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We have been lucky to have been chosen as one of the design partners for UK based list and data company Marketing Guru. We have worked on multiple series’ of email marketing campaigns to help them continue to build their client list.
We have also worked on a number of email marketing and landing page designs for Marketing Guru’s clients including Hotpoint, Appeal Blinds, Kimbo Coffee, BPAS and many more.
Marketing Guru are a UK B2B company who specialise in cost effective direct marketing lists offering clients competitive data solutions. I am constantly surprised (and down right annoyed) at shat some people try to pass of as Internet Marketing skills. A young husband and wife are in the kitchen on Christmas cooking their first Christmas dinner together.

This makes no sense to the husband so he walks out to the living room and asks his mother in law. The moral of the story – There may have been a reason for this strategy in the past, but trust me, there are a lot of ways to cook a ham.
A marketer or consultant should be able to fluidly relate several marketing tactics to your specific market or niche. Secondly, your marketer should be up to date on the newest trends – if they suggest using MySpace as your main marketing push, I may use someone else. Testimonials When I decided to put a website up I never thought I'd actually get business from it. Campaigns needed to be simple, clear and concise to get their message across to those who have expressed an interest in their services and special offers.

I am yet to find one that is perfectly built to suit the multi-pronged marketing campaign that I want to unleash… Unless, of course, I built it myself.
A good marketer will give examples of successful strategies – and will often use several tactics to increase the chances for success.
I consider Lennie to be a trusted advisor, and key to my ability to reach the people who need to know about my services.

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