, and more.
I’ll have more — a lot more — to rant say about categories and labels when I release the new landscape. And there’s yet another counter-narrative, with more specialized kinds of marketing automation receiving more attention — in particular, marketing automation designed for channel and partner marketing, companies such as TreeHouse, Marketing Advocate, Zift Solutions, and others. In turn, this emerging channel marketing automation category is intertwining with many marketing resource management (MRM) vendors. But the truth is, despite all this competition, the market for marketing automation solutions — if we use that label loosely — is large and growing larger. As David points out, the math would suggest that we’ve only seen about 5% adoption of the potential market.
Which is why I believe we’re going to see a super-collider effect of marketing automation in 2014. Read this post from Jay Famico of SiriusDecisions on How Marketing Automation Has Evolved in 2013. A negative side effect of the overlaps between WEM and Marketing Automation platforms is the confusion it will create for marketers who need to select software. In my experience marketers are often buying platforms for an element of the total functionality offered (e.g. On the whole, I believe the positives will outweigh the negatives: more innovation, more price competition, more specialization to better suit different kinds of businesses, and more incentive for open APIs, especially around customer data records.
I’ll have a category for Content Marketing, in which you guys are clearly one of the stars. Having been around since 1998, and always having considered ourselves as a technology company that understands marketing well, we have witnessed the inception and growth of our corner of the martec ecosystem. Let me know if you want some more information, or any support in mapping more European companies in the sector. Our own theses is that no one Marketing Cloud (Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, others to come to the party) will dominate, it will be a world of multiple marketing, sales, ad tech and other customer facing platforms and tools in each enterprise. For our CMO customers, Integrate is a SaaS-based marketing tech platform that automates and connects media investment and all the corresponding data to marketing systems and processes.

Taking a client-specific approach to sales is easy when using a marketing automation system.
Companies that are not using the best tools to identify qualified prospects are still wasting a lot of time and manpower on cold calls. A marketing automation system will let you know when new  prospects have visited your web pages.
Positive buying decisions can be lightning fast if consumers have access to all of the information they need. Companies get so swept up in their efforts to convert new prospects that they stop paying attention to the people who have actually helped them get where they are. One of the greatest benefits of these platforms, however, is the ability to use email with remarkable results. Tahseen is proved to be a modern proficient in the sphere of photography after completing his masters in banking & finance coupled with couple of jobs as Finance Manager in well reputed companies. Ein Marketing Automation System (vor allem in Kombination mit einem Online-Shop) steigert die Kundenzufriedenheit, den Umsatz und die Kundenbindung. Vor allem in Kombination mit Lead Management leistet Marketing Automation einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Unternehmenserfolg, allerdings nur wenn Marketing und Vertrieb gemeinsam agieren und Sie zudem professionelle Hilfe bei der Einführung und der Schulung Ihrer Mitarbeiter haben. Genauso wie eine Reise erfordert auch Gewinnung neuer Kunden viel Planung und Koordination – und das bedeutet vor allem Arbeit. We’re excited to have him share his experience of how IBM approached marketing under the leadership of legendary CEO Lou Gerstner, who ran IBM from 1993 to 2002. It suggests something from which every ounce of creativity, personality, intimacy, and customization has been sapped. Over 100 companies sell software for customer relationship management, lead generation, contact center, sales force automation, account management, marketing measurement and demand creation.
Or maybe you’ll get the line about how you don’t have the proper alignment between marketing and sales. Nothing escaped Lou’s scrutiny as he transformed, and saved, one of the world’s great companies.
They don’t tell you that they’re a database customer, or a mainframe customer, or a cloud customer. At the point of the strategy arrow now were services, software, architecture, middleware, systems integration, outsourcing, IT strategy & planning, research, partnerships, financing. Roundtables, advisory boards, working sessions with analysts, strategy reviews, forums on the landscape of issues and trends. The results themselves yielded press coverage, building awareness of our role in each industry. He spent most of his career at IBM as a senior marketing executive and was later vice president of marketing and business development at SAP. Marketo had a successful IPO, and its stock has risen by 42% this year to a $1.2 billion market cap. You could argue that products like Intercom are more of an alternative to marketing automation.
Another major category of marketing software — what started out as web content management (WCM) but is evolving into web experience management (WEM) — is increasingly overlapping with the capabilities of products in the marketing automation space (and vice versa). Meanwhile, some marketing automation providers like Marketo are making a strong push to incorporate MRM capabilities into their platforms. As David Cummings wrote earlier this year, the numbers suggest that we’re just at the beginning of the coming wave of marketing automation adoption. This means that the pie can grow tremendously, even as more contenders seek to have a slice. In my opinion, David is one of the best authorities on marketing automation (and related categories), and he’s extremely generous in the depth of his analysis that he provides for free on his blog. If you feel I missed a company that should be represented in one of the categories above, please let me know in the comments. I actually think that’s a good thing for the creative energy of how things are evolving. At the moment, I’m leaning towards having a Personalization category that I thought would be a good place to feature you. Automated marketing responses based on personalization and loyalty rewards would describe what we do better, so I’m curious to see where you would position us. So it would be interesting to see if you will have a better category recommendation for us. For those interested, we have a library of ROI case studies that demonstrate our platform success and also forward-thinking annual reports that we sponsor. There are so many MA platforms that are cropping up, the change in adoption rate still doesn’t make a big difference. As a result, companies have a much better opportunity to produce conversions, build customer loyalty and get an optimal return on their investments.

