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We have a thriving entertainment practice as well as a number of nonprofit clients who turn to us for events.
On April 2, the SEC officially announced that companies can use Twitter and other social media channels to communicate shareholder news, ending an exhaustive debate. Way back when Google first started they created an algorithm to rank web content based on relevance and citations.
Digestive Care Consultants (DCC) is based in Torrance, California with satellite clinics in Manhattan Beach and San Pedro. We provide outpatient procedures at the Endoscopy Center at SkyPark, and inpatient care at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center and the Little Company of Mary and San Pedro Hospitals.
At NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants we believe collaboration is the driving force behind our imaginative promotional strategies. Everything we do at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants is motivated by our enthusiasm to stay innovative. It is our mission at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants to produce marketing initiatives that will build long-term relationships between clients and consumers. Teamwork is the key element to our consistent success at NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants We have cultivated a team of young professionals with diverse backgrounds who form essential alliances to take brands to the next level.

NYG Strategic Marketing Consultants emerged as an inspired atmosphere for companies to entrust their promotional efforts. It’s great news for social-savvy companies, but there are some important considerations all public companies should be mindful of if they are going to take advantage of the ruling. The migration of commerce to the web and mobile devices is about much more than the tax-free percentage shaved off in online shopping carts. Last year I chronicled 10 of the most outlandish fees that airlines charge, ranging from a $450 overweight international baggage fee for American Airlines, to Hawaiian Airlines, which will charge $175 just to bring your pet on board. DCC is a partnership of physicians who practice together providing expert, comprehensive gastrointestinal care along with our nursing staff and office personnel who work as a team to insure the best possible care for our patients.
We transform brands into research-backed, promotional masterpieces and create brand awareness, return business, and targeted campaigns so our clients can focus on their core business strategies.
Our team of transcendent, young business leaders works collectively to propel our clients’ brands into the future. We focus on developing groundbreaking creative campaign that are aligned with current trends and keep our clients ahead of the competition. With targeted research we ensure a lasting connection is built among brands and the public.

Our experienced team is prepared to listen to your marketing needs and generate a personalized creative strategy that will promote your brand to heights that exceed your highest expectations. But the transition to an omnichannel sales-tax system will hardly be seamless, at least according to opponents of the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act.
While the resources available will not be a blueprint for your next campaign, they can offer insights, ideas, recommendations, advice, examples, personal experiences, and much more. We are confident our vibrant team of professionals can design a marketing strategy that changes the future course of your brand forever. In this huge new experiment in regulating interstate commerce, they say small online businesses will wind up playing the guinea pigs.

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