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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. First Apex International firms offer strategies of marketing consulting services with business growth. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This article provides useful resources related to consulting firms' three highest priority marketing activities -- thought leadership, planning and online content. I recently came across a research report from 2010 on marketing consulting firms in the new decade by Source for Consulting. Jason Mlicki recently released an article on How to Evolve from Content Marketer to Thought Leader as well as a podcast with Jeff Durocher on Making Thought Leadership Work in Consulting Firms which do a good job delving into this subject.
I’m a firm believer that progressive planning is the only beneficial use of time within a consulting firms marketing team. What I am saying is that annual plan should be built with holes in it to fill in over time.
How you present your thought leadership online today needs to be taken very seriously if you’re a consulting firm. First, you need to be thoughtful about the diversity of content you present around a topic. Enroll in our Online Learning Program to learn everything you need to know to attract clients online. The sector still is growing ahead of global economic growth, which stood at 3.2 percent in 2012.
Twenty-two firms are spearheading the global EC industry, together accounting for 44 percent of the total market, the report says.

Only the top two players — CH2M Hill and Tetra Tech — are able to boast overall market shares in excess of 5 percent, the report says. Environment Analyst forecasts the global EC market will reach $31.7 billion in the next five years. The US environmental consulting and engineering industry grew 4 percent in 2012, generating total revenues of $28.8 billion, according to Environmental Business Journal’s annual review of this environmental business segment published earlier this month. The compliance challenges that entities such as chemical, energy, or mining companies face are seemingly endless – and endlessly complex. Our firms that help clients achieve enduring, demand-driven growth through brand building, marketing and innovation.
One element of the report I found fascinating was the disconnect between where management thought their marketing teams were spending their marketing effort vs. The one element not covered in those two posts was the value of upstream marketing and aligning it with thought leadership. As much work as it is for you to develop high quality thought leadership, you need to invest an equal amount of resources in how you present and publish it to your website so you get the best return from your investment.
We developed the Content Marketing Wheel to help our consulting firm clients think about how to develop the right mix of short-form content to attract clients and deeper, interactive content to engage them. You should think through what you believe the conversion process looks like for clients in the earliest stages of their journey relative to those who are closer to hiring a firm for a proect. Leading the US environmental C&E market by revenues in 2012 were CH2M Hill, followed by AECOM Technology and URS. And because the word “compliance” means different things to different people, there are various ways to consider the state of being in compliance. In order to create and maintain support for our client's stock, FAI effectively targets both of these markets.

If you ask me, the most critical elements in this list where mid-tier consulting firms struggle most are thought leadership, planning, and online content. Develop themes based on what’s topically relevant and then identity the thought leadership that will be created, online content to be produced, supporting collateral needed, PR angles, and tradeshows to distribute the story. What set of call-to-actions need to be made and associated with each type of content to move the buyer through the funnel? And then aligning that difference with where they actually should be putting their efforts. Marketing plans need to be built, evaluated, adjusted, and re-evaluated consistently throughout a year.
A great place to start crafting your expertise is with open communication between your marketing department and your team of consultants. Work with your consultants to uncover your clients' true issues and how those align with your firm’s differentiators.
Feel free to overhaul the strategy if needed, adjust tradeshow schedules, introduce new messaging, etc. It’s where you can spend the time to adequately interview your consultants to understand the recent issues clients have faced. You can also complete your market research to align what your team of consultants is saying relative to what the market is saying. And then develop your strategy to best position your firm over the next 12 months both from an upstream marketing standpoint (reaching people more in the product development phases) as well as from a downstream marketing standpoint (consulting firm validation phase).

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