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In September, I wrote an article about identifying the “perfect client” for your property management business. When you understand the characteristics of your perfect client, you can map out a more effective marketing strategy to attract those “kind” of prospects and convert more of them to clients. For you, “traffic” includes all of the anonymous people looking for property management services in your area.
The transition from traffic to lead for a property management business happens when a potential client requests information through a call, email, web form, or personal visit to your office.
In your case, prospects are the property owners who want to compare pricing and specific services. The business goal for prospects is to arrive at a decision point as efficiently as possible.
After getting the answers to their questions, our traveler turned shopper feels confident about making a purchase. In a property management business, this transition happens when the prospect signs a management agreement. The business goal for new clients is to inspire confidence and set the stage for a fruitful future. For a property management business, a loyalist is an owner who renews their management agreement every year, uses your sales team when purchasing additional investments, and is the first to try (and provide feedback about) your value added services. The business goal for fans is to generate referrals and bring on more “perfect clients.”  To do so, you must exceed expectations by providing delightful unexpected surprises (like a client dinner, a thank-you gift, a hand-written card) and excel at turning negative situations into positive experiences.
It’s easy to become consumed by the day-to-day demands of running a business, spending all of your time reacting to situations and problems as they occur.
The end of the year is a great time to step back and re-evaluate your marketing strategy and business goals. Dee Allomong has over 8 years of experience in Internet technology and strategic marketing. Disclaimer: LandlordSource does not represent the article content in this website as legal advice. More than half of marketers surveyed reported that a lack of strategic planning prevented them from achieving their digital marketing goals. Once you have identified your target audience, you should choose digital marketing channels that engage that particular group and communicate your message. The Internet Ad Bureau reported that US digital advertising spending hit a $49.5 billion high in 2014. A recent study from BtoB Magazine found that the number of business-to-business marketers engaging in content marketing nearly doubled in the past year, jumping from 18% in 2011 to 34% in 2012. B2B marketers turn to content marketing first and foremost as a way to generate qualified leads. Despite the enthusiasm for B2B content marketing, the strategy comes with a unique set of challenges. A diagram infographic of marketing goals examples and objectives to use for setting your own marketing goals. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. To make sure that your content marketing is having the impact that you want it to have, you must have the right content marketing strategy. To get the most out of your content marketing strategy, determine your specific goals and tie them to the right KPIs. Let’s start by documenting your goals to create the foundation of your content marketing strategy. First, never create content for the sake of creating content – or because you “know” it’s important.
With each of these goals comes a different type of content marketing strategy focusing on specific audiences, leveraging different marketing channels, and communicating targeted messages.
Let’s take a quick look at each of these possible goals to get a better understanding of how to devise a content marketing strategy and appropriate KPIs for each one. Content marketing strategy: Create branded content that people will love and want to share.
Is our content noteworthy enough to draw attention to our brand and get people to share it? Unlike brand awareness, driving traffic to your website is a funnel-focused goal – specifically, a top-of-the-funnel goal.
The next step in the marketing funnel is converting your blog and website traffic into leads that you can nurture. Content marketing strategy: Compile valuable content offers and gate them with a lead generation form.

Is the content we’re creating valuable enough that viewers will provide their information in exchange for it? How can we provide and communicate more value for each content piece to increase conversion rates?
You have your lead gen strategy covered, now you’re focused on generating revenue from the leads in your database. Content marketing strategy: Create content that educates your leads about the company and its products or services. Does the content genuinely help educate leads with valuable information and not just push a sale? Putting the metrics aside for just a second, the ultimate goal is to delight your customers. Content marketing strategy: Delight your customers with relevant, valuable content that educates and keeps them informed. Develop, implement, and scale your content marketing program using CMI’s series of practical tools and exercises.
Sarah Goliger provides strategic business consulting and marketing freelance services to help her clients grow their businesses through better, smarter marketing. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! A well organized piece, Sarah, nests neatly within the attract, convert, retain spectrum for mapping out content with a purpose. Content marketing goals can make the difference between a $250,000 a year business or a $10 billion a year business. The reality is that without taking the time to clearly define and document your marketing goals, you have less probability in actually achieving them.
Millions of Americans Are Positively Impacted by the First Lady’s Initiative, Let’s Move! As you devise your plan use the following relationship stages to provide context and help you stay focused on the proper business goals. These travelers often have a problem to solve, a need to fulfill, or a purpose to accomplish.
You don’t necessarily know who they are, but it is safe to assume you are a potential solution.  This “traffic” can be made up of people surfing the Internet, perusing the yellow pages, or asking their contacts for a referral. You need to stand out from other property management companies in your area and earn the interest of potential clients. This trust can be gained through personal interaction, especially if the lead is ready to make a decision quickly. And, in your case, the transaction is not a simple one-time interaction, it is the beginning of an ongoing service relationship. In fact, they had such a good experience, that they sign up for the company newsletter and make additional purchases (when the need arises).
It means the store must do more than deliver a quality product – they must create an experience that is worth talking about.
When you do these things, your clients will naturally talk about you – and the referrals will come. It is shared information only and up to the reader to use this information responsibly, seeking legal advice as necessary to their business. Surveys show that 71 percent of companies have planned to increase their digital budgets for 2015 by an average of 27 percent. Just like any other campaign, you can’t just throw your message out there and hope it sticks. Without a solid strategy, you don’t know if the tools you are using are actually helping you meet your goals.
Brand awareness, thought leadership and sales were also cited as reasons for employing content marketing strategies. B2B brands also use content marketing as a means for improving engagement, enhancing trust, gaining relevant touch points with audiences and finally for search engine optimization.
Social media came in on top, with 80% saying social engagement is an effective means for boosting sales and marketing effectiveness. The survey shows a pretty even spread between lack of resources, inability to produce engaging content and inability to produce enough content to fill the pipeline as primary challenges.
Many people start to stutter when they get this question. The answer may not always be simple. You must constantly measure the impact that your content marketing is having on your business. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) you need to measure. This is why it’s so critical to first figure out your goals before deciding how to reach those goals using content.

