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At NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants we believe collaboration is the driving force behind our imaginative promotional strategies.
Everything we do at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants is motivated by our enthusiasm to stay innovative. It is our mission at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants to produce marketing initiatives that will build long-term relationships between clients and consumers. Teamwork is the key element to our consistent success at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants We have cultivated a team of young professionals with diverse backgrounds who form essential alliances to take brands to the next level.
NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants emerged as an inspired atmosphere for companies to entrust their promotional efforts.
I love marketing books and have hundreds on my bookshelf (as you can see in the photo above). The author wants to give you lots of value and publishers require that books usually be a set minimum length. What you need is a clear mind and deep focus on each one of these 3 steps to execute them properly. The right marketing strategy and approach can literally have your phone ringing off the hook. This is your chance to learn what type of marketing is working best for consultants in 2013. When introducing yourself to prospective clients, you want to open by describing the problem your audience is likely having – the problem that you’ll be able to solve if they hire you. This is the most visible part of marketing your consulting business, but it’s not about promotion and hype. Because your objective is to generate leads, you don’t need or want to tell your whole story. You do want to provide some introductory information about yourself so there is some context for your offer, but this should be minimal. It may surprise you to learn that people don’t respond to award-winning creative, clever prose or flashy design. All that stuff that people like to talk about – and brag about – has little impact on how many of your prospects actually pick up the phone or visit your website.
Granted, good professional design is important to your corporate image and it can help to build your brand, but don’t expect it to produce any leads. For that, you need offers –compelling offers that are appealing to your target market and audience and related in some way to what you do.

Yes, these are offers for retail promotions and direct mail selling – but not for generating leads. That’s why lead generation offers typically include educational information – a free white paper, a how-to guide or a special report covering a topic that is closely aligned to the service you are selling.
These are almost always free offers that are made available to your target audience with very little commitment other than turning over some contact information. If your firm produces articles, reports, research or other helpful information, you likely already have the content you need to produce a number of effective offers.
Consultants are understandably skittish about marketing – especially overt methods of marketing. The vast majority of consultants don’t have prospective clients knocking on their doors – and they can’t afford to wait. As consultants, we would much rather have prospects call us and seek us out.  Our dream was to have a steady flow of serious prospects knocking on our doors with cash in hand.
Some consultants are able to realize this goal, at least in part, by building their reputations through speaking and writing.  By speaking at industry events, writing articles for industry publications and blogs, authoring books in their field and being quoted in the media, these consultants are well known within their fields and often do have prospects waiting to hire them. Back in 2009 one campaign submitted to the International Cannes Advertising Festival stole the show by winning a Grand Prix award in 3 categories (direct, online and public relations). Rohit Bhargava the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at Ogilvy PR did a great write about about this campaign that outlined the 6 main takeaways. Sometimes your marketing and sales efforts, while good intentioned, fall short not because lack of good ideas, but because of lack of implementation.
Just by putting your goals and plans out there you become more accountable and are more motivated to complete them. You know you’re supposed to pick up the phone and call 5 potential consulting clients, but you really hate doing it, so you find a good reason to delay it. When you get really good at what you’re doing it’s usually because you’ve figured out a success system that works. Regardless of what challenges your client is facing, you take them through the system or process you’ve created…and you’re confident it will help them to resolve the problem they are having. This focus allows you to hone your skills in that area and really develop a name for yourself in that specific industry.
The reason why this DOES work is because most industries only apply the strategies and principles that everyone else in their industry applies.
When you bring in a different set of strategies, they often provide significant results because they stand out so much from what everyone else in the industry is doing. Get FREE ACCESS to our 7 day training and learn strategies to grow your business, land more clients and increase your income.

Consulting Success is the leading consulting blog on the net that helps consultants become more successful in their work and lives. When consultants need a hand reaching out to old and new clients by modern means, they call Benchmark Email.
We transform brands into research-backed, promotional masterpieces and create brand awareness, return business, and targeted campaigns so our clients can focus on their core business strategies.
Our team of transcendent, young business leaders works collectively to propel our clients’ brands into the future.
We focus on developing groundbreaking creative campaign that are aligned with current trends and keep our clients ahead of the competition.
With targeted research we ensure a lasting connection is built among brands and the public.
Our experienced team is prepared to listen to your marketing needs and generate a personalized creative strategy that will promote your brand to heights that exceed your highest expectations.
Package and Hop – This is where you package the system and processes that you’ve created, and that have worked so effectively in one industry, and then you take them into another industry. You take your system that you’ve created with all your clients in that industry, and then you enter a different industry, say restaurants, and then apply your systems there. Packed with strategies, techniques and action steps to help you land more clients and increase your income. The blog includes hundreds of articles, case studies, videos, interviews and products for consultants by consultants. A forerunner in helping consulting agencies break away from old forms of media marketing and into the highly profitable, highly affordable medium of email marketing, Benchmark Email has compiled a comprehensive guide for consulting industry professionals.
We are confident our vibrant team of professionals can design a marketing strategy that changes the future course of your brand forever. He earns a low six-figure income and has been working for a well known business publication for several years. We'll show you how to increase subscribers and create actionable strategies for promotions improvement, navigate the waters of online marketing legislation and provide cost-effective and efficient tools for boosting your bottom line.

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