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From jobs in sports marketing to public relations and corporate sponsorships, jobs in sports don’t just end with the team. Instead, sports marketing is a narrower focus under the general category of marketing, which concentrates on the promotion of sporting events and organizations along with the promotion of products, goods, and services through the actual sporting event or team. Sport marketing is divided into three sectors, with the first being about sports in general (examples: NFL, MLS, Olympics).
Secondly, sporting events, teams, and professional athletes can be utilized to promote various products within the industry, which is generally called marketing through sports. Finally, the third type of sports marketing promotion is to increase public participation, which is commonly deemed grassroots sports marketing. As Chris McKinney, CEO of SPORTS LAUNCH, has advised young college students and professionals looking to advance their sports careers, first figure out who the decision-makers are in the sports marketing world. Comments on…with jobs in sports marketing being so competitive, how to wedge your foot in the door.
Understand how competitive the sports industry is and never forget that as you progress through your career.
There are countless undergraduate and graduate college programs in the country that focus on marketing. The Sports Marketing Center is recognized by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Sports Business Journal, as one of the leading institutions in educating tomorrow’s leaders in sports business. Of course, Warsaw is not the only college program where you can get a degree that will help you get jobs in sports marketing.
The philosophy of the Sport Marketing and Management Program is based on a theoretical foundation in course work with a practical application to prepare graduates for success in the field of commercial sports. The curriculum includes classes from a variety of disciplines and an internship program designed to give the student hands-on experience in the field.
Mark BurnsMark Burns graduated from the University of Michigan in May 2011 and is two months away from graduating from law school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Mark has held a handful of other internships throughout the past few years with the Nashville Predators, Belmont University Athletic Department, Movement Talent Agency, and Leverage Agency. Sports marketing is an ideal job for those who want to work in a field that allows them to combine their love of athletics with business savvy. Sports marketing jobs can be with a variety of companies - from sports teams to advertising agencies and public relations firms.
It is also important to understand that you may have to start at an entry-level position and work long hours when you enter sports marketing. You also have to be confident because you will hear the word "no" quite often and you can't let it discourage you. Some companies may use outside agencies to manage their advertising needs but some sports companies will keep some advertising personnel on staff.
Public relations professionals write press releases and deal with the local and national media; sports teams, leagues, or organizations want to have positive images associated with them. To learn more about the marketplace that a specific sports entity may serve, many organizations hire marketing research personnel.
Since most sports stadiums are expensive to build and maintain, the people who operate these arenas have to develop alternative streams of income - such as concerts, exhibitions, and alternative sporting events -- when the original sporting events are completed. Various businesses may use sporting events or teams to entertain clients, business associates, or for employee perks. International sports marketing positions can be found for those who want to work on the global scale. Although it may still be possible to work yourself up through the corporate ladder without formal training in the field, to truly be successful in sports marketing you should consider getting a sports marketing degree. Indiana University offers an undergraduate in sports marketing and management degree through the department of kinesiology. UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business has an MBA program in sports marketing and management. Baylor University offers a sports sponsorship & sales degree through their school of business. Hands-on experiences through internships are a great way for students to test out careers in sports marketing. Job boards specific to sports like Jobs in Sports or Work in Sports can be of enormous help when looking for a suitable position. September 20, 2013 by Brian Clapp Leave a Comment The Red Sox recent Dollar Beard Night was a stroke of genius for a team rewarding their fans on the way to the playoffs. When common sense and marketing intuition intersect, you get creative concepts that form a deeper connection with a fan base without concern for the bottom line.
Last September, the Red Sox were finishing out the string with a lame duck manager, a disjointed team and a fan base about as enthusiastic as Jeff Bezos would be in Amish country. So when the Red Sox marketing team pushed for Dollar Beard Night, where fans adorning a real or fake beard could get tickets to the game for just a dollar (while supplies last), they basically reached their hands out to the fans and said ‘thanks for sticking with us, lets go on this journey together’. It wasn’t a money making scheme, like adding more seats to the ballpark or advertising on the Green Monster, this had goodwill in mind, with the side benefit of energizing a fan base on the verge of shelling out some real cash for playoff tickets. As always the articles listed here are our top of the week but are in no particular order, if you want to make suggestions of sports industry articles or blogs we should look into please do so in the comments below. Dollar Beard Night Hits Fenway: Here is the full write-up as presented by Gammons Daily – since I’ve had a man crush on Peter Gammons for about 20 years. Despite Macintosh Issues NBC Records Record Audience for Sunday Night Football Online Streams: The NFL season opener accounted for over 20 million minutes of online streaming, a record for a non-Super Bowl or Olympic event.
