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Qlik Market provides a wide array of products targeted at organizations with specific needs across various industries.
Qlik has a robust partner ecosystem that can provide additional support and services to grow your business with the Qlik Platform. The Cloudbridge Marketing Dashboards can substantially help you increase the success of your off- and online marketing campaigns. Current budget outlines, resource allocations, campaign performance, response rates, lead funnel, nurturing, scoring, pipeline health and much more – all available at your fingertips, with the latest information for perfect marketing controlling.
Dynamic views on all issues allow you and your teams to ideally manage lead generation and assure effective handover to sales.
The Marketing Dashboard is the right tool for marketing managers as well as for every marketing employee, responsible for only one campaign or channel. No matter what system you use today, whether CRM, ERP, databases or Excel sheets – we reveal all relevant information in a transparent, consolidated and easy to use frontend.
With years of consulting experience for major ICT companies our focus is the consulting of marketing and sales organizations, concept and dashboard development for delivering high-quality controlling instruments and methods for all marketing, sales and partner activities.
The predefined Cloudbridge dashboard applications include proven methods and KPIs for all major processes and tasks.
With the Cloudbridge performance dashboards all marketing, sales and partner employees are enabled to effectively drive your business.
Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leader in data discovery delivering intuitive solutions for self-service data visualization and guided analytics.
Tremendous enhancements have been done to improve the user’s experience within the system and to give managers the tools they need to perform, measure and improve processes. This new tab component allows displaying multi-list reports, graphical charts or KPIs in tabs.
With one click, you can drill down on charts to view, filter or sort data and finally build powerful excel reports. The new Intelligent Relationship Manager tool will automatically suggest new contacts to be added in the CRM. You can now share email templates with your teams and send formatted mass emails directly from the CRM.
With the new email tracking module, you know who has opened your emails and you can prioritize calls based on this information. The calendar displays many lists with different colors in an aggregated view, like daily meetings, projects and marketing events. The new sales dashboard provides the tools you need to better track sales activities and improve results.

The lead tracking system is a visual system that helps sales people track leads with important KPIs such as how many days the lead is open, what is the lead value (based on your own criteria). The new email marketing module enables you to send thousands of emails to your targeted contacts. Customer requests will be automatically tracked in the system, whether sent per email or from the BPA helpdesk solution. BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. When you first log in, you find an overview dashboard for all your online marketing activities.  In addition to the overview and performance metrics for each aspect of your online marketing activities, detailed metrics are provided in separate dashboards (noted on the tabs).
Discover if your social media outreach is resulting in additional traffic to your website and generating quality leads.
Per avere un’analisi piu approfondita, gli utenti potranno passare alla versione premium (con un costo di 10 dollari al mese) utilizzando una serie di strumenti e visualizzare altri parametri a pagamento, aggiungendo cosi altri servizi specifici al pannello standard. Much has been written within the world of marketing about dashboard design and how to effectively bridge the gap between metric identification and marketing initiative success. Although business intelligence (BI) vendors offer departmental solutions that merge customer analytics with product information and financial performance, there seems to be the feeling among some marketers that BI doesn’t offer the same depth of analysis offered by their marketing analytics counterparts. What options are available to marketers within (a) pure marketing dashboards, and (b) BI based dashboards or analytics?
Part 1 of this article explores the perceived gaps, with Part 2 looking at the options available and how an organization should evaluate which solution suits their requirements.
Pat LaPointe, managing partner and MarketingNPV, defines a marketing dashboard “as a collection of what are believed to be the most critical diagnostic and predictive metrics, organized in a way to promote the recognition of patterns of performance.” The goals of effective marketing dashboard design might include the identification of proper metrics, metrics alignment with financial performance, marketing campaign success measurement, etc.
The problem with marketing dashboard design is that the rules required to make marketing information actionable and to tie that information to actual corporate performance are different. Part 2 will identify the differences of dashboard design within each category and help organizations identify which solutions are more tailored to their specific requirements.Copyright 2008 - Dashboard Insight - All rights reserved.
Met het online marketing dashboard van Cervino Marketing behoort schakelen tussen allerlei accounts met statische data tot het verleden. Voor de meest populaire databronnen hebben wij kant-en-klare dashboards ontwikkeld. From brand awareness to lead conversion - for CMO as well as for your marketing teams: The right KPIs and relevant views help you to streamline your marketing processes, follow your campaigns and boost your Return on Marketing Investment.
The control of your marketing spendings, campaign performance and marketing steering is, therefore, greatly simplified.
They are not only very efficient, aesthetic and intuitive but also quickly adaptable to your individual needs and data model. Qlik is not responsible for: (a) the quality of third party products or services or (b) fulfilling any of the terms of your agreement with such third party, including delivery of products or services and warranty obligations related to purchased products or services. Approximately 33,000 customers rely on Qlik solutions to gain meaning out of information from varied sources, exploring the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas.

The customer dashboard gives instant insights on customer’s satisfaction, top or neglected customers. Incoming and outgoing emails will be automatically tracked in the CRM regardless of the device you’re using. Projects with associated activities, emails and documents will be linked with your customer database.
BPA delivers business solutions, web part bundles, mobile solutions and cloud services that empower organizations to build closer relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. Whether you are responsible for overall marketing results, want to refine the message on individual web pages by analyzing entrance, exit and bounce rates, or are trying to improve the return on your paid search budget by analyzing Ad Group and Keyword performance, you will see the relevant information you need. Riporteranno le statistiche sul ranking dei principali motori di ricerca, le informazioni sulla propria reputazione online, i dati sulle visualizzazioni delle pagine social ed il traffico web sul proprio sito. On the flipside, marketers’ information may not be detailed enough to be presented in a way conducive to BI because of the lack of a full picture of sales, marketing campaign affects on customers, etc. Generally, the information required within a marketing dashboard might include a cross-section and convergence of customer, product, sales, market trends, pricing, partner channels, etc. Slimme dashboards met data uit Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Adwords, E-mail en CRM. The Cloudbridge Marketing Dashboard can be tailored to your needs – the setup is a matter of days! Cloudbridge dashboards can integrate all relevant data sources and systems (like Excel, CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation etc.). The link to this site does not represent an endorsement of the site or any products therein by Qlik.
This tool is based on a proven lead qualification methodology and experienced good practices.
Campaign statistics like open rate and click rate will be automatically synched back in your CRM. BPA’s SharePoint solutions includes the award-winning SharePoint CRM as well as Quality and Risk management. This information is more diverse, complicated, and not always as quantifiable in relation to the traditional forms of BI related dashboards, such as sales, project, or employee performance. The BPA SharePoint web part bundles give developers a wide range of integrated web parts to accelerate development to create a unique user’s experience with SharePoint.

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