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Imagine it's the middle of the week when business is slower and you're trying to come up with new ways to get more customers in the door. Running a text message marketing contest grows your list and engages customers at the same time! Text message marketing will help to keep your employees from missing out on important info. Everyone, don't forget about the staff meeting tomorrow morning at 10 AM here at the restaurant.
2014-john-bartlow-martin-award-now-accepting-entriestrue1461570176889system2014 John Bartlow Martin Award now accepting entriesThe annual prize awarded by Medill honors outstanding public interest magazine journalism. This annual award honors outstanding public interest magazine journalism, which Martin was so adept at himself. In addition to his journalism work, Martin was a political speechwriter who wrote for the presidential campaigns of Robert F.
Winning entries analyze and critique the policies, relationships and events behind societal problems and solutions.
A culmination of the MSJ program, participating in the Innovation Project gives students hands-on experience that prepares them to graduate and enter an ever-changing market.
Owlsight serves small businesses and companies that want to know what their followers are talking about on Twitter. Realize is an existing publication that the Innovation Project team worked with to find ways to better reach the magazine’s audience and expand on a successful concept. The Innovation Project gives students the opportunity to think broader than their journalism training and learn about creating products that consumers want. With their focus turning toward embarking on a career in journalism, the students said the Innovation Project helped them add product creation and pitch to their repertoire.
Sobel has worked on a number of different documentary-style television shows from behind the scenes and was able to hone that craft while in the MSJ program. Sobel’s time at Medill gave her not just the skills to tell stories, but the confidence to tell them well.
Once her stint filming in jails was over, Sobel got a call to work on a show for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable channel, which was new at the time. She recently found out about a young Medill alumna who was moving to Miami and looking for work in television. She said the camaraderie of the Medill network, as well as the strong reputation the Medill name carries, are a big part of why she’s been able to have a strong career in television production. Dean Brad Hamm presented the award, given to Medill alumni whose distinctive careers have had positive effects on their field, noting the impact Martin’s books and subsequent TV series have had on the science fiction and fantasy world. After the award presentation, Martin sat down with a panel that included former WBEZ host Niala Boodhoo (BSJ99), Entertainment Weekly writer Darren Franich, and Medill student Orko Manna (BSJ18). Martin elaborated upon his time at Northwestern, where he minored in history, took English courses and even founded the university’s chess club. In response to one of those questions, Martin said that characters, above all else, make stories compelling to him.
Stroth spoke to graduate students in Candy Lee’s IMC Sports Marketing class about such notable career experiences, while highlighting the importance of strong personal relationships and integrity in a business that can often be cut-throat. Since then, Stroth has represented such high-profile clients as NBA star Dwayne Wade, NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith, news anchor Robin Robinson and meteorologist Cheryl Scott.
While Stroth acknowledged that he is allowed to be pickier with clients due to his track record of working with higher profile athletes and entertainers, he also noted that simply understanding people’s interests is an important step to building lasting relationships. In addition, Stroth further separates himself from the pack by specializing in equity deals—compared with the majority of agents who deal monetarily.
You can hear from guest lecturers like Stroth and other industry leaders by starting your master’s degree at Medill IMC.
A: Outside of class, based on the concept of transmedia storytelling, I notice great media executions more readily.
A: As a long time (15+ years) media seller, I thought (prior to the program) that a marketer sat around all day worrying about their media buys. A: Therefore, Judy's class was also my most valuable class because it was structured around a world I could relate to. On April 4, 2014, while reporting on elections in the province of Khost with AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, an Afghan police officer walked up to the car Gannon was traveling in and fired an AK-47 into the backseat.
Still recovering from her injuries and grieving for her colleague, who she had been working with since 2009, Gannon continued to write about Afghanistan. Much of Gannon’s work has been in Afghanistan, but she has reported from around the Middle East and Central Asia. The selection committee included Medill Board of Advisers members Ellen Soeteber (BSJ72), former editor of the St. Judges chose two entries as finalists: Kevin Sieff from the Washington Post for reporting on Ebola in Liberia, and a team from Reuters, led by special correspondent Stephen Grey, for reporting on the business dealings of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Niedringhaus, who was part of a 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning team from the AP, also has an award named in her honor. On April 4, 2014, while reporting on elections in the province of Khost with AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus, an Afghan police officer fired an AK-47 into the backseat of the car containing Gannon and Niedringhaus. Still recovering from her injuries and grieving for her colleague, who she had been working with since 2009, Gannon continued to cover Afghanistan.
