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May 13, 2013 by Stefan Integrated marketing communications are different advertising approaches using varied marketing methods in order to effectively and efficiently achieve the goal of addressing the target market. The product of the business should be well defined, and take note, that it is not limited only to physical goods.
We believe in collaborating with our clients and building a mutual understanding that draws on a wide variety of resources and talent to develop and enhance your business.
With recent advances in video technology bringing down the cost of production, TV commercials are more affordable than ever before.
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Using this combination to convince the demographics to make a decision is what this type of communication is all about. A product could also be a service like a massage, a doctor consultation and many other things.

If your products are innovative, then it is expected that prices would be higher compared to products with less quality and originality. This strategy aims to promote consistency between the four P’s, and each will contribute to the success of the overall promotional effort.
In defining your product, you have to give it a name and you have to identify its features.
The decision will be affected by the demographics of the area and how it fits with your product. If you want brand loyalty, then you may promote your product to customers that you can trust. For example, the price is determined by what product is sold and promotion is influenced by the place where the product will be made available. If the supply is low and the demand is high, the price will be higher but if the supply is high and the demand is low, then the price will be lower.

It is the basic benefit that satisfies the needs and wants of the consumers, otherwise, without it the product won’t exist.
In this technological age there are many tools that can help you find where your product needs to be. Having more channels you can market your product means you are reaching more interested parties. To make your product more marketable, you can augment it by adding additional benefits that the consumer may see valuable.

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