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ConceptDraw PROJECT helps to automate product planning, consider all necessary resources and get competent and reasonable work schedule and budget. Use ConceptDraw Project to increase your overall business performance effectively coordinating the planning of projects in your organization. Usage of them is covered by Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives” License. Some clients need help with one-off projects like a new website or brochure promoting their products and services and we love helping them with this type of work. But some businesses need a broader approach to their marketing communications and want to write and implement a communications plan but don’t have the time, knowledge or internal resources to do it themselves. We’ll sit down with you and help you plan your communications activity over a specific timeframe, ensuring you have clear goals and objectives that will achieve the results you are looking for. Once the plan has been written, you can implement the communication activities yourself or we can do this for you. Outsourcing the project management of your marketing communications activities is an ideal solution for busy business owners. Our expertise in marketing communications and our network of suppliers in graphic design, photography and printing makes us well placed to project manage all your communication activities.
All these stories have the potential to catch the eye of the media, whether it is your local newspaper or national press.

Hello there!I love helping businesses and NFPs with their copywriting and marketing communication projects and have worked with organisations across diverse industries from interior design to water conservation. What clients say about our work"We asked Purple Chameleon Communications to create a brochure and website for our business that accurately describes the services we provide. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and can involve a couple of stakeholders and a few tasks, or hundreds of people, across a long period with a multitude of actions and desired outcomes.
Manage and update the task list daily, weekly or monthly – depending on what is most appropriate for your project.
Empower a Project Manager who is responsible for maintaining the action matrix and its updates. Stick to your deadlines, and if a deadline is unfortunately going to be missed and extended – update all stakeholders and be transparent about this.
After you make an order you gone receive by e-mail your login access to the project management platform. The plan will include communications activities that need to be implemented which will vary according to your target audience, the best way to reach them and of course, your budget. If you’re based in Melbourne, we’d love to meet you over a coffee and chat more about our services, obligation free. We’ll work with you to write a media release, identify the best news outlet to distribute it to and maintain a clippings file for you to measure the success of the campaign.

I've done some volunteer work for AFD (Australia for Dolphins), a NFP seeking to stop cruelty to, and gain legal protection for dolphins and small whales and I'm currently doing some communications volunteer work with Palm Oil Investigations (POI). In my opinion the definition of project management is simple – overseeing the successful implementation of a project from inception to completion.
A no brainer really – but ensure all stakeholders are regularly updated and everyone knows and understands their roles.
When executing a project – assuming suppliers, stakeholders and team members are clear on what they are doing and understand timelines is a mistake. Maybe your business has won an award, designed a lifesaving product or raised thousands of dollars for charity.
To find our more, give Ruth a call on 0411 889283 or send your details on our Contact page. However if team cohesion does exist it is up to you to take ownership of the execution – particularly if you are in the role of Project Manager. Understanding that there will be bumps in the road to navigate will leave you well prepared for the challenge.

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