Gannon was introduced at the event by Richard Stolley (BSJ52, MSJ53), senior editorial adviser for Time Inc. The medal is named for James Foley (MSJ08), a freelance journalist who was captured while reporting in Syria in 2012 and killed by ISIS extremists in 2014. According to Bennet, part of the appeal of the wildly popular Atlantic, which is getting 25 million unique visitors each month online, is that its editorial voice is grounded in the history of the magazine.
This is why his main push for the Atlantic has centered on innovation while maintaining the legacy. The print renaissance has been increasingly recognized as a movement based in aesthetics paired with quality content. The Atlantic maintains its beautiful print business while also boasting a comprehensive online presence. Referencing that first team of bloggers, Bennet also discussed diversity at the Atlantic and in the industry with event moderator and Medill Professor Charles Whitaker. When a spot opened up, he took the opportunity to bring diversity to the team and hired Ta-Nehisi Coates, a hugely popular Black writer. Bennet and Whitaker agreed that there are many people in the industry with good intention who aim to cover issues impacting all Americans, but that staffs in the magazine industry especially are lacking the diversity to adequately achieve this goal. Medill awards the John Bartlow Martin Award for Public Interest Magazine Journalism annually to honor work that sheds light on the causes, consequences and remedies of problems in American society.
Robbins’ article brings to light how a nationwide shortage of critical nutrients premature babies and other patients need to survive. This story has also won the 2014 Donald Robinson Memorial Award for Investigative Journalism and the 2014 June Roth Award for Medical Journalism.

Robbins is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, and her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and The Atlantic. Martin was a journalist, author, political speechwriter and diplomat who served on the Medill faculty for 10 years. More than anything, Geffner says, pay your dues and stop worrying about the next move. We will be updating our text marketing ideas page from time to time in efforts to keep these ideas fresh for ya! Para ello, concienciar de dicha labor y poner al publico en la piel de estos ninos, realizaron una original accion de guerrilla en las calles de dicha ciudad.
Con estas dos acciones queremos poner de manifiesto como, un mismo elemento de la cultura popular y un mismo juego con el medio puede ejecutarse de manera diferente y con un diseno diferente, sirviendo a la vez para causas distintas. La guerrilla ha sido realizada por McCann Erickson para la cadena de comida rapida Republic Of Chicken (ROC) de la India, el objetivo sacarla de su estancamiento de ventas dando a conocer su principal beneficio, unas cajas que retienen un 60% mas el calor de la comida y que consiguen que  la comida llegue como recien hecha a tu domicilio. Los profesionales de Serviceplan Munich nos traen la respuesta mediante una gran accion de guerrilla, tan simple como situar en el gancho de un objeto gigantesco, una grua de construccion, un bote de enormes dimensiones de dicho producto. La marca Ray-Ban ha desarrollado una accion de guerrilla con un tono bastante viral en las calles de Paris. Hacia mucho que no metiamos un post destinado a la publicidad de guerrilla, en este caso, sirviendose del packaging de un producto.
Pues seguramente tras darle muchas muchas vueltas al asunto, llegaron a una brillante ejecucion. Seguro que mas de uno salio corriendo a ponerse una alarma o a enterarse de como demonios habia llegado eso ahi. Aunque mejor, mirad este video de DDB Chile (los ejecutores de semejante accion) que lo explican mejor que nosotros. Divertida accion para comunicar el agarre que tienen los coches de la marca Audi dotados con la tecnologia Quattro.
Todos recordamos la fantastica accion desarrollada para Coca-Cola en la universidad de Sant John's en Nueva York bajo el titulo de "La maquina de la felicidad".
Dicha maquina consistia en una version "anabolizada" de la maquina de vending original de la compania que ofrecia un suculento premio, un 2x1 en Coca-Cola al que consiguiera introducir el importe de la bebida y pulsar el boton de la misma.
La agencia Owen & Stork, nos trae esta curiosa accion de ambient realizada para Red Bull en un campus universitario americano. Para ello situaron una caja de madera, como las que se suelen lanzar desde los aviones con alimentos, en las misiones de ayuda humanitaria, en los jardines del campus. He aqui un ejemplo de como aprovechar un soporte no convencional, para insertar publicidad y darle un toque divertido, diferente y diferenciador, en Creativos Sin Ideas ya hemos puesto ejemplos del uso que le dan en algunos paises a las agarraderas de los autobuses. Los responsables de esta accion son el equipo creativo de Ogilvy & Mather, India, cuyo objetivo era promocionar la nueva cerveza sin alcohol Indus Pride. What if you could blast a text message out to all your best customers with a special incentive to get them thinking about pizza for dinner that night? Text marketing allows you to blast special text offers to all your customers whenever you need it most!
During his 10 years on the Medill faculty, Martin coached Medill students in the craft of reporting, organizing and writing long-form magazine journalism.
