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Email is a key business communication tool for interacting with customers, prospective clients and vendors. Industry Sign & Graphics our preferred provider of custom signage and vehicle wraps, has added custom 3D displays that are 100% customizable, incredibly strong and lightweight. If you are like most small business owners and marketers, social media is definitely on your radar and for most, it's a big part of your marketing mix.
All the major social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter) provide you with an enhanced profile page website. The profile page websites provide users improved searchability and allow businesses to promote their brand and feature products, services, events, jobs, and more.
Big name developers like Bungie, Ubisoft, and Treyarch have budgets reaching into the millions, as well as a staff of designers and programmers working around the clock to bring the next blockbuster to your doorstep. We’ve seen a virtual barrage of indie games for consoles and mobile platforms in recent years, combating the staple franchises and old classics of yesteryear with innovative new concepts and ideas that breathe new life into a slumping industry that ebbs and flows like teenage emotions. Updated July 28, 2015 by Brendan Hesse: Updated to include new software and creation engines, and reflected changes to those previously included in the article. First things first, think about what you’re doing before you plow full-steam ahead with your game.
In Q1 2012, Forrester Research released an update on its Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors report. This report is meant to give an overview of how the email service providers stand in relation to each other and how they measure up.
But, as it turns out, only a few enterprise-level email marketers will truly get the value from this report. At the end of 2011 Forrester conducted product evaluations, interviewed 18 email marketers and did an online survey of 74 email marketers to gain client feedback on their vendors and the market. The first part of the report goes into the survey, with questions about the biggest challenges in email marketing, which email tactics are often applied, and what these marketers think is the most important part of the vendor offering.
The email vendor report also includes a table with the most-applied email tactics, split up in daily vs. It becomes more interesting when the marketers rank the different vendor offerings by importance.
The second part of the Forrester report is the actual email marketing vendor wave chart and a table with the wave scores. Forrester decided to narrow the number of vendors included in the report and only looked at enterprise-level email marketing vendors.
The Forrester wave scores the email marketing vendors based on current offering and strategy, and then plots them in a graph.
The truth is that some of the criteria in the 2012 report (like percentage of enterprise clients or main focus market) aren’t shared by marketers that are selecting an Email Service Provider.
It might be interesting to note that we could not find a dedicated press release by Epsilon Interactive, but Golden Lasso, although just mentioned in one line in the report, did seize the opportunity to inform the world about it. Forrester has made the Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors 2012 into a report that is usable (but certainly not complete) for American email marketers looking for an enterprise-level solutions.
Over the last several years, Marketing Operations has been defined by me, by IDC, and by SiriusDecisions. So what does this mean for those of us who have long labeled ourselves Marketing Operations? These changes won’t cause chaos; instead, a new order has evolved – a new way to think about and organize Marketing.
The increase in the number of vendors who supply software to Marketing (approximately 110 at last count), the companies that help them deliver that software, and client organizations’ ultimate desire to train their own teams to fill all of these roles, means that the market is paying a premium for data driven, tech savvy marketers. The current wave of entry-level employees, Generation Y, is, according to Wikipedia, “generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies”. There is no one course you can take to become a highly coveted 21st century marketer, but there are lots of options. If you are an established marketer with strong people management skills and an understanding of the market you serve, then stay abreast of trends and know enough to understand the complexity of the tasks you assign.
If you are a Marketing Operations practitioner with a focus on demand generation, analytics or digital asset management, for example, consider delving even deeper into your field. If you are new to Marketing, or come from a creative Marketing function and you want to get in on this new wave, start by working out how to measure the effectiveness of what you do. Marketing Operations is the function responsible for marketing performance measurement, strategic planning and budgeting, process development, professional development, and marketing systems and data.
Marketing Operations refers to the capabilities that support marketing performance measurement, strategic planning and budgeting, process development, professional development, marketing automation and data management. Though share of “Art” in marketing is always bigger but over the years, a lot of changes have taken place, which have increased the share of “Science” in the field of marketing. Anyways, we’re always looking for ways to elaborate on the practice of marketing performance management and who usually takes it on.
