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While working as a business consultant with Torsub Franchise Services, Subway Restaurants’s parent company, she persuaded the development team to launch a regional marketing department. Becoming a “local store marketing specialist,” Gallagher not only worked closely with restaurant owners on the chain’s popular “Sub of the Day” campaign and school lunch program, but also liaised with Cundari, Subway’s advertising agency for the Ontario market. The relationship between Torsub Franchise Services and the Toronto agency had become frayed and Gallagher was tasked with mending it, she says. As field marketing manager at Cundari, Gallagher continued to build “Sub of the Day,” an effort that proved to be a hard sell to franchisees that were still basking in the success of the $5 Footlong promotion that helped see them through the recession. Gallagher presented the campaign, which would eventually include a logo and series of radios ads, during a quarterly meeting to a room full of naysayers. Ready for a change, Galllagher was contemplating a move back to the client side when she received a call from Darren Baumgardner, president at Twist Marketing, which specializes in destination marketing and corporate branding. Twist was ready to open a Toronto office to serve its Eastern clients and needed someone to run it.
Since Twist officially opened in Torontos in May, Gallagher has been busy pitching and winning new business. As with cooking, when it comes to making crucial business decisions, sometimes you just have to trust your gut. Amanda Riva, a self-proclaimed “crazy food lover,” did just that after graduating from Montreal’s McGill University in 2010 with a bachelor of arts and a popular online cooking show aimed at students on a budget. Riva says what started as one-on-one cooking lessons in 2008 with her university roommate “who couldn’t fry an egg” quickly evolved into a passion project, called The Hot Plate, which garnered a healthy number of fans and accolades, including McGill’s Dobson Cup for Entrepreneurship. Torn between her love for The Hot Plate and the security of a full-time job, Riva says she took the “safe approach” and, following graduation, accepted a director of sales position at an experiential agency. In 2012, Riva opened The Hot Plate in Toronto as a food marketing agency offering services such as food styling, photography, recipe creation, video production and, most recently, social-media strategy and public relations. Riva says the agency continues to add services as clients request them, “so that we really can be a one-stop shop for brands that are looking for continuity.” With the addition of social media services, the agency has welcomed Chiquita and Mandarin Market to its client roster. What Fil Lourenco sees in search is a chess game between an advertiser and its competitors, a hotly contested arena where advertisers duke it out for the attention of their most high-value online audience: purchase intenders. The challenging part was coming up with a way to run multiple ads against the same keyword.
The campaign increased Mazda’s conversion rates by 200%, generated tens of millions of impressions and won a 2013 Media Innovation Award for search. Back in 2013, Lourenco was the hands on the keyboard for creating the ads and executing the bids. As a result of his groundbreaking work, Lourenco, 26, has been recognized both in Canada and internationally. A lot of media planners still don’t recognize that search can be more than just a box to check off if you put the effort into it.
Paul McGrath, executive producer of interactive content at CBC, says Konrad Group is set apart by its focus on the long-term. The plan for a long-lasting company extends far beyond digital experience design (while keeping technology and creativity at the core of what they do). Another of their recent investments is a Toronto startup called BrainStation, which hosts post-graduate courses taught by active professionals in marketing, design and technology. The future of Canada’s marketing industry will be shaped by its youngest talent—the super-worldly, plugged-in, brilliant and creative youth who are already making a name for themselves. From PR to advertising to media and beyond, our 30 Under 30 showcases the smartest, bravest and most creative ones to watch in the business. Two years ago, Dave Wilkin signed his first deal for $4,000 after riding his bike from one prospective client to the next, with his pitch in a backpack slung across his shoulders.
Today, Wilkin, founder and CEO of Redwood Strategic, has received a Lieutenant Governor’s Award, been named a national Millennium Excellence Award laureate, and made Profit Magazine’s list of the top 30 entrepreneur’s under 30.
His parents were always involved and helping out in the community: running the outdoor rink, joining the school board, working the town carnival, whatever needed done they did. Wilkin uses the roots metaphor often to describe effective marketing – marketers are most successful when they can dig roots deep into a community, he says.
People trust other people talking about a product or experience more than an ad from a marketer telling them about the same product or experience. There’s a touching moment at the climax of “WestJet’s Christmas Miracle” when a young family receives a TV and the mother, overwhelmed and surprised, sticks her fingers under her glasses to wipe away her tears.

