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Marketing activities cannot be set up and carried out without making reference of the overall environment in which the company and, more generally, the organisation operates.
The marketing environment course will enable you to fully understand how the micro- and macro- environments in which every organisation operates may represent opportunities or threats for the business and how to most adequately relate to them. The course is aimed at those who wish to acquire a specific competency in marketing environment strategic analysis.
In line with the Rome Business School’s general approach and the best international standards, the course is designed with the aim of providing excellent training with an emphasis to its concrete application in the job, professional and company markets.
Therefore, the course involves both mainly one way teaching phases – to accurately transfer the reference conceptual models – and practical application sessions aimed at developing your operational and management capabilities.
Your progress in the subjects taught will be tested and consolidated through exercises related to actual managerial cases. Our teachers are renowned trainers and managers who come from a multitude of operational and professional environments.
All participants in this course will be provided with a wealth of documentation, including slide presentations, case studies and exercises. Participation in the Master’s course entitles you to be enrolled in the Rome Business School Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences and projects. Over the decades, multinational firms have looked abroad for inexpensive sourcing and cheap labor.
China has held this position for a long time, but as the country becomes more developed and hyper-connected, labor costs and the costs of procurement are becoming expensive compared to other countries in the area. This growing group of consumers gives multinational firms a new set of reasons why they want to enter into the China market. The countries in the Middle East used to be vast deserts with oil filled land and war torn countries, but the times they are a changing! The United Arab Emirates is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. The 2022 FIFA World Cup of Soccer will take place in the country of Qatar, situated next to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Companies must make a big effort to get to know this consumer and how to best reach them through their advertising in the most authentic ways possible.
Searching for deals, sitting in lines, rushing to the entrance, fighting off others for the best new tablet or flat screen TV; that’s what Americans do the day after Thanksgiving.
Winning the wallets of consumer during the holiday season is a yearlong goal for most companies. In the global scheme of shopping holidays, “Black Friday” is only a small portion of the money being generated around the world from similar made up traditions.
In India, the favored day to splurge on shopping is “Friendship Day”, which is the first Sunday in August. A word for the marketers in the world’s multinationals: Look beyond Black Friday and understand how to position your brand or product to the other money-making-made-up-ridiculously-profitable holidays the world celebrates. The buzzword lately has been sustainability, but most people have different definitions of the word and some are unsure of it’s meaning altogether. This is the question that haunts markets when deciding if they should promote the environmental and social strides forward their companies are making. In England, only 39% of the population said they would buy one product over another due to sustainability factors, compared to the global average of 54%.
The educated consumer has high expectations for businesses and assumes that most companies are being held accountable to some extent about supply chain practices and socially ethical issues.
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Land-Grant Institution The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture was founded as, and remains a land-grant institution, offering access to knowledge and learning for citizens and students throughout the Commonwealth. Firms are affected by lots of different things; a firm's marketing environment is made up of all of the things that affect the way it operates.
The micro environment is made up of factors that are close to the firm and affect it on a 'day to day' basis; usually these factors interact with the firm or are involved in the same industry. Firms should not concern themselves too much about which of the three categories a factor fits into. All components, players and forces of the micro- and macro- environments will be analysed in detail and, through examples and concrete cases, the strategic options for reacting and adapting to environmental dynamics will be studied. Getting close to this demographic is very important and could be looked at as imperative to sustain long-term success in a global market.
The twenty plus cities that make up the Middle East are trying to rid themselves of the turmoil they have been experiencing and enter into the world marketplace as a people of dominant purchasing power.
Sitting on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is home to the world famous city Dubai with its massive skyscrapers and enormous super malls. The World Cup generates an obscene amount of publicity and economic growth for the cities where it is hosted.
Many of the cultures in the Middle East are more conservative than western countries like the United States and require advertising that meets these conventional attributes. It’s our “Black Friday” tradition to fight other people in our community for the best deals, and yes, some even physically fight for their prizes. American retailers are now also honoring other must-buy holidays such as “Grey Thursday” and “Cyber Monday.” In preparation for this week of spending, top brands kick their marketing campaigns into high gear. While doing my own Black Friday shopping (online of course, I hate lines) I wondered if others around the world also took part in this celebration of commerce. In Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan one of the biggest shopping days is known as “White Day.” White Day is one month after Valentine’s Day on March 14th.
It is rumored that the founder of Hallmark, Joyce Hall, started this holiday but no one really knows for certain.
