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Have we done enough to our marketing and advertising game to get a little swagger on the global stage?
Carrie Kirkman has most recently been interim president of shoe retailer Nine West Canada and was president of Jones Apparel Group from October 2010 until last April. Boire was the third president-CEO to leave the company suddenly in recent years, following Douglas Campbell in September 2014 and Calvin McDonald in September 2013. Kirkman has previously held senior roles at Sears rival Hudson’s Bay from 2002-2010, and Liz Claiborne Canada from 1997-2002, where she managed fashion brands such as DKNY, Liz Claiborne and Kenneth Cole.
Sears Canada is a general merchandise retailer with a network of 166 corporate stores, 177 affiliated Hometown stores, more than 1,200 merchandise pickup locations, and a repair and service network.
To capitalize on the hype of yesterday’s iPhone5 launch, Kijiji Canada has launched a microsite specifically for the iPhone.
Bart Molenda, Kijiji Canada’s head of marketing, explained that Kijiji sees a huge increase of postings and product searches each time Apple announces a new product. There were few surprises during Apple’s much discussed product launch yesterday, which debuted the new lighter, thinner iPhone. Kritsonis said the release of the full list of iPhone5 specs was met with a mixed response. As Apple has built a reputation as an innovator, Kritsonis said consumers expect huge changes each time it launches a product, which can lead to disappointment.
The high-end retailer is in the midst of testing its “Shoes That Move You” campaign that includes two 30-second videos, out-of-home and print.
The effort, which is currently only running in Denver and San Diego until mid November, marries the excitement of special childhood moments to the joy of finding the perfect shoe. While the retailer often focuses on specific products with its advertising, shoes are of particular importance. After the test period, the retailer will decide if tweaks need to be made and determine how to best move forward, said Lamey.
DDB Canada was named Nordstrom Canada’s agency or record in September 2013, following a competitive review that included two other unnamed agencies. DDB Canada’s Vancouver and Toronto offices have been working hard over the last year getting to know the brand and have developed and launched the retailer’s first campaign for the Canadian market, says Lamey. In support of Nordstrom Canada’s first Canadian location, which opens this Friday in Calgary’s Chinook Centre, the retailer introduced the “Calgary we Like Your Style” campaign in Sept.
The effort features shots of 14 fashionable Calgarians from all walks of life captured by famed Canadian photographer Tommy Ton. The retailer announced a year ago that it is opening stores in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver starting in the fall of 2014. The tentative timeline for the stores opening is spring 2015 in Ottawa, fall 2015 in Vancouver and fall 2016 in Toronto. These brands were hand-selected by the company, based on the quality of their current presence on the platform, according to Helen Pak, creative strategist at Facebook Canada (Facebook owns Instagram).
One of the first ads Canadian users will see will be a sponsored photo post from Sport Chek that shows a father and son skating on Lake Louise.
Using Instagram, Chobani has showcased different use-cases, from yogurt on top of soup to sweet and savory dips for bread. According to Pak, Instagram is a place in which brands can show off a side of themselves consumers may not know. General Electric, for example, may conjure up images of lightbulbs for most, but it’s Instagram feed has become a place where GE shows off the mass scale of its manufacturing facilities and wind farms.

