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It is important to make sure that you can gather contextual data that allow you to analyze your customers’ behavior. Mobile marketing analytics is indeed still in embryotic stage and there are not many fully developed tools that you can use to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Email marketing has been around since the early 1990’s and, in fact, predates the internet. These days sending promotional messages via internet based email is bigger than direct mail marketing and has been since 1995. Did you know that 98.8% of all messages get delivered, 23% of recipients open the email, and 5-6% click on links back to your website. Email Marketing is one-to-one marketing – You can and should tailor your message to the individual recipients.
Email marketing is database marketing – You can build and manage your customer databases by setting up lists.
Email marketing is permission marketing – Legitimate email marketing is opt-in marketing; the receiver agrees to accept emails from an entity. Email marketing is frequent marketing – It is important to stay in front of your customers on a regularly basis; ‘drip’ frequent emails to your customer base – once a week, once a month, one mailing at a time. Email marketing is inexpensive – You don’t pay for the number of emails you send out, only the number of email addresses stored in a database. Email marketing is trackable marketing – you can track where your sales come from by tracking referrers in your site statistics. With all that being said, if you don’t consider email marketing to be an important real estate marketing idea, then you need to read this article again. An example of a success story when it comes to internet marketing is a business in our area that was struggling who started doing email marketing.
With 25+ years in sales and management, Lynn Albro is focused on internet marketing for Realtors and small business owners. A successful real estate agent utilizes effective marketing strategies and marketing campaigns to become marketable and retain satisfied clients. At AgentHarvest, real estate agents with a successful track record have an opportunity to continue building their business by becoming an AgentHarvest Elite Agent. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. One thing is certain, you can't do ANY business without implementing a marketing plan. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You can’t sell your listings if your prospects never see your promotions.  That may not be a shock to you, but what are you proactively doing to get your message in front of the right prospects? IMPORTANT: I do not put my name or brokerage on the envelope!  This will sabotage your results.
I have my seller clients approve a just listed letter I wrote for them in THEIR voice.  And after the sale, I send out a just sold letter in their voice. Offer free information for those wanting to buy or sell (must be specific — see my example letters below). When I send out the Just Listed letter, I now have an additional 150 neighbors trying to sell my listing.  I know they’ve opened and read my message, and they also have a specific way to send me leads! Go try this strategy with your listings.  You (and the neighbors around your listings) will be glad you did. A great way to start the year out with new clients is to make a meaningful contact with all of the people you worked with in the previous year. Put the closing statements along with the letter in an envelope, address it to your clients. In January, take your box with all of the addressed and stamped envelopes you’ve accumulated through the year and put them all in the post office.
Side Note: By putting the postage on as you go, it eliminates your having to have one big lump sum for postage – as long as you use the Forever Stamps that work even when postage prices go up.
Wait 2 or 3 days after you mail the packages and then start calling all of the clients you just mailed to.