Content should drive people to your site or your blog, show them why your company offers value, and lead them through the rest of the marketing funnel. If so, what other relationship metrics will give us a better view into our content’s impact? Now take some time to sit down and figure your goals at a high level, then map out a strategy to help you get there. She writes for studioD (a CMI benefactor), a content studio that connects brands to audiences using original content. It helps you become more intentional when communicating about your company and choosing how you position your services.
You might attract attention through social media, print advertising, direct mail, blogging, networking, online videos, and more.
At this point, they transition from a nameless, faceless person in need of a particular service to an interested lead. However, it is good to have a follow up strategy in place to nurture those who aren’t ready to sign a management agreement right away.
At this point, they ask questions and engage in conversation with the sales associate about their potential purchase. At this point, you are also evaluating them to see how they measure up to your “perfect client” criteria. However, it is also important to quickly recognize when the prospect is not a good fit for your company so you can move on and invest more time with qualified prospects. New clients can be uneasy and may have lots of questions about what to expect and when to expect it. Similarly, over 57 percent of B2B marketers have indicated increasing their spending this year. One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is trying to do it all – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, online advertising, app ads, and so on – regardless of whether that is how to reach your customers.
There is a lot riding on digital marketing, so the time to get it right is now, and at SJC, we can help move your brand forward, strategically, to meet your marketing goals. Other popular content types include articles, e-newsletters, white papers, blogs, case studies and videos. 22% of B2B marketers mentioned that they have issues identifying success metrics for content marketing programs. Typically, lead gen content requires potential viewers to complete a form to access the content. If your customers are happy with your product, support, and communication efforts (and hey, it doesn’t hurt if they feel a connection with your brand, too), it’s going to be a whole lot easier to drive loyalty and gain more revenue. And, of course, don’t forget to tie your KPIs to those specific goals, so you can gain insight into how well you’re progressing toward them.
Through data-driven content strategy and innovative content creation, studioD is changing the way brands communicate with digital audiences.
Your nurture strategy should take the lead down a path of useful information that generates trust, highlights your expertise, and makes it easy for the lead to contact you when they are ready. Of course, this is the easiest relationship stage to recognize because there is some kind of monetary (and in some cases a contractual) transaction. It is because of this unprecedented growth that so many campaigns go to market without the necessary strategic planning and lacking clear marketing goals. Your marketing priorities are strongly influenced by the size of your business, budget, available resources, previous tests and outcomes, plus many other factors that vary from business to business.
Our Wealthy Sistas® Radio Show Marketing Correspondent, Stacie Price of Aiden Marketing, is offering our listeners the opportunity to learn and identify their marketing goals for the new year. A prospect is someone who is ready to discuss his or her needs in more detail and make a decision. I have seen unverified reports of research that found this number to be edging toward 70% and more. And while we need our websites to explain who we are and what we sell, our buyers will visit those when they are already more than halfway through the sales process. So how do you reach buyers who are unaware of who you are, what you do and why you are better than your competition?
The answer is content marketing. Sometimes, reach measures can be criticized as vanity metrics. But it's important to be building a healthy audience of the right people and to track those measures over time. Engagement is a way to tell how good your content is at answering your target audiences' most important questions.

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