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International Monetary Management is written from two distinct parts: the focus on the basics and focus on the management perspective.
Totally revised and updated, marketing strategy, continue to 5th with a single goal: to teach students to believe and act as distributors.
Now on its 4th edition (although my copy is the 3rd edition), this was really my go to guide throughout my dissertation and probably my degree as a whole. Perhaps not an obvious selection on many marketers’ list of reading, but in my opinion and certainly for the writing of my dissertation it was vital. This book, similar to the Principles of Marketing is suitable for both newbies and more experienced marketers.
Kudos to Joe Griffiths who inspired me to write this after his post on marketing process with internal blog content. Mike's background is in Business and Marketing Management, with experience both client and agency side in demanding industries such as tourism, entertainment, finance, B2B and FMCG. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The following marketing books have helped me look at companies, brands and marketing from a different perspective. Understanding the six scientifically validated principles of influence (reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus) will make it easier for you to create and test different marketing strategies and campaigns. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who lacks a huge marketing budget but has lots of creativity, this book is most certainly for you. Unlike Marketing Management, the above mentioned marketing books are enjoyable and easy to read.
Krisz Rokk is an international marketing consultant helping business owners and corporations increase client retention and boost profits.

Savvy business owners want to increase turnover and maximize profits while attracting a steady flow of prospects - the right prospects. The entire book is really well structured and offers step by step insight using a host of real world examples and case studies per chapter. The book is a must read particularly for anyone interested in the green wash, and how companies use ethical practice and factor it in to corporate social responsibility – sometimes without success! Consumer behaviour is certainly the most interesting module that I studied, and this book goes a long way to understanding the importance of people’s behaviour. In my opinion (and as the title suggests) there is a stronger focus on the strategy behind marketing activity which is key particularly if you’re trying to sell in or justify a campaign.
Mike joined the search marketing team at Branded3 in January 2011, and now heads up Branded3's London office as an Account Director.
Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners love to expose themselves to new ways of thinking which is best achieved through reading books, listening to audio tapes and networking. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, we need proven marketing strategies and tactics that can be implemented in order to on board the right customers, increase brand awareness and generate profits. The book is full of stories and case studies to help you understand human behavior and the core process of decision-making. The author reveals tons of low cost and highly-effective marketing concepts to attract more customers and generate sales. I have personally read all of these books and applied the principles I’ve learned numerous times both in my corporate career and as an entrepreneur. Her no BS and straightforward approach enriches those who act on her advice by implementing proven marketing systems and moving away from hype and random acts of marketing. Whether it’s implementing sound marketing systems and processes, crafting a compelling marketing message, or instituting No BS marketing strategies and techniques that are proven to work, StrengthInBusiness has the answers.

The interesting point for me was how you could combine two conflicting theories; marketing encourages consumers to consume more and sustainability encourages consumers to consume less and consume responsibly. This book evaluates the two extremes of the spectrum: from the right, CSR goes against the ethos of free enterprise and trade, while from the left, it helps to control how the business is perceived (fitting in neatly with a PR or communications strategy). Today I’d like to share with you a list of five must-read marketing books for small business owners. Kotler meant with those theories and I guess there’s still loads to uncover in the years to come. This book provides hands-on strategies and examples of how to define your unique selling proposition in order to rock it right from the start.
No matter how brilliant your marketing programs are, if you violate one of the 22 principles you’ll fall flat on your nose.
Either way the book offers great insight, although be prepared for some heavy reading with few uses of imagery or artwork to be found. Creativity will help you crack the code and pick the right marketing vehicles according to the budget you have. Therefore it’s wise to be aware of the following mistakes and avoid them in the first place. Chan Kim and Renee MauborgneCrossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Products to Mainstream Customers , by Geoffrey A.

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