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As for the new hires, a number have worked with Yahoo and Google on design projects, and the firm's website notes that its founders worked closely with Apple, Disney, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Google, Yahoo!, through other design and consulting agencies. The one thing I find difficult to understand is the constant comparison between Flash and HTML5. HTML5 is a very flexible architecture but it is nothing like Flash, aside from the considerable similarities between ECMAScript and Actionscript. One thing that still remains elusive in bringing HTML5 to the forefront is the lack of WYSIWYG editors.
Furthermore, in my experience, as the technology advances, the actual understanding of the code slips further and further from the people actually developing websites.
To build an HTML5 site from scratch without the use of frameworks would cost ten times more than if you just repurposed a cookie cutter template but then of course you are unable to change anything for fear of breaking something you have no control over since it is all contained in a remotely downloaded js file. Lastly, even though open standards should make things more accessible to average computer users, it does't really because you have to have a web server account, as any modern website cannot be run locally and almost always involves a server side scripting language such as php. The visual web designer does not have a chance in hell of actually building a modern site using HTML5, hence there will never be another iWeb.
Given what you've said, I think the challenge is to take all this incomprehensible code and be able to let designers ignore it.
If anyone can make a WYSIWYG application that lets people manage HTML5 with that same ease, while still affording the raw power desired by 'from scratch' site creators, it's Apple. Apple could have built up a team of people with HTML 5 expertise, unless off course the company they bought is specializing in some niche segment which Apple has or foresees use in the future.
As far as Im concerned HTML5 as a new standard which seem pretty exciting where as Flash should go away and die. Flash has an advantage that everything can be authored to a single scalable viewport including vector content but this gives it a lot of the restrictions the Canvas element has in that search engines can't really index the content properly. There's no reason there can't be an full IDE using Javascript instead of Actionscript - both can be used for object-oriented code - but the openness of it means everyone has their own way of doing things.
Personally, I'd like to see the Webkit implementation become the standard instead of the HTML spec.
Is it possible that Apple could make, like someone said, an Android of the web - where "regular folks" can build their own web experiences using a minimum of visible code? As the tools and tech grow, would it be possible one day for one guy to easily develop a site to say, compete with Facebook? Websites don't cache themselves for long periods so the more complex they get, the longer they take to load.
But I could imagine a future version of iWeb or whatever they would call it being more integrated with iCloud and Apple's servers. We extended our activities to include the field of specialized items meeting the world’s increasing needs with a broad range of innovative and scientifically-proven products.
That all might sound like rainbows and unicorns, but some things are were much easier to do in Flash. In the v6.3 release, we only replaced the List Growth chart that shows up on the list dashboard and the Performance Overview chart on the main Reports page. As you can see, aside from making them a little taller, we were mainly trying to replicate the old charts. Since the new charts are customizable with JavaScript, we can do lots of fun, interactive tricks like this. Assuming all goes well with these new HTML5 charts, we’ll be replacing the rest of the old Flash charts in the application over the coming weeks.