Martin, who was an excellent journalist for years and an influential professor at Medill,” said Dean Brad Hamm. Originality, excellence of writing and the consequences of the article(s) also inform the decision of the judging panel. Students presented their project and demonstrated the five products created over the summer quarter. An online-based publication, the first issue has a responsive design, features stories on relatable celebrities and gives the magazine’s audience a taste of an upscale lifestyle without the upscale price tag.
The service is already available, but is prohibitively expensive for brands without large marketing budgets.
A geo-location mobile app, Vocalize gives users the ability to share stories of injustice in real time and find the resources to combat discrimination.
Every one of her producing jobs has been related to a new topic she had to learn about on the fly—a skill Medill prepared her to master. Producing stories for cable channel Current TV meant she was able to see her stories broadcast to a real audience and not just created for a class.
Her involvement in the popular home design show began without any effort on her part— Sobel was found by the company who pitched the show. Sobel put her in contact with people at the CBS affiliate, where Sobel first cut her teeth in the television business after Medill. Martin (BSJ70, MSJ71) spoke to a crowd of around 100 people at a Medill-only event on Wednesday, Nov.
When accepting the award, Martin noted the importance of his journalism education on his writing, even though he didn’t become a reporter after graduating. Martin continued to talk about the impact Medill had on making him a better writer, and how it led him to the success he has now. He started off working in client services for Leo Burnett, and left the company about four years later to try to break into sports marketing—only to be fired 10 months into his first job at DLB, Ltd.
She witnessed the Taliban take power in 1996 and reported on the American invasion following the Sept. Two months after the attack, she wrote about the prisoner exchange between the United States and the Taliban. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Richard Stolley (BSJ52, MSJ53), former senior editorial adviser for Time Inc., as well as Medill Professor Donna Leff. Freelance journalist James Foley (MSJ08) was posthumously honored with the medal and his name added to the official name of the award. The International Women’s Media Foundation created the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award in 2014.
Gannon has endured the loss of a close colleague, multiple surgeries and arduous physical rehabilitation, but she has said she will not stop her distinguished and esteemed work. Stolley served as a judge along with Soeteber and Medill Professor Donna Leff (BSJ70, MSJ71).The judges were unanimous in choosing Gannon as the winner of the 2014 medal. She arrived in the 1980s as the Soviet Union was being defeated by the mujahedeen and stayed for more than 18 years, witnessing the rise of the Taliban and the later intervention of Western powers.
The print magazine generates traditional paid content through advertising and subscriptions while online content is freely available. At the start of the Internet boom, the Atlantic put together a team of writers with a vast range of views to blog on their site. Bennet says their aim in hiring bloggers was to find people who could write for the magazine and the site, to keep a consistent DNA across platforms.
Coates is known for his long form pieces that critically discuss race in the United States. For example, Bennet came into the job with the goal of changing the racial profile of his staff - he says his mistake was assuming it would happen organically.

Based on previously unpublished Congressional documents and reams of FDA records as well as the stories of those who suffered, Robbins' Washingtonian investigation, "Children Are Dying," focused on neonatal ICUS to reveal both the human costs and policy shortfalls of this shortage.
Alexandra Robbins tells their story while also breaking down an extremely complex policy dilemma in a way that her readers can understand. This award provides a chance to remember him while honoring outstanding contemporary magazine journalism,” said Medill Dean Brad Hamm.
He researches the starting pitchers and hitters on both teams, even though teams provide notes to the media.
Se basaron en el popular juego infantil de la rayuela y decidieron jugar con el medio, para transmitir la dificultad de movilidad que sufren los ninos con reumatismo.
La accion realizada Draftfcb tuvo lugar en la ciudad suiza de Zurich y bajo el slogan "Los ninos no conocen barreras.
La accion se engloba dentro de la campana "Never Hide" y consiste en emplazar pegatinas con la forma caracteristica de uno de sus modelos mas famosos de gafas en los rostros de las personas que aparecen en distintos anuncios de dicha ciudad. Este es el caso del siguiente post, la marca involucrada Colgate y el producto Colgate Max Night que protege y proporciona un aliento fresco hasta la manana siguiente.
Tras descubrir que mucha gente no compraba sus productos o no contrataban sus servicios por el mero hecho de vivir en un piso, se pusieron a pensar y a investigar. La agencia Lowe Roche Advertising de Toronto, decidio plagar la ciudad de unas replicas en miniatura de los modelos de Audi.  Habian anadido imanes en su parte inferior para poder colocarlos en los lugares mas varipintos, atraer asi la atencion de la gente y que se los llevaran a casa. Pues bien, con motivo del dia del amigo y para reforzar la imagen de marca de este anunciante, los creativos de Ogilvy Argentina crearon la "Maquina de la Amistad".