ESPN Takes Soccer Production to the Next Level for USA-Mexico World Cup Qualifier: Sports Video Group does an incredibly thorough breakdown of the emphasis ESPN has put into this epic soccer event. NFL Centers to Endorse Butt Wipes: Kudos to Dollar Shave Club, they initially built their brand on a great video concept that went viral and now as they’ve expanded their product line (to the posterior) they refused to play it safe, recruiting NFL centers to endorse their new butt wipe product. Emirates Makes a Splash at Flushing Meadows: Guest author Nikolay Panchev, VP Consumer Research, Turnkey Intelligence has a very intelligent breakdown of the sponsorship activation by US Open newcomer Emirates at the recently completed event. Six Questions with NHLPA Player Agent Ian Pulver: For all those people interested in being a sports agent, Darren Heitners always insightful Sports Agent Blog is an incredible resource. Minor League Baseball Sees Over 41 Million Fans: If you ask me there is no better sporting event than Cape Cod League Baseball…a close second is any Minor League game. That’s it for this week, if you have other sports industry blogs we should be looking into please let us know in the comments!
Recently, Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact.
And if you want to know where our privacy policy is before you submit your comments below, it's right here. A catch-all approach to recruitment won't work when your company is involved in diverse areas. Recruiting internationally opens your company up to a world of prospective candidates, which makes it even more important to select the right one. Advertising your positions is all well and good, but sometimes the best candidates can come to you. The strength of your recruitment policy shouldn't change just because a position is temporary rather than permanent. Bruendler adds: "As a globally active organisation working with colleagues and partners around the world, cultural differences and changing environments are second nature to our team members.
We get hundreds of questions per month (and I’m proud to say we respond to each and every one personally) and when the questions are about career advice, the majority are regarding sports marketing jobs. It’s a popular career path not just because there are plentiful opportunities, but because being a sports marketer is fresh, creative and cutting edge. These are the questions we receive often and rather than just answer them in a vacuum, I decided to reach out to multiple sports marketing experts and ask them – what are the most important skills to get hired for sports marketing jobs? The majority of responses honed in on these four skills that are essential for getting hired in sports marketing.
The word has become a catch-all for achieving multiple things, when really the term should be task management. As a sports marketer you will always be juggling multiple on-going tasks, which means organization becomes a lynchpin to success. Prepare this scenario in your head so that when you have the opportunity to sell yourself in the interview you’ll be ready.
The misconception of many sports marketing job seekers is that a career in sports marketing means you’ll be working in social media and tweeting fun stuff all day long. Social media is one aspect of sports marketing jobs, but in truth to be successful and grow in your career you’ll need a deep understanding of the business of sports, and all of the supporting departments, not just Twitter and Pinterest.
Stay focused on the big goal – for example, if you’re working for a team it really boils down to selling tickets and sponsorships (there are other people in charge of the winning).
It’s important to think about that whether you are writing a Facebook post, designing a brochure or buying radio spots. I notice many people nowadays more focused on being witty and creative, but in the end are missing the company objective. If you can bring a variety ideas to the table, in various channels (social, email, radio, direct etc) that show creativity while also staying in line with company goals, you’ll stand out in a sea of pun-tastic applicants, more impressed with their own wit that improving the business.

Being able to develop a well thought out, clearly-defined marketing plan is a skill that not many are able to execute. How to Demonstrate This Skill: I’ve always appreciated people who took charge in an interview, and by take charge I don’t mean talk a lot, I mean they are assertive.
For example, I conducted an interview once and after asking a relatively simple question, the interviewee paused and asked, “do you mind if I use your wipe board to demonstrate?” This person then stood up, showed great confidence and composure, and demonstrated a concept artfully.