Transition to question: “It was a pleasure working with you and I find other great clients come from my past clients. The referrals will come either on the first phone call or later if you continue to follow up with a helpful & valuable real estate newsletter each month. Use this “Tax Helper System” along with the letter and follow-up phone script (very important) in January to start each year strong. Here’s a very cool system for reactivating old clients, generating referrals, and building your Power List.
Many agents I know have a drawer full of old clients they simply forgot.  Life gets busy and before you know it, it’s been months (even years) since you last contacted some of your clients. This is an easy way to get back in touch and harvest referrals and repeat business from your network, and this  letter has worked for hundreds of agents all over the world. They may or may not use it, but it’s a stand-out way to remind them that you work by referral. Agents tell me they start getting calls within a few days after this letter goes out.  But you can also follow up by phone 7 days after sending the letter. Going forward, you’ll want to keep in contact in a meaningful way.   I’m not talking about pumpkin seeds or calendars here.
In a previous article, I talked about how “multi-sequence” mailings have a higher ROI than one-shot mailings. If you want an easy way to triple the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it’s your lucky day, because today I’m going to share why multi-sequence mailings are the real “secret” to finally make your marketing work.
Now before you dismiss this as hype… I’ve proven this system myself with 4, multi-million dollar companies including a successful real estate development and brokerage company.
And in most cases, you send it only once, get little to no response and think it’s money flushed down the drain. If you can improve your conversion rate by just 4% – instead of converting 1 out of 50 prospects you now convert 3 out of 50 – your income could TRIPLE. With actual numbers… let’s say your average commission is $4,000, and if you mail to 500 prospects, and only convert 2% (a common response for a direct mail piece).  You would get 10 clients from this mailing, and at $4,000 each, you’ll make $40,000. This type of marketing uses a SERIES of letters, post cards, or emails  sent over a short time period which dramatically increases response. Remember to test your farming pieces on a smaller list before ramping up your efforts to a large group.  You want to know if the offer on the marketing pieces works before spending money to farm hundreds or thousands of prospects. You can continue this process as long as it is profitable for you, but years and years of marketing have proven the “Multi-Sequence” marketing strategy to be very, very profitable.
The letters I provided here should give you an idea on how to create your own farming campaign – only this time, you’ll start making money! If you can detect your website visitors’ browser and system settings, their location and the time they access your website, you can gather enough measurable data to analyze their behavior.
If you have enabled them to access your listings using those apps, try to gather useful data from those apps and analyze their behavior when using those apps accordingly. However, although there are not many tools that you can rely on, there are many analysts who devote their life to discover all potentials of mobile marketing campaign.
Instead of waiting for it to mature, be active and committed in nurturing it and developing your own unique approaches that will surely be beneficial for your mobile marketing endeavor. Businesses quickly figured out that email was not only an effective way to market products and services, but a more cost-effective method than mass mailing advertisements to residences. In fact, 39.4% of marketing professionals said that email marketing was their strongest performing channel in 2009. Compare that you mass mailing advertisements which gets you about a 1-2% return and you know why email is an important real estate marketing idea. The most successful email marketing campaigns offer a product or service that is related to another item purchased.
Do your programming well and you can have your entire email marketing campaign automatically sending the right notices and products for each customer in your database. The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Specializing in SEO and Social Networking, she is a creative problem solver, and loves to help!

On behalf of each client, the real estate agent facilitates the process of qualifying prospective candidates who want to either purchase or sell property. A real estate agent always seeks to build his or her career to improve his or her market knowledge, and advance to higher career stages.
Individuals and businesses can also connect with AgentHarvest to locate the best real estate agents in their local areas. Even if you're just getting started, there is no way to lose when you put yellow letters to work for you. As a realtor trying to do your own mobile marketing campaign, you have to make sure that you do the campaign effectively. If you use email and text messages to communicate with them and to allow them to communicate with you, analyze their language and find out the best verbal expressions to encourage them to be more willing to engage with you. Two quantifiable data that you can gather from those data are their launch and session time.
When the receiver is no longer interested – there are large and noticeable ‘unsubscribe’ links. The day to day activities of a real estate agent involve showing homes, assisting clients with completing contracts, setting up property inspections and doing market analyses. Many of the top real estate agents in each state have built their businesses by developing long-term relationships with clients, which also help to acquire leads for new prospects. But how can you be effective if the trend is still growing and there is currently no fully established analytic tools to supervise and control your marketing campaign? Fortunately, tools and software that can help you gather those contextual data are plentiful. By gathering those data, you can find out customers’ most favorite apps to accomplish their real estate affairs and how long and how often they use those apps. Be aware, though, that different analysts use different philosophies, paradigms and methods and focus on different channels that become the objects of their analysis. Developing long-term business relationships derive from the implementation of a proven and successful business plan, which involves setting a target market, reviewing the market conditions and creating a timeline for spending and deriving profits. Because of the booming housing market, it is also a great time for real estate investors to purchase profit-making properties. You can ensure the effectiveness of your campaign if you try to focus on all important aspects of the campaign. Use those tools effectively and you have taken a significant step toward more effective mobile marketing campaign.
Gaining access to those apps and the data you need is indeed a difficult task, but it is never impossible. Be ready to gather information about their specifications before you choose an analyst to team up. It also incorporates maintaining a mailing list and staying in contact with former clients. If you make it easier, try to build your own apps and supervise your customers’ behavior when using those apps.
Both real estate business and the marketing procedure you are using are so bloodthirsty that only committed professionals will survive the ordeal. A real estate agent’s mailing list may include a wide variety of individuals in addition to past and former clients, such as friends, relatives, neighbors, prior co-workers, tenants, business associates and more.
It is true that tools to facilitate your analysis are scarce and barely available; however, there are already many second-level tools that you can use to build your own primary analytical tools. A top real estate agent also maintains long-term business relationships with key vendors in the real estate industry, such as lenders, real estate attorneys, insurance agents, title companies and accountants. Your opportunity to build your own effective and efficient mobile marketing plan is thus still large and it is always possible for you to make your first step now.

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