Proximity has been without leadership since Tyler Turnbull left in September to become CEO of FCB Toronto. He also praised Capobianco’s deep understanding of brand strategy and his consultative approach to client services.
Capobianco said he’s excited to work with a team that shares his vision for digital marketing.
Under the initiative, mirrored after similar environmentally-friendly initiatives in France and Belgium, the retailer would then resell the second-hand item or recycle it. Sjostrand was part of the team that helped bring the program to France, and said the same could be done in Canada, where IKEA operates 12 stores and three pickup and order locations. Though he admitted the program could still be years away, once implemented, it would make a big difference for IKEA’s environmental footprint if even 10% of its customers returned their old furniture, he said. Sjostrand said IKEA already had recycling programs for plastics, paper, light bulbs and mattresses in place in Canada and was also the first retailer in the country to phase out the sale of incandescent light bulbs in favour of the more energy-saving LED bulbs. While it is taking a more planet-friendly approach to commerce, Sjostrand said this does not slow down its plan to open 12 more full-size stores over the next decade. For IKEA, bricks-and-mortar stores are still its largest sales driver, accounting for 80% to 90% of sales last year, with the rest coming from ecommerce. In addition to its pickup and order points in Quebec City, London and Whitby, Ont., IKEA plans to open three more such shops in the Ontario cities of St. These smaller locations allow customers to order items online and pick them up in the store for a flat fee of $20.
Canada has the most IKEA pickup and order locations out of any country, with the others opened last year in Spain, Norway, Finland and the United Kingdom. With customer complaints about cramped seating and new fees for checked bags being added to the standard grievances around horrible food and rude flight attendants, airlines could use some good press these days. In Canada, WestJet has already created considerable customer goodwill with its hugely successful Christmas Miracle videos; now, Air Canada is trying to shed its impersonal image with a new content marketing initiative developed by Montreal agency Marketel. The six-and-a-half minute video follows Trent Leon, a shy 11-year-old boy from the First Nations community of Anahim Lake (pop.
Price and his wife Angela are new ambassadors for the Breakfast Club of Canada, volunteering, attending events and promoting work done on the club’s behalf. Shot in mid-January, the video chronicles Trent as he is appointed ambassador for the community’s Breakfast Club of Canada chapter and travels to Montreal – via Air Canada business class – to meet with Price at the Canadiens’ practice facility.
It concludes with the young boy presenting Price with a series of letters written by his classmates, thanking the NHL star for his contribution to the Breakfast Club of Canada. The video is housed on Air Canada’s YouTube channel, where it has garnered more than 370,000 views since its March 20 debut. Munro said the video evolved organically as word of planned surprises for Trent spread quickly throughout the small, tight-knit community. Marketel worked with Air Canada for more than 20 years before the airline awarded its creative account to JWT in September 2013.
The agency is already working on a follow-up content piece for Air Canada, though Munro was tight-lipped about details.
If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. Stranzl, who has been executive chairman of Sears Canada since the departure of Ronald Boire, who was chief executive and president of the troubled Canadian department store company for less than a year. Bart Molenda, Kijiji Canada’s head of marketing, explained that Kijiji sees a huge increase of postings and product searches each time Apple announces a new product.

To date, the site has seen 7.4 million iPhone search inquires and 960 thousand iPhones listed. One of the biggest changes to the new model is its larger screen, according to reporter Ted Kritsonis. While some were impressed by the faster A6 processor chip and longer battery life, other pointed out the phone still has no near field communication (NFC) abilities, a technology retailers like Walmart and Target are using to develop a mobile wallet in the U.S. Frederick Lecoq, senior vice-president of marketing at Sport Chek said the brand chose to advertise on Instagram because it offers a chance to make an emotional connection with consumers. While it does not release user numbers by country, Pak said 65% of its users live outside the U.S. Shooting a product on a white background and uploading it isn’t likely to spur positive sentiment, according to Pak.
That means paying attend to visual trends on the site and making sure ads don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
Though it’s become more complex with the launch of features like direct messaging and Timelapse, Instagram started as a dead-simple product – a mobile-only way of sharing photos, one photo at a time. Consumers think of the yogurt as a breakfast food, but it’s looking to widen its appeal. It’s a carefully curated series of city skylines, travel shots and desk-side photos – all things users share regularly.
Chairman, BBDO and Proximity Group Canada Gerry Frascione told Marketing he had a very specific type of candidate in mind to fill the hole in the agency’s leadership, and the search for the right fit has been long and challenging. Before Quizative, Capobianco held successive roles as vice-president of interactive marketing at Fuse and vice-president client services at Publicis.
Various popular items like towels, candles and pillows are also available in the stores for purchase. It is also appearing as part of Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment, and is being promoted via the airline’s various social media channels.
However, the Montreal agency retained the content marketing aspect of its business, which Munro said has become a key area of focus for the agency – with recent work for clients including L’Oreal Paris and the Quebec development capital organization, Fonds de solidarite FTQ.
Each time Apple releases a new product, Molenda said the site is flooded with postings looking for the new phone as well as older iPhone models users are looking to unload. The slightly taller screen marks the first iteration of the iPhone to have a new screen size, a move Kritsonis said was likely a response to the large screens on similar smartphones sold by Apple competitors like HTC and Samsung.
We started as a shoe store 100 years ago and it really is engrained in the Nordstrom DNA, and it’s what a lot of our customers really know us for,” Kristen Lamey, vice-president of marketing at Nordstrom, told Marketing.
The brand’s shots look like something a young consumer may upload to their personal account. Instead, Pak said the goal for marketers should be fitting in and ensuring consumers don’t find ads alongside posts from friends a jarring experience. These stores are around 30,000 square feet versus the 270,000 square feet of a typical IKEA store. The company will measure the ads for sentiment and feedback in order to determine how to proceed with the rollout.

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