What the viewer doesn’t see is the man behind the video, Greg Plata, who’s standing just off camera, wiping away his own tears. From its inception to that moment, Plata was the driving force of “Christmas Miracle.” Corey Evans, sponsorship manager at WestJet, says the stunt “wouldn’t have happened” without Plata, who first had the idea to launch an activation during the holiday season — a time when other brands are gearing down. The bet paid off handsomely, with the video bringing in more than 36 million views and pushing up revenue 77% over the previous December, a jump Evans says is a direct result of the video.
Before Plata joined WestJet in 2011, experiential and content marketing were foreign terms. That stunt saw 100 brand ambassadors dressed as the Statue of Liberty flood Toronto, giving out 23,000 boarding passes for 20% off flights; 150 of which had codes for free flights.
WestJet’s senior ranks took note and, in 2012, Plata was promoted from sponsorship coordinator to team lead.
As this year’s holidays approach, Plata has plans for another initiative that pairs experiential marketing with socially minded content.
Whether Plata’s able to craft another award-worthy stunt won’t be seen until this winter, but it’s safe to assume plenty of fliers will clutch WestJet boarding passes as they pull up to their gate this December, hoping there’s another miracle in store. We’ve got Cannes winners, agency founders and the shepherds of some of Canada’s fastest-growing brands.
We’ll be publishing profiles of each 30U30 lister over the course of the day, and we encourage you to read up on each one, because there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing them speaking at conferences, leading companies and disrupting the industry in the next few years. Working on the operational side of the business had allowed her to understand the various challenges facing the 500-plus Ontario franchisees, and how local store marketing could help overcome these obstacles.
The company was “essentially ready to leave the agency” when Cundari poached Gallagher in 2009. She continued to work on the Subway account along with the Toronto Zoo and 3M until she left the agency in January 2014.
Having worked together on the Subway account (at the time Twist held the Subway account in Western Canada), he was impressed by Gallagher’s work ethic.
The agency recently won Volunteer Gateway – a legacy program that’s part of the Pan Am Games. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. So Riva started working as a freelance food stylist in Toronto to help pay the bills, and in speaking with clients, discovered what the industry was missing: a “cost effective content creation model for brands,” she says. In the last two years, her company has grown from two (Riva and a photographer) to 24 employees. Today, Riva says her team is responsible for about 90% of the photography used on Welch’s social-media channels. One of the agency’s most popular is a full-service recipe package that includes development and testing, food styling and photography for $450.
They figured that by running double the number of ads against related search keywords, they could squeeze out competitors’ ads from car buyers search results.
Google doesn’t allow search advertisers to bid on two ad slots for the same website — so Lourenco’s team created a second microsite they could link to, where users could compare a Mazda model to the competing car they were initially searching for.
But, perhaps the biggest sign of its success is that virtually every North American auto brand now uses the same tactic as a matter of course. Though twin brothers Bill and Geordie started the business when they were just 20, they plan to still be running it when they’re 50.
CBC brought the company on board for a project nearly five years ago, and has since relied on them for interactive experiences for CBC shows, social campaigns, websites and apps. The Konrads incubated and spun out a very successful mobile restaurant management app called TouchBistro, now used by thousands of restaurants across North America.
Seeing an opportunity to scale its curriculum, the Konrads committed $10 million and internal agency resources to upgrade all of BrainStation’s branding and digital materials from its website and ecommerce platform to the scholarships it offers to underrepresented students.
The co-CEOs are planning for a future with thousands of employees spread across dozens of markets, they say.
Marketing put out the call to the industry to find the top 30 standouts under the age of 30 who have already made their mark on the industry. He runs a 17-employee agency ringing up $2 million in revenue for clients like Microsoft, Loblaw, Samsung and Virgin Mobile, which clearly appreciate his ability to connect them with community leaders who become “advocates” for their brands.
Growing up in Lively Ontario, a small town outside Sudbury, people thought that if he ever left town he’d end up a doctor.

Evans says the video has become a benchmark for content marketing at WestJet and proof that the brand should be exploring new forms of marketing. The campaign led to 15 million media impressions within 24 hours and more than 4,500 Twitter impressions. The company also created an experiential marketing department, giving Plata a team of three direct reports. The key, he says, will be using storytelling to connect just as “Christmas Miracle” did, because that connection was what prompted consumers to share the video. For the fourth year in a row, our search for the best and brightest young minds in marketing has garnered staggering results. As competition within the industry intensifies, the level of skill, motivation, gumption and determination of those working within it increases alongside it.
And as the daughter of one-time Subway restaurant owners in Burlington, Ont., Gallagher felt “a true connection” to the brand. It delivered an 11% year-over-year sales increase in Ontario and increased year-over-year traffic by 6%. Today, the agency works with 140 brands including Italpasta, Welch’s and Nature’s Path, and adds upwards of 15 new clients a month. He’s received four promotions in the four years he’s been there, and it’s easy to see why — he’s deeply passionate about his craft, and says he has been since he was first introduced to it back when he took a post-grad degree in marketing. Search Awards with four medal wins, the Awards named him Young Search Professional of the Year for all of North America.
Clients and media planners are a lot more educated about search than when he started four years ago. At its core, Konrad Group offers digital design and development, but it has a strong focus on digital marketing strategy as well. Likely its most well-known CBC project is Canada’s Smartest Person, an interactive TV game show where viewers can answer questions and respond to challenges online along with the contestants.
Konrad Group retains a minority stake in the business, and Geordie is a board member and part-time executive there. They’ve even created their own concept coffee shop for BrainStation students and locals — Quantum Coffee, where you can order an authentic pour-over coffee made by a robot in five minutes, using a mobile order-ahead app that saves your payment credentials (yes, just like Uber).
Marketers have long coveted those advocates, the difference is Redwood has used social media to develop a network of 40,000 advocates and connect those advocates with its clients. Don’t be surprised if Dave Wilkin towers among the giants of Canadian marketing in the years ahead. That particular campaign was one of the first in the world to make use of fine-grained geotargeting, back in the days when that typically meant spraying ads across a city or zip code.
This year, he was nominated by the team he works with at Google for its Search Excellence Award, and was one of two Canadian individuals to receive it.
At Ford and HSBC, Catalyst has become a key partner with a seat at the table during media planning sessions.
Konrad Group designed the app, and developed the processes that let CBC collect tens of thousands of responses from across Canada in real-time. We read about individuals working in all areas of the business from programmatic to PR, retail to media. Lourenco’s team came up with the idea to geofence specific airports, and target affluent businessmen with location-tailored financial ads while they were Googling on their smartphones and laptops from the airport lounge.
At industry awards shows like the MIAs, search awards have become commonplace, lending more credibility to the field. All of my teachers were like, ‘Dave you should become a doctor.’” His marks were good enough to earn him scholarships to study science at the University of Waterloo. Though campaign costs were in the low five digits, its cost-per-acquisition rate blew earlier benchmarks out of the water. But his experience working with young people helped also earn a job with the federal government as a spokesperson on youth issues.

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