My suggestion, ask permission first, but don’t be afraid to stand up and outline a high level concept, like how you would approach building a marketing plan, on a wipe board.  It’ll show you’re confident, intelligent and in control – and that’s the type of person that people want to hire. I can’t stress this enough, the ability to write and articulate thoughts succinctly is the crux of sports marketing jobs. Enthusiasm, flexibility and playing nice are all great attributes, but as I’ve said 1,000 times hiring managers hire based on skills and then move down the line to cultural fit.
Prepare for these scenarios to play out in your next sports marketing interview and you’ll stand a really good chance! Since i ended school in 07, my popular career path was sports marketing, unfortunately in 2007 the industry was very poor here, but i just keep up in my mind this mantra: I CAN, I WILL, I MUST. I was volunteer (unpaid position) looking for sponsors for my college’s athletics department, i made few deals with low-budget companies. Let me start by saying I respect and appreciate the time you take to respond to all of these comments with integrity and honesty. If I do not have a college degree, and my only related experience is radio, how much of a chance do I have in getting a job in this field?
I don’t have a piece of paper saying I know how to advertise and run a business, but I do own and run a business, and I do my own advertising. I am following few sport personalities and their marketing adventures and one that is really interesting to me is Connor McGregor – he is building whole brand on social media rather than just communicating with fans. Did you know that athletics sponsorship accounts for an enormous portion of the sports business industry? The IEG Sponsorship Report estimated that sports sponsorship spending exceeds $11 billion, representing 68% of sponsorship spending across all industries. Perhaps you know that Indy & NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has a very visible relationship with her sponsor, GoDaddy? Sponsors help fund the operations of stadiums, individual athletes, and sports teams plus they provide products and services. In the membership section of SportsCareerFinder you'll learn all about how the sponsorships process works.
In our sports sponsorships and marketing section we take you through the whole process: prospecting, proposals and sales pitch, negotiating, execution, analysis and deal renewal. Since you're looking for a sports job--that's why you're here right?--we also list and describe most of the positions found on all sides of the sponorship table, from corporations and agencies to properties. Account Coordinator Jobs - This is the most entry level position within sports sponsorship sales.
Sports Marketing Account Executive - At the account executive level, one is responsible for the servicing of existing clients as well as pursuing and securing new sponsors. Sports Marketing Account Manager - The sports marketing account manager or director has less in the way of day-to-day responsibilities associated with execution and is more focused on new business development and relationship building. VP of Business Development - In many organizations, the VP of Business Development is also the head of marketing. These are just some of the positions detailed in the sports marketing and sponsorships jobs section of SportsCareerFinder. The pharmaceutical industry consists of companies involved in the research, development and marketing of drugs and biologics.
The pharmaceutical market was driven by a rise in healthcare spending and high growth in both emerging markets and the biologics segment. Novartis was the pharmaceutical market leader in 2013 (thanks to a state-of-the-art drug discovery and development department) with revenues of $51 billion and a market share of 5%. The top ten players are forecast to collectively lose share from 35% in 2013 to 30% in 2017, according to IMS.
Pharmaceutical industry trends show that the global market is set to show steady growth in the next five years at a CAGR of 4-5%. The differing nature of the policies means pharmaceutical companies must adapt their marketing strategies for each region or country. Improving healthcare provision, increased incidence of chronic diseases, the appearance of safer drug delivery systems and medical tourism are driving pharmaceutical markets in emerging markets. Key companies of the drug and medication industry should target life-saving drugs because the high prices and increasing adoption of these drugs are expected to provide sustained revenue streams in the future. Competitors should look to consolidation as a means to improve their product portfolios, share risks and retain their competitive edge.
ReportLinker simplifies how Analysts and Decision Makers get industry data for their business. Regardless of what is being promoted, the essential goal of any sports marketer is to sell, sell, and sell some more.
When sports marketers are promoting sports, the strategy behind such practices is usually referred to as simply, the marketing of sports. However, the one common thread among most of these positions is that they involve creative, fast-paced and deadline-oriented work. Sometimes, it’s having a personal contact that gets your foot in the door while other times, completing an internship or two in sports marketing can certainly separate you from the competition. It’s attending sports networking conferences, like Sports Marketing 360, and engaging with industry professionals in order to promote your brand. Warsaw is world renown as an educational think tank for those passionate about concentrating in sports marketing.