So I take it this is why the List Growth graph is now broken when the default “All Lists” is selected? The charts should be working in Internet Explorer 7 (the minimum version of IE we support) and up. Ritmo is a fluid responsive app landing page for showcase your best application or promote your business. Ritmo also integrates jQuery Waypoints and CSS3 animations to add subtle fade in effect when scrolling. Particle has chosen to focus on this technology so intensely because we believe it will soon be the rendering engine that powers a new universe of light weight and embedded applications from set top boxes to game consoles to Chrome OS and Android devices to portable telephony and media devices of all kinds.
Sure there are a few, one notable one is Sencha, however no matter how you slice it, you need to be an absolute hand code expert to actually accomplish anything practical with HTML5.
Because you logically need to use include files for headers, menus, footers and often posting back to same file with conditional blocks of code, there is no such thing as WYSIWYG.
The old iWeb could never compete with database-driven sites, hence the popularity of systems like WordPress. SInce upgrading to ML I haven't installed flash and can browse the net for as long as I want without the fan on my macbook kicking in. That is why they killed it, as almost no one wanted a standalone HTML site, Everyone wants dynamic database connected, cookie enabled, template driven websites which is why they flock to WordPress,Expression Engine and the like.
With companies like Particle developing the workflows for HTML 5 content, the tools will evolve. Adobe can port their Actionscript kit over to JS and find conflicts with other JS libraries. I haven't been able to develop a functional site with offline tools or without at least one framework for at least eight years.
There's a real separation between hand-coders and developers and designers - and someone like me, who uses tools like CSSEdit and Smultron.
It's amazing that Apple has created an environment where a one-man shop can build an iOS app and take on EA.
I used to think Apple should've done what Wordpress did and build a "Super iWeb" IDE that would destroy the Adobe monopoly - take Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. Facebook has a very simple front-end and the complexity is on the server-side dealing with scale and syncing everything as well as security. There's also a security issue because the source code has to be downloaded to the client so any complexity that isn't server-side can be stolen. In the example of streaming games, being able to run the highest-end games in a browser shows that there really aren't any limits to what can be presented via a browser. Due to the size of high quality games, it makes more sense for them to run server-side or natively.
In the example of Gaikai, they can use the web to tell people about the service, have an app to connect devices to and pay for the service and stream the content to the app in a protected way while running it server-side. Succesfully disturbing the concept of watching television as we know it is depending on creative and deep HTML5 understanding.
This template is a highly suitable template for companies that offer SEO services as well as other internet marketing related services. We will update this template time by time and we want to hear your wishes for the future updates or for complete new templates.
The company is managed as a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own Board of Directors and headquarters located in Lausanne.

That’s because Apple intentionally left out support for Flash on their mobile devices.
They provide new markup and rules that specify how browsers should store data, play media files and present content. Also, since they’re generated as SVG, they scale as you resize the browser window and print exactly as they appear on the page.
It’s just a tiny change for the desktop experience, but a giant (boingy) leap forward for mobile. I’m not an Apple user but the sooner HTML5 Flash-like capabilities are widespread the better. It has clean structure, professional design and SEO friendly code which will make search engine loves your site.
They wouldn't have to offer upgrades via Software Update either because it would only be for building, not deployment and people could manually upgrade. When everyone has to work to Adobe's standard, conflicts are far less likely but that can't be the way it works.
In other words, will this produce more people who can build sites (like iWeb) or will the knowledge gulf just be too wide?
Is Apple simply trying the move from the web from relatively static websites to more dynamic (and gesture-friendly) web "experiences"? It has purpose oriented design, responsive layout and special features like 2 different landing pages, blog layouts, gallleries, services and pricing tables. Their reasoning for this omission was that many of the new standards that web browsers currently support provide much, if not all of the same functionality that Flash does without the need for a third-party plugin. All of these changes promise to help make the old, static HTML of yesteryear more friendly for living, breathing web applications (like MailChimp) that we’ve been building for the web. In fact, up until this week’s release, most of the pie, line and bar charts seen in the MailChimp application were displayed in Flash using the versatile amCharts library. When Ben saw that they even animated in, his response echoed our own sentiments, "Boingy, iPhone friendly charts.
It does run into more trouble when there is code other than PHP such as Smarty code but even if they handled the popular web software, it would be a big help to people. To pay to visit a website is like paying a bridge toll and the value doesn't feel the same. They'd never catch up to the insane ecosystem that WordPress has, but it might work well for people with simple needs who already have an iCloud account to set it up with. It would have to be unrestricted and allow inserting custom content without overwriting it.
Browser developers would be free to build apps around it and even modify parts but the core standard for interpretation would be the same for everyone just like Flash.
The only people that can really do it are the ones that are not doing much of anything else. Some would say "who cares?" Just use the many, many premium templates, child themes, and customize to your heart's content, right?

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