De esta manera, consiguieron no solo hacer interactuar a la gente y conseguir anclar el concepto creativo (la colaboracion de los amigos para un mismo fin), sino que tambien lograron atraer a la gente a la accion mediante la interactividad, generando mas impactos y notoriedad y lo que es mas importante, consiguieron que el publico empatizase con la marca mediante la diversion y la felicidad.
La accion, al mas puro estilo aventurero, pretendia impactar mediante la sorpresa y la interactuacion a este target de jovenes estudiantes que representa un porcentaje importante del publico objetivo total de la marca. A dicha caja le anadieron un paracaidas para ambientar mejor la accion y por ultimo y ahi reside lo bueno de la accion, por hacerla interactiva para el publico, la caja presentaba un agujero producido por su impacto contra el suelo, dejando ver y alcanzar el contenido de su interior, ?adivinais cual era el contenido? Lo destacable de esta intervencion es el impacto causado por  esta publicidad de guerrilla, que mediante las agarraderas asemeja perfectamente una jarra de cerveza. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you could leverage text marketing messages for your pizza shop!
It chronicled a shortage of critical nutrients that premature babies and other patients need to survive.
By tapping into the conversations of core audiences, small companies can build a better understanding of what their customers want and tailor their services the way larger corporations already do. The team created a tablet edition and a print edition to the online magazine’s brand identity.
As stories are collected, they will be organized and analyzed to identify trends and patterns. One of her first jobs after Medill was working on a show for the Discovery Channel about life behind bars. Martin participated in a panel at a sold-out Cahn Auditorium event with the greater Northwestern community.
In this Q&A, she reflects on her experience in and information gained from IMC thus far and how it has transformed her understanding of marketing. This theme runs throughout all the mediums (OOH, Digital, Radio, etc.) and is incredibly well done.
Judges said her longtime work in a volatile region is impressive, but also her resolve to continue working as a journalist in Afghanistan after the April 2014 attack exemplifies the kind of work the medal was created to honor. She details how upheaval affected ordinary Afghans, people she’s lived among and reported about for decades.
He said he was highly disappointed with himself to discover his team was entirely white, a problem across the industry.
Robbins interviewed doctors who reported conditions normally seen only in developing countries.
Her skillful work delivered real- world results that may have been literally life-saving,” said Sara Austin (MSJ98), deputy editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and competition judge. He aims to strike a balance between telling it like it is and maintaining his credibility, he says.
Una buena manera de transmitir sensaciones de forma sencilla a traves del medio o soporte publicitario. Conduce con cuidado." trataban de concienciar a los conductores para que tuviesen precaucion al volante en las ciudades. Nada como buscar lugares insolitos para emplazar la publicidad y asi sorprender a los viandantes, eso si, siempre sin perder de vista que, el soporte tiene que servirnos para facilitar o potenciar la transmision del beneficio del producto o lo que queramos comunicar sobre este. Lo que otorga viralidad a este hecho es que, no aparece la marca por ningun lado, solo el copy "Never Hide".
Efectivamente, mucha gente opinaba que los pisos o apartamentos eran mas seguros y era mas improbable que alguien quisiera o pudiera entrar a robar.
A week after Robbins’ article was published, the Food and Drug Administration allowed the importation of nutrients that had been in short supply. She spent weeks shooting inside jails, interviewing inmates and correctional officers, and finding out their stories.
Telling the intimate stories of couples was a completely different experience from interviewing inmates, but helping craft ideas that both helped the couples and made for good television was something she enjoyed.
Es decir, la podian doblar y meter por debajo de una puerta pero tras traspasarla se desdoblaba quedandose con la forma original.
His insight on innovation in the industry showcases his skills as an editor and marketer, all while making him the type of journalist Medill students can admire. Y por supuesto los pisos requieren tambien seguridad y no esta de mas tener una alarma instalada en ellos. Imaginaros la cara de la gente al abrir la puerta de su piso y encontrarse DENTRO de su casa con una caja de un tamano considerable. Stroth spoke with Medill IMC students about his career, and answered questions about breaking into the sports marketing industry. APa€™s Kathy Gannon honored with medalJasmine Leonas06-02-2015The 2014 winner of the James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism is Kathy Gannon, a correspondent for the Associated Press who has spent more than 20 years covering the Middle East. Imagina ahora el impacto si leen un mensaje del tipo "es mas facil entrar en tu casa de lo que te imaginas".
A cash prize of $4,000 will be awarded for the entry deemed most outstanding by the panel of judges.
Bennet visited Medill faculty and students for a couple days to engage in a longer form of discussion around the future of magazines in the digital age.

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