As a result, you can have impeccable timing when it comes to connecting with these individuals via the phone or email. You actually have the power to control how long the purchasing process takes when using the right marketing automation system.
Through automated marketing systems, however, it is possible for your business to  acquire data constantly on the behaviors and desires of your loyal customers. These tools will make it easier for you to keep in touch with your existing customers and to start converting people even before any other direct contact has been made.
Durch automatisierte Prozesse können sogar mehrstufige Marketingkampagnen geplant, gesteuert und ausgewertet werden.
Sind Sie ein Team an einem Standort oder sind Sie global aufgestellt, mit Teams in unterschiedlichen Ländern? Dafür eignet sich vor allem die Bereitstellung von Content, in Form von Whitepapern, ebooks oder Blogartikeln. Der Initialaufwand zur Einrichtung eines Marketing Automation Systems und der Erstellung von relevanten Inhalten ist sicherlich sehr groß. Can that wonderful family-run trattoria on the quiet little cobblestone street nestled in a hilltop village near Milan automate Grandma’s cooking, with all the elements that make dinner there so special? Out from corporate to the business units came a PowerPoint deck template attached to an email, with blank charts that we were supposed to fill in. We sponsored a Monday staff meeting held by a major bank’s CMO, bringing in breakfast and a well-known journalist to discuss his coverage of Dodd-Frank. The SMB segment of the market is particularly diverse with products that cross boundaries from traditional labels. You could argue that the long-term effect of this may be consolidation, but there’s no doubt that the short-term effect is an expansion of choices in the space.
It’s going to become more important for them to understand the depth of functionality being offered by each part of the product to ensure that the solution is adequate and cost effective. We make it really simple for them to build and launch rich media re-targeting, email, and display campaigns to boost top of funnel leads and accelerate their pipeline. The platform that owns all of the prospect and customer profile, and the interaction data that is generated at every touch point regardless of digital channel, by integrating with the broadest set of third party marketing platforms and tools, stands to reap huge rewards. Marketers will need lots of help to ensure the seamless flow of marketing process, data, and content across their systems so they deliver a superior customer experience on each touch. Personally, I believe that Marketing Automation will be divided in multiple ways: customer type, industry, size, business domain. If you have not been using these innovative resources as part of your overall marketing plan, you are definitely missing out on a vast range of benefits. More importantly, cold calling does not give businesses ample time and opportunity to focus on their existing customers or to better their services or products.  Because cold-calling systems are generally incapable of collecting large amounts of valuable data for future analysis, these efforts can unfortunately be repeated many times and they rarely leave companies any wiser concerning the needs or even the true identities of the people they should be targeting. It is possible to use the data that your software provides to get in touch with consumers while you are still fresh in their minds and while they still have purchase-related questions that need to be answered. This is because your software will help you to anticipate the questions that prospective buyers are going to have and the provided data can also help you to better streamline your answers. This makes it easy for you to create loyalty incentives and programs that will keep these people coming back.  You can also learn more about their satisfaction levels and how these can be improved in a feasible and affordable fashion.
With these tools, email marketing campaigns are not only optimally effective, they are also very easy and inexpensive to design and deploy.
In a 2011 Focus survey, 50% of marketing execs said they haven’t realized the full value of their marketing automation system.
Better to reach the people who count than count the people we reach, as the old saying goes. Certainly making me re-think some of the possible ways that an equilibrium could be reached — and on what time scale that might be. We see ourselves trying to solve the integration challenge in a small way, specifically in the demand generation and lead management phase of the customer life cycle. In a Forrester survey, 47% said they close fewer than 4% of the leads generated by their marketing automation software. In the name of efficiency, let’s standardize, make things uniform, easier, perhaps even achieve economies of scale. However, it’s a little off putting that many automation services are still centered around email and offer little to no cross channeling.

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