However, they are the only one that offers a complete undergraduate major in sports marketing.
Indiana provides not only an undergraduate program but also a doctoral program for those students interested in sports marketing and management. It encompasses planning, implementing and controlling marketing activities as they relate to athletic teams, venues and related products and services.
The sports industry frequently relies on corporate sponsorship and marketing in order to help cover the massive costs of paying athletes, coaches, building contractors, and other employees.
If you have a bachelors or masters degree in sports marketing, you have a better opportunity to get one of these jobs.
You may also have to work at several different positions and work your way up to get to the position that you may desire.
A good attitude and a good work ethic will serve you well in every sports marketing positions. The roles that these people may have include copywriting, graphic design, and media ad buys. Customer service representatives maintain relationships with people and organizations that have purchased season tickets. Representatives of a team, facilities, or events interact with other businesses that may benefit from an association; the sports organization often has to approach the business with a proposal.
This also includes organizing sponsors, audio or video production, ticket sales, and promotional campaigns. In merchandising, you could work in store management or purchasing for one of these entities. These people learn more about the fans, participants and any competition that the team may have.
Scheduling, managing food and beverage supplies and sales, and employing the appropriate number of workers for each event are some of the duties that a facility manager has to perform.
In this role, you would market these opportunities to these businesses that might be interested; you may also have to develop the proposal including facility selection and food and beverage alternatives.
The main job of an agent is to represent an athlete but some agents work with licensing images and trademarks for athletes, teams, or organizations.
Numerous colleges and universities have added sports marketing to their business and athletics undergraduate educational programs in light of the growing popularity of this field. Programs like the Panther Sports Marketing Career Experience Program offered through the University of Northern Iowa often give qualified students the opportunity to work within the intercollegiate athletic marketing department. These will allow you to search for jobs without sifting through positions unrelated to your field. This year they have the best record in baseball with a bunch of hard-nosed players who have endeared themselves to the fans with tattoos, beards and an every-man attitude.
People ask me all the time what it’s like to work in the sports industry, truth is people take for granted that it’s big business and there are rules to abide by. According to Panchev, activation is most effective when consumers have a personal and meaningful interaction with the brand and for that Emirates won the Grand Slam. It’s so pure and you can be so close to the action, it’s the way sports were meant to be enjoyed. However, for every individual, the relocation - sometimes of entire families - is a challenge in itself.

Sports marketers are always on the front of the creative wave, and for many that is a thrill ride worth pursuing. The honest interpretation of multitasking is doing many things at once and in truth, who is ever really successful at that? You’ll need to be able to balance your tasks, prioritize your to-do list and remain high-level and out of the weeds when applicable. The only real way to do it is to have a real-life scenario you’ve worked through ready to present.
A well-developed plan is a living blueprint, a design for execution that can unify a team towards  a common outcome, or better yet, multiple teams. Without writing skills you aren’t a marketer or a communicator, you are just a talker and talkers work on used car lots, not professional sports organizations.
Focus on what you can do to make a company better and you’ll always give yourself a chance to get hired.
1 year later i had a job as a TV sales executive, and 2 years later became my first chance with the first mexican sports marketing agency, as a business developer i was responsable to increase the level of sales and business mix from our clients.
Having a goal or vision is so important in marketing as you must always have a end target of what you would like to achieve. I’ve worked at CNN and Fox Sports during my career, no one cares where I went to college or what my GPA was, I have the experience to show I can do the job. I understand the qualities that are necessary to get a good job in this field, but what are some company names that i could get into after schooling?
Have a focus on internships – try to intern with a big pro team, and then try to intern with a minor league team. No matter what sport you're watching--soccer, motorsports, football, basketball--you see the names of sponsors. Of course, everyone knows about Michael Jordan's relationship with Nike and have you seen the AIG logo on the front of Manchester United's uniforms? First, the property, which is often a team, league, or event, is almost always on the selling side. The account coordinator is typically responsible for researching and prospecting sales leads.
Like an account coordinator, an AE wears many hats and must be able to multi-task efficiently. The majority of this person's time is spent managing the relationships between the organization and the various sponsors. This person wears many hats, overseeing all marketing efforts from game day promotions and grassroots efforts, to branding campaigns and regional media. In 2013, cancer was the largest segment, accounting for 7% ($67 billion) of the global industry.