So the days of system model customization are over, unless you land a gig at a very forward-thinking shop. Testimonials“Larissa is an industry expert in all aspects of marketing operations, metrics, automation, and transformation. If you’re a typical businessperson, sending and receiving emails throughout the day, you’re probably wondering how the other 15% communicate! But many businesses are overlooking one easy way to use email to boost their marketing efforts: maximizing email signatures. It’s an incredibly bustling market, one that frequently brings in more revenue than movies, and propels video games into the mainstream consciousness without ever batting an eye.

Journey, the stunning adventure game for the PlayStation 3 from developer thatgamecompany, took home six out of 10 awards at the 2013 Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco.
Making an innovative and groundbreaking game is just as difficult as creating a hit song, if not more.
I had no previous experience crafting video games, nor did I invest any money into making the project, but it’s a working video game I can write home about after a mere 10 hours of trial-and-error tinkering. It may not be a necessary step if you are just tinkering, but it’s one we highly recommend if you want your game to contain at least an ounce or so of substance. And since we’ve recently become completely obsessed with coffee here at DT (seriously, our new coffee machine is so sophisticated it may become sentient and try to take over the world), I thought it fitting to throw that in the mix as well. Forrester announced the acquisition of New York City-based JupiterResearch in July 2008 and then went on to release “The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Service Providers” in December 2009. The first part shows three graphs based on a survey conducted with 74 email marketers, all of whom are customers of the six vendors included in the Email Marketing Forrester Wave report. Over the course of 2012, many of MOCCA’s most senior Marketing Operations professionals have lost their jobs, along with several others who carry the title.
Shaped by SiriusDecisions’ language around the conjoined Marketing and Sales process for moving prospects through a funnel or pipeline, Demand Centers have been built by companies ranging from HP and Cisco to Dow Jones, Motorola, DexOne, and Sage. All marketers are expected to know how to optimize process, leverage technology, and measure the return of their efforts. This new alignment crystallized for me as I studied the evolution of the marketing automation market. This requires a routine of reading, sharing best practices with your peers, and attending one or two conferences a year. Try to get beyond counting the number of things that get done and find a way to measure impact.
This work permeates Marketing and includes demand generation and the alignment of Marketing with Sales. I myopically worried about what this change would mean to MOCCA, an organization devoted to the exchange of ideas between Marketing Operations professionals. In such competitive times and thanks to variety of tools available, marketers are being asked to show the ROMI and continuously optimize the marketing spend. The need to build an infrastructure that will ultimately carry the message to the right person is a technical need.
She is the penultimate professional in this arena, and works to advance her clients projects, with high impact and value for the organization.
Other hit titles, like Bastion and Minecraft, continue to showcase just how powerful indie gaming has become in recent years. I chose to keep the game short for the sake of the article, offering only one level and few obstacles as part of my video game endeavor – but I also knew that I wanted to expand it down the line. Second is the integration with other online tools, and third is the automation of next-best action. Even if they are among the select fortune 1000 companies that Forrester is aiming at, the last selection criteria, “prominence in client conversations,” seems a bit out of place for an industry report. To illustrate: MOCCA (Marketing Operations Cross-Company Alliance), the leading association for Marketing Operations professionals, was founded in May 2006 with 55 members and now boasts over 1,000 members.
And yet demand for Marketers who understand process, technology and data is greater than ever. These teams are typically centers of excellence that have global responsibility for executing campaigns. Looking at the way software companies have organized their offerings for marketing has helped me see that Corporate Communications, Branding and Advertising, Global Programs, and Reporting and Analytics are gradually being replaced by Demand Generation, Resource Management, and Measurement. Meet with your peers and share not just best practices but templates, methodologies, taxonomies, etc. If the terminology puts us in jeopardy of losing our jobs, does it make sense to rename or even dissolve MOCCA? We really need to have such professionals who can add the touch of “science” to the marketing activities. Art will always be the “essence” of marketing but what is interesting to see is this essence now rests on the “foundation” of data or what we call as “Marketing Operations”. Most of our engagements are precisely as you said – to provide our specialized skill set to build an infrastructure that will ultimately carry the message the the right person, in the right way, and at the right time. But then also this year since joining a company that built a marketing measurement tool, I’m also seeing Marketing Analysts. She works to get things done in the project, and pushes to look beyond the scope of today’s project to make sure that the longer term impact can be realized.
