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For many entrepreneurs, understanding how to measure and assess the success of their marketing efforts is a bit of a mystery.
When a potential customer is asking about your products or services, be sure to ask him where he heard about you. To drill down on this method even further, create a unique URL for each marketing medium you choose for your campaign. This entry was posted in General Marketing and tagged, marketing, marketing strategy, marketing tactics, ROI, tags, unique URLs on February 4, 2015 by Jill Celeste. VisitScotland were seeking insight into how effective their direct marketing campaigns were at communicating to their UK and international customers. To find out this information, BDRC took a representative sample of customers who either received the VisitScotland mailer or E-Zine, or used the website.
These ROI figures were utilised by senior management within VisitScotland as well as externally by Local Government offices.
A senior researcher who provides organisation-changing insights to clients within the tourism, travel and leisure sectors. You post on Facebook, send emails, go to networking meetings – but how do you know which marketing tactic is working the best?
For example, if you are promoting a free webinar, create a unique URL for your Facebook posts, tweets, email campaign and flyers. Of particular interest to them was how individual campaigns had stimulated visits to Scotland and the particular ROI contribution each made.

These customers were surveyed immediately after each campaign to investigate the impact of the campaign and their holiday taking behaviour in Scotland.
New marketing approaches such as more online communication in campaigns were developed from the detailed understanding of the effectiveness of individual campaigns provided by BDRC. However organizations have been struggling to keep up with the data deluge and digital dominance. Big brands have sophisticated tracking methods to measure their marketing effectiveness, but you don’t need drop a bundle to do the same.
As you enter each contact individually, or are importing them from a file, assign a tag to each contact that designates where you “met” this person.
Then, you can compare the stats from each unique URL to see how they fared against each other. The carefully designed set of questions which measured trip taking behaviour, spend, advertising awareness and campaign influence enabled BDRC to calculate the ROI for each individual campaign. These new approaches helped VisitScotland design more effective future campaigns and preserve Scotland’s reputation as a ‘must visit’ destination. Disconnected data environments, technology deployment in silos and the lack of a holistic marketing analytics strategy has presented a new set of challenges to CMOs today.
If you do ask on a form, make sure to give them a lot of options – but do not include an “other” blank. For example, when I enter email addresses from guest speaking gigs, I create a tag for that presentation and date, and then each person gets this tag.

With the right information, you can fine tune your marketing messages and mediums, selecting the right tactics to reach your audience at the lowest cost possible. This tag becomes part of the contact’s record, so you can trace the referral source as they make purchases from you. BRIDGEi2i’s technology accelerators enable operationalization of marketing analytics processes, ensuring better effectiveness, marketing ROI and long term focus on business outcomes. Benefits ofMSC Drive better Marketing Visibility Enhance Customer Share of Wallet Enhance Customer Experience Drive Marketing Performance & ROIFor a CMO marketing visibility, customer experience, more revenue per customer and marketing effectiveness are key aspects for improving ROI. Enterprises today are already invested in marketing analytics infrastructure, tools and capabilities to some extent. We use our popular SOLVE – SIMPLIFY – SUSTAIN approach to solve complex marketing problems and help clients get most out of their marketing analytics investments. We understand the marketing data environment, innovate around futuristic trends such as marketing automation, digital, mobile, social and personalization, and build depth in capabilities around core data, research, and visualization, to deliver the impact CMOs are looking for. Use a personalized recommendation engine to improve your targeting efforts? Learn More Marketing Effectiveness: Do you have visibility to the key deliverables expected from your marketing initiatives?

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