It was started by college students in the 1990s that wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but didn’t have a significant other. People want their products to be high in quality and low in price, but do they care if they are sustainable? In a perfect world, customers would only buy the most sustainable products regardless of the cost to better the people and the planet. This consumer perceives sustainability as being a piece of the quality puzzle and thinks about these ethical concerns as another measuring point that can be compared to functionality, performance, and design. Our college will use this website to deliver to you information regarding the new logos and how to best use them in your printed and web materials. Our research, teaching, and extension programs are part of a national system that maintains a statewide presence and links local, state, and global issues. Some of the factor's in a firm's marketing environment can be controlled by the firm but some are uncontrollable. Examples include employees, company policy, capital assets, the firm's structure and the firm's products (materials). Micro environment examples include customers, banks and trade unions as they all interact with the firm.
Instead firms should ensure that they have correctly identified all of the factors which make up their marketing environment and plan how to manage them for the firm's benefit. Every marketing manager must therefore be fully aware of the marketing environment and be able to analyse it and relate to it in the most effective and profitable way. Particular focus will be placed upon demographic, technological and cultural trends which can influence business development. For decades, companies have outsourced their labor to China, which has historically been known to have a vast workforce and strong logistics infrastructure.
This group of workers has an aging population and human resource departments are having difficulties filling positions in this sector once the elderly leave the workforce. At this same time, there will be over 221 cities with over one million people throughout the country. Companies want to localize their product offerings for these people and gaining access to this growing market is a goal that many companies are trying to reach.

Although some countries may not be safe for some to travel, such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, others have thriving economies and millions of consumers with thick wallets and the taste for the finer things in life. The Mall of Dubai attracts an average of 75 million visitors per year and has a strong western presence.
Positioning your brand for this specific segment is must and many multinational brands are seeing the potential of not just this area, but of the educated and adorned people that live there.
Check out this clip from CNN on some common craziness that Americans partake in during Black Friday.
Of course I know they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but everyone loves a good deal and reason to shop right? In these cultures the woman gives the man gifts to show their affection on Valentine’s Day and then on White Day, the men return the favor to their lucky ladies with obligation chocolates and other pleasures. On Friendship Day, the urban people of India shower their romantic friends and even their “besties” with flowers, candies, and gifts of every shape in size. Unfortunately this is not the case and since the global economic crisis in 2008, customers have taken a few small steps backwards. It’s safe to safe they are concerned, but not concerned enough to pay a premium or listen to environmentally friendly ad campaigns from the company of their favorite brand of toilet paper. Firms need to understand their marketing environment so that they can make the most of positive factors and manage the impact of negative factors. Competitors are also part of the micro environment because they are selling competing products, their activity could have a direct impact on the firm's daily business. Micro environment factors could be national or global measures and affect many industries and groups. Compared to a country like India, who also has a large population, the people of China are more educated with a literacy rate of 92% compared to India’s 61%. Reasons behind this include: more educated people that want better paying jobs, people that are aware of the finer luxuries in life and want to take advantage of them, and the one child rule that has crippled the country of some of its younger labor force. This urban expansion has caused companies to move their operations to less costly countries, like ones in South East Asia. Although China may not be the go to country for outsourcing manufacturing needs, it’s 1.3 billion consumers is justification to remain close to this market and infiltrate it before the domestic and international competition.
Multinational brands should look to this country and its surrounding neighbors to start positioning their brands to this large group of consumer that will be in the world’s view in the near future. The online powerhouse retailer Alibaba sold $9 billion of products in 24 hours during Singles Day!
A firm's marketing environment can be split into three parts: internal environment, macro environment and micro environment.
China is more connected, with their 389 million Internet users compared to India’s 61 million.
American brands in all industries are popping up throughout the UAE in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai and they are gaining popularity quickly. The close by country of Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world filled with consumers waiting to buy international products.
For more information about the micro environment and how to analyse a firm's micro environment through a stakeholder analysis, click here.
The reasons above are strong indicators as to why China has been a dominant partner for multination firms across the globe.
Although real estate and rent is high in these areas, the pure volume and quality of consumers is something international firms should not miss out on. They singlehandedly turned these kids idea into a multibillion day for themselves and other companies around the world. Macro environment factors are uncontrollable factors but still influence company strategy. For more information about the macro environment including how to analyse a firm's macro environment through a PEST Analysis, click here.

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