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You can develop better content by setting clear expectations using this B2B content brief template. The main advantage of using this B2B content brief template is better communication of purpose and expectations for any content development project. In our example, Union Coffee needed patrons to know that every time they purchased a cup of joe, 10% went directly to charity. The bad, (mostly bad), comes pouring forth with the occasional shiny piece of beach glass among the ocean of wet sand.

Following a presentation and client blessing, revision and retooling, either a photo shoot is scheduled or stock images bought, and the magic of retouching begins. The more specific you can be in the brief, the more likely you will be happy with the content that is developed. Though Mad Men has done a lot to sexify our profession, absent are the scenes where mind-numb creatives stare blankly at a page as the clock tick, tick, ticks toward the deadline. Wea€™ve seen a variety of flavors; all are one-sheets that detail The One Thing that should happen if the ad is a success.

The trick is to keep at it, knowing when the ideas are exhausted, thata€™s when the breakthrough comes. Wea€™ve omitted the art of the media plan, methodical strategic planning, the entire online revolution of social interaction, etc.

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