We are in no way suggesting that just anyone can sit down and make a game like Super Meat Boy or Limbo off the bat. You can easily get stuck in this pattern forever. Visualize the kind of game you want to make, but make sure it is within your limitations as an amateur game designer. The plot fluctuated from time to time, but it always revolved around our CEO Ian Bell reclaiming the captured espresso machine at the end of the level and garnering points through coffee mugs.
Proprietary offices around the world is deemed least important, but not all email marketers surveyed work for an international company. While they may not define the messages or write the copy, they are responsible for the ever more technical job of converting content into emails, newsletters, and landing pages.

It means there are now more people who understand our language and can compare apples to apples with us. Look at technologies that are available to automate your workflow and study each vendor’s content. On closer consideration, however, I think it makes sense to clarify that today’s Marketing Operations professionals carry a wider variety of titles and sit in all parts of Marketing. This “enables” marketers to make their decisions with more confidence as they have the strategic and data driven insights. Field of marketing operations has added the “strategic”angle to marketing, which I consider is of great value.
These are the competencies, which the field of Marketing Ops brings to the table, and supports the marketers. Just goes to show that orgs are no longer complacent with marketing depts being siloed cost centers. The majority will go plain vanilla and subscribe to a tool provider, hire or train a tool user and fund – what else? However, making a playable game is not as insane as you might think; it just takes a little bit of time and patience. The cliche spikes and flame-throwing baddies were a must, as was that over-the-top 8-bit rendition of the Requiem for Dream theme (credit of Joel Pollanen). It does give a nice roundup of what Forrester thinks are the future tactics that an email marketer could consider when selecting an Email Service Provider.
Now jobs are a hybrid of what they used to be, requiring people to understand what message to deliver, to whom, and in what way.
And I hate to say it, but consider blogging or at least initiating or participating in online groups that focus on your specialty.
Find other people who do what you do and talk to them about how they automate process and measure impact. Instead of coming from PR or branding backgrounds, they typically come from Finance, IT, Sales Operations and other analytical or process-oriented roles. This partnership has done wonders & will continue to achieve even bigger feats in coming times as marketing has become all the more “social” & “mobile” – in short more data driven!
Including these roles encourages marketing to work in tandem with IT and Sales, with data-driven results.
That’s where marketing automation technicians will find their fit and incrementally no longer within the Marketing department per se.
Chances are, they also understand database marketing and can pull clean lists from one or more marketing database. But now there are more people focused on it, and increasingly, we are speaking the same language. Remember you can always expand later and change things later, but having the basics locked down will help.
And they know how to track and measure the effectiveness of their campaign once it’s been launched. She knows and understands marketing operations and will help drive excellence around the people, processes and technologies that are required for a best in class marketing operations organization. She has domain expertise in data, performance metrics, process development, planning & budgeting, technology, and benchmarking. Larissa has a deep understanding of how all the pieces of the demand generation puzzle should fit together, and is especially skilled at advising large global enterprises.
Her methodology ensures that her clients get the functionality they need—and a partner they can work well with. We checked to see how long our company was around, at the time it was nine years old and now it’s 15. The excellence of their work, years of experience and keen insights make them one of the best in their field.”Carlos Hidalgo, PresidentThe Annuitas Group“Marketing Operations Works provided Equinix with industry knowledge, expertise and useful templates to align marketing with sales, document global processes and stay on our path to a global Marketo implementation. What is the product and service you would be selling.Is the product and service in high demand? For instance we offer services that people are already using every day and paying for anyway, but at a lower cost.
Things like Local and Long distance telephone services, Internet, video phones, digital phones, cellular phones through all the major cellular providers.
When money gets tight, would they keep your service or be able to run to the store and be able to purchase them on sale?
Leaving you to have to wait until they run out of what they just purchased, or wait until their finances get settled? This is what I mean by high demand.So many different things to check out in making sure a business is a good one to get involved in. If the business feels right to you, and all questions are answered and you feel good about it, then I’d say jump in.
You have to treat it like it’s your child and not just something your going to try you have to believe in the product and service and go at it full force.

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