Increase in spending in these countries will be driven by rising incidence of disease, favorable government policies and improving healthcare infrastructure (and the multiplication of drug stores and pharmacies in large cities.
Patent expiries over the next few years will eat into the revenues of most companies during this period. China has increased its healthcare spending to $116 billion as part of its latest 12 year plan. For example, Gleevec, Novartis’ key revenue driver, can cost $90,000 annually per patient. Companies arepreferring to obtain new drugs, drug pipelines and licenses via acquisition rather than investing in a lengthy and risky research process. Which ones are the most respectable among sports industry professionals and will give you a leg up on the competition in that all-in-important first job interview?
It also includes the marketing of non-athletic products through an association with sports.
They are introduced to strategic marketing concepts, value-added marketing and promotional strategies while developing strong communication and analytical skills, which will enhance employment opportunities.
This results in a wide variety of opportunities for individuals to work in sports marketing. Completing an internship in the area that you are interested in could also increase your odds in getting the job of your dreams. For most positions in sports marketing, you should have good people skills and enjoy meeting new people constantly. Other people may create actual ads or promotional campaigns for either the team itself or a specific product using sports as the focal point.
These representatives can also work with people or groups who want to purchase large numbers of tickets for specific events.
Sales people may also approach advertisers who may want to advertise during a televised or radio broadcast, in a printed program, or at the sporting venue itself.
You have to be skilled at both written and oral communications to be a good public relations expert. You may also work for a larger store and specialize in sports-related merchandise for that store; other organizations like colleges or pro teams may need someone to handle sports merchandising as well.
Economic impact surveys and consumer satisfaction surveys are also other items that marketing researchers may provide. This position does require some legal knowledge, so some agents do attend law school as well. By providing support in the office and at events, students learn about marketing, promotions and event management.
Some of these positions may also offer college credit or may help you with connections to get a full-time job later. While landing the perfect job in sports marketing may take some time and effort, you can find this job can be fulfilling and allow you to be an active part of the sports world. If so, the bottom line could be affected rather than enhanced, because networks can’t charge the same amount for digital advertising as they can for broadcast.
Minor League Baseball brings incredible joy to smaller cities across the nation, that don’t get live events often. An essential part of the recruitment process is therefore to prepare the individual for this change in environment and subsequent cultural impact. I don’t know your situation, but I would implore you to do more research into finding out what specific skills employers are looking for and then make sure you have the skill. When you start proving yourself and doing good work, your degree and all the rest of the peripheral stuff stops mattering — your work results become your proof of performance. Looking at sport marketing as an advanced project rather than unrelated actions is important part of the whole process. American International Group (AIG) is an insurance company sponsoring the world's most popular sports team!
This was closely followed by the pain and diabetes segments with shares of 6% and 5% respectively, according to IMS.
India has created a $5 billion policy aimed at providing health services to government hospitals and clinics, especially in the rural areas. Sports marketing has a role in a range of industries including sporting good manufacturers, sporting goods retailers, tourism, broadcast media and even facility construction, so sports marketing professionals need a healthy understanding and appreciation of both athletics and business.
Another example is IMG World, which represents many sports figures and sports groups around the world.
I don’t think we need to worry about the NFL, they raking it in, but I would be worried about some other sports if online streaming keeps escalating.
It is important to manage expectations and to provide new recruits with a sense of familiarity in terms of the dynamics of the team, the working culture within the company as well as the characteristics of living in the respective country. The bigger deals always make headlines but the reality is that there are many smaller deals you never hear about.
Pfizer was close behind Novartis with a 4% shareof the global market according to IMS. We highlight the Ducks below and the headway their making in educating young professionals who are passionate about jobs in sports marketing. Someday soon I think they’ll be able to charge similar amounts for digital advertising, but until they do it could hurt, rather than help, the bottom line. Once the international candidate has been chosen further support in the immigration and relocation process as well as flexible models, in regards to office presence, further contributes to an appealing work environment for international staff. Finally, an agency often negotiates and executes a sports sponsorship on behalf of either a property or corporation. The presence of an agency does not remove either of the other two from the equation; in fact many deals are done through a collaborative effort of all three parties.

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